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Chapter 1: Welcome to Bikini Bottom
I made this series a long time yang lalu and forgot about it. So im re- uploading the series and will post as many new chapters as i can! This story has a lot of themes and story similar to Gravity Falls. It will have some similar plot points of other Spongebob episodes but with my own twist on the series with a mysterious turn! Hope anda all enjoy!

Legend of Bikini Bottom

Act 1

Chapter 1: Welcome to Bikini Bottom

"Whoever berkata 'the less anda know, the better you're off' must of never been through what I have." says a yellow sponge as he is seen running for his life. Right behind him is a berwarna merah muda, merah muda starfish who has bruises on his body. Both are running from something big and loud. A big scream is heard from the distance. "There gaining on us!" yells the berwarna merah muda, merah muda starfish. "The berwarna merah muda, merah muda starfish is my best friend Patrick. and the yellow guy selanjutnya to him is me, Spongebob Squarepants. And what are we running from? Well...I guess I can go to the beginning...of the hari at least."

Flashbacks earlier in the day

Spongebob is seen in his parents house putting items in a backpack. He is seen with a bus ticket and his shell phone. Spongebob finishes packing and is walking into the living room and sees his parents. "Well this is it." says Spongebob. His mom looks like she is about to cry. "I'm going to miss you, spongebob!" she cries. Spongebob's dad walks over to him. "You sure anda want to do this son?" asks his dad.

"Of course dad. Time I got myself out there in the world and make a name of myself." says Spongebob. His mom is still crying but hugs him. "I am so proud of you." Spongebob and his parents walk outside to where a bus is waiting. they all hug again. "Be sure to call us as soon as anda can!" says his mother. "Of course mom! I just gotta start charging it when I get a chance, battery must of died." Spongebob says as he is getting on the bus. "So where are anda going again? Staying with your friend Patrick?" asks his dad.

"Yeah! Its in a town called Bikini bottom. Pretty far but should be a good place to stay for a while." Says Spongebob as he is waving goodbye. Both his parents start waving. "Ok son have a safe..." says his dad as he stops mid-sentence. "Wait...Bikini Bottom!? Spongebob wait!" his dad yells out as its to late. The bus already left as his parents look at eachother worried.

A few hours pass as Spongebob looks out his window and sees a sign "Welcome to Bikini Bottom! The most sea-tastic place in the ocean!" Spongebob looks on and sees all the cool buildings. The bus stops and he gets off and see's a berwarna merah muda, merah muda starfish nearby. "Patrick!" yells out spongebob. Patrick looks in a few different directions, then turns and see's spongebob. "Spongebob!" yells out Patrick. "It's good to see anda buddy!" "Good to see anda to!" says Spongebob. "So this is bikini Bottom huh? "Yup! anda are going to cinta it here! We have the nicest people!" says patrick as someone bumps into him.

"Watch it starfish." says the rude ikan that bumped into him. "Haha except maybe that guy." Spongebob laughs. Patrick and Spongebob start walking around the town. "That's the post office, where anda post all your stuff! That's the police station, where the ikan go to sleep after they steal something." Patrick continues to tampil Spongebob around as he looks and see's a comic book store. "Hey Patrick is that a comic book store?" "Yeah! Thats where I get the best mermaid man and barnacle boy comics! Lets go in!" says Patrick as they enter the store.

The 2 enter the comic store and the cashier looks directly at them. He is overweight and wears glasses. "Welcome to Bubble Comics, where anda can buy the best comics in Bikini Bottom." Says the cashier. "Wow this place is amazing! anda sell Mermaid man and Barnacle boy comics here?" asks Spongebob. "Of course!" says the cashier. "In fact your berwarna merah muda, merah muda friend is my best buyer...honestly though he keeps buying the same issues sometimes."

Patrick is seen oleh the MM and BB section. "Hey I'll buy issue 55!" says Patrick. "You bought 4 issue 55's yesterday Patrick." says the cashier. Patrick looks at the issue. "Well a 5th one won't hurt. There other issues keep disappearing anyway." Patrick says as he buys the issue. "Speaking of dissapearing, my cardboard cutout of Mermaid man is missing from the front of the store...gotta remind myself to order a new one." says the cashier as he hands Patrick the issue. "Well I guess we better get going." says Spongebob. "Patricks tampilkan me around town!" "Oh so anda are new in town huh? No wonder i did not recognize anda at all. The name's Bubble Bass." "Name's Spongebob Squarepants!" The 2 shake hands.

Spongebob and Patrick leave the store and continue on with the tour. They continue on for a while till Patrick stops at a small building. "Ok Spongebob, this is the final stop before we go home, the best place in Bikini Bottom, The Krusty Krab!" Spongebob looks and see's a big sign with that name, selanjutnya to it a small building with small flags on the puncak, atas with a see through window around the whole building. Spongebob and Patrick walk into the Krusty Krab and see a whole bunch of ikan eating at different tables. There is a small perahu with an Octopus taking orders and giving them to an unknown ikan in the back. Patrick and Spongebob walk towards the small boat.

"Oh hello Patrick. How may I take your-" says the octopus before being cut off oleh Patrick. "Hey Squidward! I want to introduce anda to my best friend, Spongebob!" Squidward looks at Spongebob with a bored face. "Hmm." says the octopus. "Hi Squidward!" "Yup." Spongebob looks around and sees the people eating. "Very populer place huh?" asks Spongebob. "Only the best!" says a voice from another room. The voice opens the door and it appears to be a red crab. He walks over to Spongebob and looks shocked.

"Spongebob? Is that you?" asks the crab. "How do anda know my name?" asks Spongebob. "It's me! Eugene Krabs! I'm an old friend of your father! I knew anda since anda were a wee child." says Krabs. "Oh! Uncle Krabs!" yells Spongebob. "Oh boy" sighs Squidward. "Haha i'm not your real uncle but anda did call me that yes." says Krabs. "It's good to see anda boy." "Good to see anda to. So anda own the Krusty Krab?" "Yes I do. I founded it!" Spongebob looks amazed. Squidward just rolls his eyes. Patrick is starring into space. "You see Spongebob, 14 years yang lalu I decided to use my family's recipe for the perfect patty to open my own restaurant! And with a little hard work and a closed old peoples home, The Krusty Krab was born!"

"Woah!" says Patrick with excitement. "Oh Please. Krabs here just hires anybody to cook and be the cashier as long as he makes a buck." says Squidward. Krabs looked at him annoyed. "I'd api ye if that was not true. But I still value my employees!" The frycook ikan from the backroom comes out screaming "Mr. Krabs we have a little problem!" Krabs, Spongebob and Patrick follow the frycook into the back. They go to the back of the restaurant and see a half eaten trashcan. "What the barnacle?" says krabs. "Thats what I said. Sir this is the 3rd time this week our trashcans have been eaten where are we going to put the trash?" asks the frycook. Spongebob looks confused then smiles. "How about I buy anda guys a new trash can?" asks Spongebob.

"You sure boy?" asks krabs. "Of course!" Says Spongebob. "Lets go Patrick!" Patrick is seen looking at the eaten trashcan. "Is this can really that tasty? I should try it out." Spongebob grabs Patrick and they head over to the store. There they find a new trash can and proceed to buy it. As Spongebob and Patrick head to the cashier line they bump into someone. "Opps! Sorry miss." says Spongebob and he gets up and see's a creature he's never seen before. it was a tupai in an astronaut-like suit. "Whoops sorry." says the Squirrel. Spongebob just stares and the tupai looks confused. "Uhh anda ok little square dude?" Patrick steps in to get Spongebobs attention. "Don't mind him Sandy, he's new to this town and the different people." Says Patrick.

"Sorry." says Spongebob. "Ah its no problem." says Sandy. "The names Sandy Cheeks!" "Spongebob Squarepants. I see anda are buying some bunga seeds?" Asks Spongebob. "Yeah, my bunga outside my halaman awal keep getting eaten. Probably some bug. Well it was nice meeting you!" Spongebob and Patrick wave goodbye. "Patrick, how do anda know her?" "Well she's like the science lady of the town, she knows everyone! Though everyone thinks she is weird. Not me!" "Woah. There's so many nice people here!" They buy the trashcan and head back to the krusty Krab. There they put the trashcan in its rightful spot.

"There we go! New can for new trash!" says Spongebob. All of a sudden they hear a noise from bushes near the restaurant. "Oh no! The bugs are coming! Hide!" says spongebob as he bursts back into the restaurant. Patrick panics and hides in the trashcan. Spongebob quietly opens the door but can only hear whats happening. "This can looks heavy! Must be a lot of trash here!" says one of the 'bugs'. "Lets take it back to our home, we can have our annual makan malam in a matter of hours!" says another bug. The trashcan is picked up and is taken away. "Patrick!" yells Spongebob, but he is to late. The trashcan is gone.

Spongebob runs back inside and looks for Mr Krabs. "Mr. Krabs! I bought a new trashcan and it was taken away and my best friend was in it!" Krabs looks confused. "Why was your friend in the trashcan?" asks Krabs. "That doesn't matter! Whats gonna happen to him?" "Well if whatever took him thinks he is food...they are gonna eat him." Spongebob screams and falls to the floor. "You ok Spongebob?" "No! i gotta save my friend!" Spongebob runs out of the restaurant and runs towards the bushes. There he sees a weird trail of trash and follows it. He starts hearing voices as he ventures down. "This makan malam will be amazing!" "Yes...The yummyness is..yum!" "That's not even a real word frank." "Shut up I'm just hungry!"

Spongebob sneaks his way around and behind a semak, bush and looks on, there his face looks shocked as he sees little worm like creatures. The worm like creatures force open the new trashcan and Patrick falls out. The worms gasp. "What the? I must of fallen asleep." says Patrick. "Oh...hey anda guys are nematodes!" the nematodes look angry. "What is this? We've been going around looking for the perfect makan malam and we find a dumb starfish!" says one of the nematodes. "Hey! I'm not dumb! I'm pink!." The nematodes look even angrier. "As the leader of the nematodes I decree we eat the stupid starfish that ruined our dinner!" "AGREED" berkata all the nematodes. "Umm I don't know if Starfish is in my diet." says a nematode. "Oh boy here goes Steve again." says another Nematode.

Spongebob jumps in. "Stop!" He yells. Spongebob starts kicking a few nematodes and grabs Patrick. "What the?! Who are you?" says the leader nematode. "I'm Spongebob and I am here to save my best friend! He kicks lebih nematodes and him and Patrick start to run. "After them!" yells the leader. Spongebob and Patrick continue to run.

Spongebob and Patrick look back as they see a big army of nematodes are following them. "There gaining on us!" yells Patrick. "Just keep running! I have a plan!" says Spongebob. They run to the krusty krab. The 2 run inside and find the frycook. "Frycook guy!" yells Spongebob. "Um my name is Phil." says the frycook. "Whatever chill we need your help!" yells Patrick. "Whats going on here?" says Krabs as he enters the kitchen. "Hey anda found your friend." "Mr. Krabs no time there are a bunch of nematodes coming this way and we need anda to make a bunch of krabby patties to stop them!" says Spongebob.

"What? How many?" asks Phil. "A hundred million!" says Patrick. "Not really, just a lot so the nematodes will take those and not any of us!" Phil looks scared as the ground starts the vibrate. The nematodes make their way inside and start making a mess. "I thought this was a restaurant not a pre-school." says squidward as he cowardly hides under the boat. "Phil anda need to help us! Says Spongebob. "Wait! Phil is your name?" says Krabs. "I thought it was Dil."

Phil gets lebih scared and tries making patties but the restaurant keeps shaking. Phil then drops the sudip, spatula and starts running out of the restaurant. "I QUIT I CAN'T HANDLE THIS!" yells Phil. "Wait come back Jill!" says Patrick. Krabs then looks scared. "What are we gonna do now?" Spongebob picks up the spatula. "I'll make the patties." Patrick and Krabs look shocked as they slowly hide behind Spongebob. Spongebob turns on the grill and gets a bunch of patties out. He amazingly makes patties and starts throwing them out of the dapur window into the restaurant.

The nematodes look confused as one goes to there krabby patty and eats it. The nematode then gets a big smile and eats another. Spongebob makes a whole bunch lebih and throw them out of the dapur window. The nematodes jump with joy and grab all the patties and leave the restaurant. "Thank you! Now we will have the best makan malam ever!" Says the leader. "Let the yummyness begin!" "Thats still not a word Frank"

Everyone comes out of hiding and looks around the damaged restaurant. The people look confused but relived. "Thank Neptune thats over!" says a fish. "What happened? says another. Spongebob, Krabs and Patrick walk out of the kitchen. Everyone see's Spongebob holding the sudip, spatula and knew he was the one who made all the patties. They all jump and cheer. "Yay! anda saved us!" says everyone. Squidward gets up from hiding and looks confused. "Wha happened?" "Spongebob saved us! he made like 5 Krabby Pattys and made the nematodes go away!" says Patrick. " has been a weird day." says Squidward as he gets up. "i think we should call an early close." Krabs agrees and closes the restaurant for the day.

"Spongebob wait. What anda did today was incredible! I didn't know anda could made krabby pattys." says Krabs. "Neither did I!" says Spongebob. "It just...happened." "Well I am impressed. how like to become my new frycook? anda could use the money." Spongebob giggles and jumps up and down. "Oh boy" sighs Squidward. "This is going to be annoying." "Yes!" yells out Spongebob. "Great! Glad to have anda on board!" says Krabs. Everyone leaves as Patrick and Spongebob make their way home.

"Some first hari here huh?" says Patrick. "Yeah! Met new people, defeated an army of nematodes and got a job all in one day!" says a happy Spongebob. "Well theres only one thing to make this better!" says Patrick. They walk selanjutnya to his rock halaman awal and enter inside. "A Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy tv tampil marathon!" yells Patrick. The 2 jump with joy. "Sounds good pal!" says Spongebob. "Ok! I'll go make the food. hopefully no nematodes are in my fridge." says patrick as he enters another room.

"Spongebob giggles and he takes a bunch of things out of his pocket. He notices his shell phone is dead. "Oops I totally forgot to change my phone!" he plugs the phone in and leaves it on the table. Hours pass as Spongebob is seen sleeping. The phone is shown to be 100% charged as someone picks it up and clicks on the missed calls button. The phone shows missed calls from Spongebob's father and a voice mail message. The mysterious person plays the message.

"Spongebob, this is your father. Listen. Call me the detik anda get this message! Bikini Bottom is not a aman, brankas place! I repeat, it's not a safe-" The mysterious person deletes the message and the missed calls.
Chapter 2: The Thing in Jellyfish Fields!
Legend of Bikini Bottom

Act I

Chapter 2: The Thing In Jellyfish Fields!

Spongebob and Patrick wake up full of energy. "What should we do today Patrick?!" Patrick tries to think. "URGH! This thinking is hard." Spongebob goes to walk to his backpack and sees his jellyfishing net. "I have an idea pat!" Patrick goes from looking annoyed to happy. "Thats a great idea!" Patrick retrieves his net and they both go outside and wait for the bus. Squidward is seen watering his small garden and see's the 2. "What are anda 2 idiots doing?" Spongebob shows Squidward his net. "Me and Patrick are going jellyfishing!" Squidward barely looks at the net. "Oh woah sounds like an epic day. "You can say that again!" says Spongebob. Patrick looks confused "That again?" Squidward rolls his eyes as the bus stops. Spongebob and Patrick get in the bus and wave to Squidward. He lazily waves back. The bus made its way to jellyfish fields.

Spongebob and Patrick get out of the bus and Spongebob looks around in wonder. "Woah..its even better then how I imagined! Remember when we used to catch jellyfish near my house when we were younger?" "Those were the good old days." Says Patrick. Spongebob and Patrick walk up the the main gate and see a man in a booth. "Hello and welcome to jellyfish fields. My name is Bill. Is this your first time atau are anda a regular jeli spotter?" Spongebob and Patrick smile and take cards out of their pockets. "We are regular jeli spotters sir!" says Spongebob. "Yeah! We spot jellyfish!" says Patrick. The man looks a their cards and lets them in. "Remember boys, stay in the open area, never go back the restricted zone...hope anda enjoy!" says the man. Spongebob and Patrick start running around and try catching jellyfish.

"Woah this place is amazing!" says Spongebob. "Yup. Jellyfish fields looks so much better in person than on TV! Mostly cause anda can actually run around and not hit your face on the TV screen." Spongebob laughs as they continue running after jellyfish. Spongebob notices a rare breed and gets excited. "Its a 4 wave stinger! Those are rare!" Spongebob chases after it and notices a sign that says "Restricted Zone: DO NOT PASS THROUGH" Spongebob see's the jellyfish and sighs and turns around but hears a sound in the distance. "What is that?" Patrick walks up selanjutnya to him. "Spongebob whats wrong?" Spongebob points towards the restricted area. "Did anda hear that noise? It sounds like its coming from over there!" Patrick looks confused "It could be my stomach. It tends to make scary noises sometimes." The scary noise is heard again and it sounds farther away. "Nope that is not my stomach."

Spongebob looks concerned and starts walking towards the sign. "Spongebob! What are anda doing?!" asks Patrick. "Patrick, Whatever made that noise could be in trouble!" Patrick looks nervous. "But didn't anda read the sign!...'Registerd Zone: Donut Past rough" Do anda know what that means?!" Spongebob looks confused. "That there are donat over there...?" Patrick then gets a black stare on his face "That...sounds about right. We should go see whats making that noise!" Spongebob smiles and walks through the sign. Patrick does as well but looks nervous.

Spongebob and Patrick make their way through strange bushes and rocks and hear the noise is closer. "Maybe we should go back?" asks Patrick. "No way...keep moving." Says a confident Spongebob as they continue. Spongebob and Patrick peek their head and see a strange creature thats crying out. Spongebob tries to focus his eyes and see's what looks like an old jellyfish in a cage. "It looks like an old jellyfish!" says Spongebob. "You think he has donuts?" asks Patrick. They walk towards the old jellyfish and hear its screams. "Why is this creature here?" Spongebob asks himself as he notices a key and a small piece of paper near the creature. He goes to pick the items up when he hears someone yell "STOP!" Spongebob quickly picks up the items and puts them in his pocket. Spongebob and Patrick turn around and see 2 men, one of them being the guy from the front of jellyfish fields. "Hey I know you! You're the booth guy!" says Patrick. "My name is Bill! And this is my partner Tom." Spongebob and Patrick wave to tom.

"It seems anda found the creature!" says Tom. Bill looks mad "I told anda boys to stay away from the restricted area!" "We're sorry! We just heard a noise and I wanted to make sure whatever made that noise was ok!" says Spongebob. "Yeah, and if there were any donat here!" says Patrick. "Bill..what do we do? They know about the creature." "What is this thing?" asks Patrick. "It's one of the worlds oldest jellyfish. A 6 tailed stinger." says Bill. Spongebob gasps. "6 TAILED!? But aren't they extinct?" "They are suppose to be...but this one is still alive. We keep it alive." Why?" asks Spongebob. "It's jeli is very rare and is very profitable..if sold to the right people." Spongebob and Patrick gasp. "And since anda know of this...i'm afraid we cannot let anda live." says Bill as he gets his senapan out. Spongebob and Patrick look scared. "It would be nice if those rough donat helped us out now..." says a scared Patrick.

Spongebob and Patrick look scared and walk backwards. "Woah we really need to kill these kids?" asks Tom "Yeah listen to Tom." says Spongebob. "They know of the creature! They know what we do! They can go to the police." says an angry Bill. "We can?" says Patrick. Bill gets even madder. "Quiet! Look I don't want to but this thing gives us alot of money and we cant let anyone stop us!" Spongebob remembers the key he found and put in his pocket. "Before you...kill us. Can I just say goodbye to this amazing jellyfish?" Tom looks concerned and Bill looks annoyed. "Well...I guess so yeah. But make it quick!" Spongebob and Patrick go towards the old jellyfish. "Spongebob..are we going to die?" asks a scared Patrick "No." whispers Spongebob. "I a plan." Spongebob gets closer to the jellyfish. "Oh great 6 tail! I am sorry that anda are stuck here...At least we got to see anda in our last moments together." Spongebob goes and hugs the creature. He reaches in his pocket and takes out the key and releases the creature. "YOU ARE FREE! RUN!..or fly whatever anda old jellyfish do."

Bill and Tom look shocked. "What the!?" says Tom "Grab the kids! I'll take care of the creature!" Tom goes to grab Spongebob and Patrick but Spongebob swings his jellyfish net at tom. "...Seriously. anda think a net can hurt m-." Patrick smashes a rock on Tom's head. "Thanks buddy!" Spongebob and Patrick chase after Bill. The jellyfish barely makes it off the ground and Bill loads his rifle. "I don't want to have to kill anda to! Just need to hit one of your stingers." says Bill. Patrick throws a rock at bill and he drops the rifle. "Hey!" yells bill. Spongebob goes to meninju, pukulan bill but misses. He then smacks his net against Bills face. Bill rubs his hands on his face and picks up the rifle. "Thats it! anda kids are..." All of a sudden he hears a noise. The jellyfish returns and stings Bill. Bill yells in pain and starts running away. "Forget this town! I'm never coming back!" Spongebob and Patrick look on as he runs away.

Spongebob and Patrick look at the old jellyfish and thank it. The jellyfish then flies away and Spongebob looks and see's an unconscious Tom. "What should we do with him?" asks Spongebob. "See if he has any food on him." says Patirck. Spongebob looks annoyed and they carry tom back to the normal parts of jellyfish fields. They lay him down selanjutnya to a cop car. 2 cops walk towards their car and see tom "Hey..isn't that one of the criminals selling illegal jellyfish jelly?" says a cop. "Yup." says another cop. "Well that was easy." They put him in the cop car and drive away. Spongebob and Patrick sigh with relief. "That was close." Says Patrick. "You can say that again." says Spongebob. "I should call us a ride atau something. Spongebob gets out his phone calls Mr. Krabs. He picks them up and sends them home.

"Thanks for the ride Mr. Krabs!" says Spongebob. "No problem boy! Just be sure to come to the Krusty Krab tomorrow morning to start your first hari of work!" says Mr. Krabs as he drives off. Spongebob and Patrick head inside Pat's rock and lay on the floor. "Today was intense." sighs Spongebob. "You can say that again." says Patrick. There were no donat anywhere in that field." Spongebob laughs and yawns. He then remembers he found a piece of paper before. He takes it out of his pocket. "Wait what's that?" asks Patrick. "It's a strange piece of paper from when we saw the old Jellyfish." says Spongebob as he reads the paper out loud.

"Entry 23: Our Buyer seem really hesitant on getting this rare jeli as soon as possible. But with the amount they are paying, who am i to care? Tom locked the old creature up and I had Bill disguised as a Jellyfish fields guard to make sure no one ever finds this thing." Spongebob and Patrick look shocked. "So there was a 3rd person helping Tom and Bill!" says Spongebob. "But where is he now?" asks Patrick. Spongebob crumbles up the paper. "It doesn't matter." He says. "What matters is that the Jellyfish is free and no one can hurt it ever again!." Spongebob and Patrick cheer for joy.

Meanwhile back at the restricted zone, a limo pulls up and a few armed ikan walk out and look around. "Well..The creature is gone." says ikan 1. "Yeah thanks Captain Obvious." berkata oleh ikan 2, sarcastically. A third ikan walks up hanging up his phone. "It appears only Tom was arrested. They think the jeli business was all him and Bill." "And where is Bill?" says a mysterious figure inside the limo car, opening his window slightly. "Probably long gone." says ikan 2. "So what do we do boss?" The mysterious figure is quiet for a few seconds. "Search for the creature. We need that jeli for our product. Make sure NO one see's anda guys." "Yes sir." says all the fish. The limo drives away with KEV CO seen on the licence plate.
Chapter 3: Training Day
Legend of Bikini Bottom

Act I

Training Day

SpongeBob's shell phone gives off an alarm, waking him up. Spongebob gets dressed and starts heading out till Patrick stops him. "Where are anda going? It's 6:30 am!" says a tired Patrick. "The Krusty Krab! Today i start my first hari of work as a frycook!" Patrick looks tired but happy. "Well good luck. Maybe i'll stop oleh for breakfast..and lunch...and problably dinner." SpongeBob laughs as he walks outside and see's Squidward walking outside tired and annoyed. "Good morning Squidward!" Yells SpongeBob. Squidward gives an annoyed wave as he gets in his boat. SpongeBob starts walking towards him. "Hey don't think anda could maybe drive me to work with you? Today is my first day."Squidward sighs but unlocks the passenger door. Spongebob gets in and Squidward starts driving. "Thanks Squidward! Boy it's going to be exciting today huh!?" "Sure. I guess." sighs Squidward. "Just as long as anda don't annoy me." SpongeBob laughs. "I don't think that'll happen haha!" "To late.." whispers Squidward.

Squidward parks selanjutnya to the Krusty Krab and gets out. SpongeBob excitingly gets out and starts running to the front doors. He bursts in and gives out a yell "MY FIRST hari AT THE KRUSTY KRAB!" Mr Krabs walks out of his office. "Alright boy calm down. I remember anda having a lot of energy but..not like this." They both laugh as they enter the kitchen. Krabs hands SpongeBob a spatula. "You sure anda are prepared for the first day? anda won't get any stage fright atau anything?" Spongebob laughs. "Absolutely not sir! I'm the most sociable sponge to get the job done! SpongeBob turns the grill on and puts some patties on. He starts flipping them. He then starts to walk towards the cabinet to get buns. He grabs a pair and walks back to the grill.

As he looks out the little window between him and the rest of the restaurant he see's Mr Krabs unlock the front door to let the customers in. "Time to let me money in!" He laughs as he opens the door. Loads of customers burst in and start charging towards the register. "*Sigh* here comes another busy day." says Squidward. "Alright Spongebob, This guy will have a Krabby Patty." Spongebob's smile quickly turns into a frown as he starts getting a weird feeling in his stomach. "Uh sure Squidward..coming right up!" SpongeBob shrugs the weird feeling off and starts finishing up a patty. He puts all the ingredients on and then 2 buns. He hands it over to the small window and Squidward hands the man his patty. "Oh wow! Thanks!" says the customer. He starts to walk away while taking a bite. SpongeBob looks oleh seeing how the customer liked his food. The customer looked a little displeased. "Meh, not bad for the new guy but could be better, oh well..This is just a quick breakfast." The customer then walks outside. SpongeBob looks shocked and the weird feeling comes back.

"He didn't like the patty?" Says Spongebob to himself. "But everyone loves Krabby I making them wrong?" Squidward throws a bunch of papers into the kitchen. "More patties to make SpongeBob!" Spongebob looks nervous as he looks as all the orders he is given. He struggles to pindah to get lebih patties from the cabinet. He grabs a bunch and throws them on the grill. "Don't worry SpongeBob." He says to himself "That's just one customer. Everyone else will cinta your cooked patties!" He cooks a bunch lebih and sends them out. "Could be better." "Meh." "I liked the other frycook more." says the unsatisfied customers in the front. SpongeBob gets lebih nervous and he yells out "I NEED A BREAK." as he runs out back. Squidward hears on as he says to himself "I need a break from life."

Mr Krabs walks outside to see a nervous SpongeBob walking back and forth. "You ok boy?" asks Krabs. "I don't know!" Yells SpongeBob. "I felt so excited to come start working here but the detik everything started..things got bad!" Mr Krabs laughs and puts his hand on Spongebob's shoulder. "You are just nervous me boy. anda are doing fine." "But the customers aren't liking the patties i'm cooking!" "That's just the monday morning rush. They don't like anything when they are in a hurry." Spongebob sighs with relief but still looks nervous. "I don't know. Maybe I jumped into the job a little to early. I barely know how to be a frycook." "Yeah, I think that's my fault. Thats why I called oleh Phil. anda can watch and train. And oleh the end of the hari anda will be a great Frycook!" Spongebob smiles. "You really think so?" "I know so." Says Krabs. They both walk back inside to the dapur as Phil sets up lebih patties.

"I'm only helping out cause this kid managed to save the restaurant and everyones life." Says Phil. SpongeBob walks towards Phil with his spatula. "Thank anda for coming by. I'd cinta for anda to train me." Phil laughs. "Of course kid." "I owe anda one Phil." Says Mr Krabs. "One final paycheck will due." They all laugh. "No seriously. Just pay me today and it'll be fine." Phil begins cooking and SpongeBob observes. Hours pass and SpongeBob slowly gets better and better at the job. The Customers start enjoying his cooking more.

The evening hits as customers start to leave. Spongebob and Phil smile as the door's close. "Alright kid. I hope anda learned enough." "I did sir! Thank anda again!" "It's no problem! Remember to put focus into your cooking." Mr Krabs walks out and hands Phil his paycheck. "Here anda go Phil, thanks again!" "I'm just glad to have helped out, now if anda will all excuse me, its time i finally go home." Phil walks out as Spongebob and Mr Krabs laugh. Squidward sighs and starts to sign out of work. "That was a good first hari huh SpongeBob?" "It sure was Mr Krabs, though i am surprised my friend Patrick didn't come. He berkata he would." Mr Krabs looks confused as he looks outside. "Well there he is right there." Patrick bursts into the restaurant out of breath.

SpongeBob turns around and looks surprised. "Patrick! There anda are! Where have anda been?" Patrick looks nervous and tries not to talk. "Uh Patrick? anda ok buddy?" says SpongeBob. Patrick shakes his head back and forth. "What's wrong Pat?" Patrick points to the front door where Spongebob's father bursts in. "SpongeBob! It's time to go home! Bikini Bottom is NOT SAFE." Spongebob looks on shocked as Patrick gets up. " guys still open?"

End of Chapter 3.
That's all! Hope anda enjoyed membaca it.