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Opinion by MTahmisian posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Stranger Things 2
Yes, I’m a fan of the hugely populer Netflix Original Stranger Things. If this seems out of character compared to mostly everything else I love, it totally is, since the only reason I watched it in the first place was pressure from the male members of my family who had binged it and loved it. Anyway, so a few months ago, I wanted to watch something with my dad….who would only stay up with me….if I tried the first episode of Stranger Things. I wasn’t even sold after that (don't judge) and it took a couple lebih forced episodes to really get into it, but after the finale of Season 1, I was really enjoying it. Fast meneruskan, ke depan to now, I’ve watched both seasons and now, just after it has been renewed for a third season, I am ranking the characters with probably some very unpopular opinions. I'm actually surprised no one has done this on fanpop yet! Anyways, here goes with ranking the cast across the current two seasons:

1. Kali Prasad

Yes, it’s probably an uncommon choice, but I was impressed with Kali who was introduced in S2. I want to know lebih about her and see lebih of her amazing powers! There wasn’t much irritating drama attached...
Opinion by Bibi69 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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When I first started watching Stranger Things, I took a liking to Jonathan the first time we met him, and my cinta for him grew each time we saw a little lebih of him. Even in season 2, where he had a smaller role.

I know a lot of people are pretty neutral towards him, atau don't like him, atau just plain stopped liking him after season 2. Which is completely fine, not everyone likes the same characters, and that's normal. But I felt like sharing my personal reasons why I cinta this character so much.

The first thing that needs to be berkata is that I cinta fiction. I watch so many film and series. I cinta theater. I cinta reading. I cinta escaping into invented worlds. I've seen and read so much, but never in my entire life have I met a character that is so much like me. I identify with Jonathan way lebih than any other character on this planet.

Pretty much everything about him, I recognize in myself and that's the biggest reason why I'm rooting for him so much.