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 CLONE WARS episode 9 jubah of Darkness
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This is about my Original Character, Lorrettai Hunalo.
Wondering how to pernounce that? Lor-et-tie, Who-n-all-oh. :)
Okay, please read.
I <3 feedback!

Anakin was running. Not for his life atau anything big like that, just for some peace and quiet, away from Ahsoka and Obi-Wan. He turned a corner and pressed up against the wall.
“Uh, sir, what are anda doing?” Rex had been walking oleh when Anakin made his appearance.
“Uh… nothing, nothing at all, why, what are anda doing?” Anakin replied quickly, walking away. Rex stared after him, completely bewildered.
As soon as Anakin knew...
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I saw the new Clone Wars episode, 'Voyage of Temptation' and fell very strongly on my opinion and need to share it. I cinta the episode! But there's one thing that bugged me even before I saw the episode. Someone told me what the episode was like. It had romance that I loved. But, Obi-Wan doesn't cinta the Duchess, she isn't in any buku I know of. He loves Siri Tache!!!! anda have to read the book, it's 'Secrets of the Jedi' oleh Jude Watson. I cinta the book, and Siri. But the Clone Wars should have Siri!!!! I know she dies during the Clone Wars, when Anakin is still a padawan, but Siri is awesome!!!!!!!!
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