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 CLONE WARS episode 9 jubah of Darkness
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Sharp knocked on Ahsoka's door. "Come on atau we'll be late." Ahsoka leaned heavily on the door jamb as she opened up the door.
"Stang it.You're not going anywhere. Get back in there, I'm calling the doctor." Sharp helped her sit on the tub's edge as he put the call into the doctor. As Sharp went out to wait for the medics, Ahsoka grabbed a look at herself in the refresher's mirror.
"This doesn't look so good. What's going on with me?" She berkata as blood was starting to bead and her stomach turned.Turning her a very pale shade of green." Where's the patient private?" The resident doctor berkata making...
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Blaster api rocketed past my head, shattering the stone dinding behind me.
These bounty hunters are becoming pretty bold, I thought, either that or
just lebih stupid. There was a time when they wouldn’t stray too far from the
safety of the Outer Rim, but now they were almost a regular sight on the back
streets of Coruscant. Count Dooku and the Separatists were willing to pay a
hefty sum to anyone who could kidnap a member of the Galactic Senate, so
any fool with a blaster and a starship headed here, to my town. And as the
commander of the Coruscant Guard, it was my job to stop them. The Guard was
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The TWILIGHT flew directly under the smoking 'NIGHTMARE.
"Easy, Rex, just guide the 'NIGHTMARE right over the puncak, atas of the TWILIGHT," Anakin berkata to him, "Ahsoka is in the cargo teluk, da? ready to grab anda guys when anda leave the gunship. Make sure your helmuts are on. There's alot of debris in the air."
"Yes, sir..."
"Master Sinube, keep the the ship steady. I'm going to help Ahsoka," Anakin berkata to Sinube gesturing to the old Jedi to sit in the pilot's seat.
"I'm not that experienced at flying," Sinube said, "Child, you're the pilot, not me."
"You'll do fine, Master. The TWILIGHT practically flies herself."...
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