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posted by Mistyflower
Dreampaw leaned over and licked Tanglescar’s ear. He flicked it and looked down at her with warm blue eyes. They were sharing a mouse in the camp.
“Hey, Tanglescar!” Stormstar padded toward the black and jeruk, orange tom.
“Yeah?” Tanglescar turned, but his warm black bulu was still pressing against hers.
“I need anda to go on a hunting patrol…” Dreampaw didn’t bother listening anymore. She knew Tanglescar was leaving.
“Goodbye,” Dreampaw meowed, and licked his cheek affectionately. He flicked his tail with a bit of happiness and padded out of the camp after Stormstar.


A bit...
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posted by iluvtony96
I'm sorry but anda guys because of all anda have done and all anda have become im leaving. i refuse to be a part of this clan! anda guys appoint a brand new warrior fresh out of her ceremony to be a warroir!! no offense to anda fernflight but this...this is an outrage!! i mean anda guys cant just do this and then the way anda let the apprentices talk and the way they disrespect thier pier and thier elders!! its wrong! emberpaw is the most rude disrespectful cat i have ever encoountered!! adn the way stormstar was actign lately? she was an oppressive cruel selfish leader! i just...i feel this clan has left its morals to go to hell!
posted by Moonstorm100
 confusion is polluting my mind; Is StormClan really meant to survive? atau will fall under disloyaty.......
confusion is polluting my mind; Is StormClan really meant to survive? Or will fall under disloyaty.......
Stormstar glances around the clearing, in defiant. She notices that her worse fears are almost true. Most of the clan had fled to MidnightClan, either that, atau just desserted us out of disloyalty.
But deep in her heart, hope still brimes. If it wasn't for the loyalty of deputy Bluefire, apprentace Tanglepaw, and warrior Fireheart, the clan would be abandon, oleh the same kucing who swore to keep there loyalty pure.
Stormstar was impressed with Bluefire, even though MidnightClan was SSSSSSOOOOO successful and she had manfy things to do after school AND on other clans, she had still managed to...
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Tomorrow is a new day, to bad. Why? I have no freaking idea; Just ask these crazy evil people who think they are helping me. Everyone thinks they know what I’m going through atau that they can help me.
Let me start over, My name is Claira Hale. I’m a special “person”, I have long brown hair green eyes. Oh… and I’m a werewolf. Yea. See my life is complicated, not only am I the Chief’s ONLY Daughter, I’m the “Silver one” whatever that is, see only a week yang lalu I was the most Normal person ever nothing special about me. I went to school, had my friends, my family was normal or...
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posted by TeamPeeta649
Goodbye my love, my best friend, the father of my kits. I cinta anda and miss anda with all of my heart. No one can ever replace you. My jantung is forever shattered. I will never be the same. If there was anyway, anyway at all, that I could bring anda back I would do it, I would give anything. I am sorry I couldn't save anda in time. Please forgive me. It is hard for me to continue my life without anda in it. I don't know if I can do it. anda were the one that kept me going every day. The kits miss anda too. Our family doesn't feel complete without anda here. There was no one in the world quit like you....
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posted by brownstar
Ok since anda people wanted to ignore me in the forum i'll post it here. i have decided to leave this clan, for the leader stormstar rarely comes on to help her clan atau stop them from fights. she only comes on to me when she makes warriors, apprentices, etc. i have gotten tired of the way she leads, no one ever get's in trouble here when they should because it teaches them about respect and shows them how they need to behave so they don't get in trouble again. i also feel like sometimes it isn't a clan because of the acak things that go on, this clan sometimes acts like it's a twoleg group,...
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