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An order of skilled Meisters has suddenly appeared and taken the DWMA from the control of the Grim Reaper. They are cruel and ruthless, as their actions convey. They have turned the entire city upside down, imposing harsh laws and unbelievable punishment, should anyone choose to break those laws. This order of Meisters is simply referred to as "The Order". Among the rebels, they are a top priority but appear invincible in the light of day and the shadow of night. Nobody has seen their true faces, nor do they want to.

Character Sheet:


Meaning of Name:





Current Residence:



Blood Type:


Eye Color:

Hair Color:





Battle Style:



Abilities(if any):


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lebih dari setahun yang lalu LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Name: Ezra Leonhardt

Meaning of Name: Helper of the Strong Lion

Rank: Master

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: German

Birthplace: Munich, Germany

Current Residence: Stationed in Berlin

Height: 5'8

Weight: 130 lbs

Blood Type: O+

Birthday: February 9th

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Golden Brown(falling just beneath her backside and most often put half up - half down.)

Appearance: While thin, she is muscular. She holds herself tall and with pride. She wears a light silver coat with light gold trim, the sleeves always rolled up to the elbows. It is slightly form fitting at the upper arms and midriff and loose otherwise. It cuts off abruptly at the crotch, forming an odd inverted V before cutting to the back and forming two tails. It is equipped with a detachable hood and a raised polo collar. Under this coat she often wears a slate grey button down shirt and black straight pants tucked into army issued boots. The boots are a simple light brown with silver buckles(two) down the front of each and a strap inside of the sole. The inner tracks of the boots are white. Her face always harbors a scowl, whether she wants it to or not, but that does not take away from the natural air of authority and beauty she seems to exert.

Personality: She is a hardworking individual, while being very loyal and honest to a fault. She is extremely trustworthy and well-meaning, keeping in mind the input of others. While she may not look it, she is very fond of the people she grows close to. She can be extremely off-putting and cold, preferring to keep to herself. While she has friends, she likes a quiet and secluded life-style. She almost always looks angry, even if she isn't. She can be arrogant about her own abilities and has a seemingly uncanny ability to read people faces(good and bad, in some cases). She is a protector by nature, and is a very loyal person. She keeps up a healthy lifestyle and pushes herself to reach new heights and goals, constantly improving. She can be insulting or come off as rude. She sometimes appears to be insolent or arrogant, and is a relatively disorganized person. She procrastinates like it's her job.

Fears: She is afraid of being stabbed, known as Saber-smitten Phobia.

Weapon: She prefers to fight with a customized blade. It had a blade similar in appearance to a katana, tinted a slight blue from the cobalt used to harden it. The guard on the handle is a solid brass alloy and lined with four spikes(placed at even intervals). Th grip is a plain black and the pommel(detached from the guard) is a rounded ball. It is perfectly balanced for her and her only. (She sometimes uses a sword similar in appearance to a Chinese Dao in conjunction with her own sword).

Style: She uses a one handed-strike style, opting to use her dominant hand only. She will resort to using her left hand when she feels threatened or that it is completely necessary.
Weaknesses: She once tore every ligament in her right knee as a teen, and had trouble rehabilitating after the incident that had caused it. Her left shoulder and elbow are also weak points, and her lower backbone.

Strengths: She is is a very fast woman, able to move faster than most men in their physical prime. She is also exceptionally strong for someone of her size and age. She is an extremely skilled swordswoman, and as well has a unique ability to manipulate her Soul Wavelength to use with offensive assault.

Abilities (if any): While she herself has not partner, she is able to use a soul resonance with herself in order to produce visible wavelengths that can be used as weapons.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
Woot finally a RP! make 2 char. now!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
Name: This is simple. Akuma Shiro

Meaning: White Demon

Age: 23
Gender: male
Blood type: ?
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Ethnic Group: Father:Caucasian Mother:Asian
Rank: star-3
Job/Occupation: Assassin
Birthday: october 31
Birthplace: America
Current residence: None moves from place to place
Written Appearance: Akuma has white hair Down to his shoulders. His eyes are a baby blue color. His skin is slightly taned. His body build if that of a fit 18 your old. He wheres black military boots, brown cargo pants, a white tank top and black arm gaurds.
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175
Personality: Akuma is a very laid back indavidual. When around girls hes as cool as ever witch is why most of the guys dont like him. in battle he likes to stay calm even when in impossable situations. Gets really frustrated and jellous when boys talk to his Meister Asami.When told what to do by a superior he useally answers with a "Whatever" kind of attitude.

Likes: His Meister Asami,Ramen,Music,Tsubaki Nakatsukasa,Eating Evil Souls.

Dislikes: Black Star,Failing Missions,Rich/Popular people,Tofu,being told what to do.

Hobbies:Likes to Go fishing even though he never catches anything, also enjoys hikeing and being out in the woods. Enjoys runing threw the city dodgeing oblects that get in his way.

Talents: Akuma is very good at cooking many diffrent types of foods.

Favorite Food: Meat! any kind of meat is good.

Favorite Music: Listens to Heavy Metal it helps him release his stress.

Forte In Sports: Free Runing
History: When Akuma was just a boy his mother and father where killed by a Kishin. The only reason he got away was because the Grim Reaper showed up and killed the Kishin. After his parents death Akuma ended up on the streets where he meet Asami his current Meister back in those days Akuma had no idea he was a weapon. Asami was different from everyone else he had meet she was kind and gentle. She too was orphaned at a young age because of Kishin. As the two grew up the became closer. At the age of 16 Akuma asked Asami if she would be his girlfriend she accept. A few weeks after Akuma bought Asami a necklace with a gold angel on it. As the walk down the street to their apartment a group of low level Kishin attacked them. Without him even knowing what was going on Akuma transformed into a pair of sickles attached by a chain. Asami instinctively picked them up and destroyed the three Kishin. After the battle Akuma changed back into his human form. After that event Akuma and Asami trained to become Kishin Assassins. Akuma and Asami have collected 99 souls so far.

Fighting Style:Akuma is able to transform into many different weapons but prefers to fight at close to mid-range.At the beginning of the battle Akuma likes to infuriate his opponent to make him or her act irrationally and cause them to slip up. If Asami is not around he uses his own Great Sword to settle things.

 Name: This is simple. Akuma Shiro Meaning: White Demon Age: 23 Gender: male Blood type: ? Se
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
Name: Asami Tenshi

Meaning: Beautiful Angel

Alias/Nickname(s): Angel

Age: 22

Gender: female

Blood Type: O-

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Ethnic Group: Caucasian
Rank: 3-star

Job/Occupation: Assassin

Birthday: October 31

Birthplace: America

Current residence: Where ever Akuma Shiro is.

Written Appearance: Asami wheres a black and red checkered skirt a black top and a red tie, She also wears a glove on her right hand and a cut off sleeve on her left arm. She has long Brown hair and brown eyes. Her ears a pierced she wears a cross necklace and a wrap around charm braclet with a heart on it.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 110 lbs
Personality: Asami is a very out going girl. she likes to tease boys and girls alike in sexual ways witch makes her very popular. In battle she flirts with the enemy. Nothing makes this girl feel uncomfortable.

Likes: Kitties,Puppies,Akuma Shiro,making out with boys/girls, candy/sweets,Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

Dislikes: Black Star,being ignored,bugs,Kishins,being told what to do.
Hobbies: Asami likes to follow Akuma around alot. Her favorite thing to do is make boys and girls feel uncomfortable. Asami also enjoys writeing poetry.

Talents: Writing and Singing.

Favorite Food: What ever Akuma cooks.
Favorite Music: Heavy Metal it lets her act crazy when shes dancing.
Forte In Sports: soccer and swimming
History: Asami was born in America on Oct. 31 Halloween night. At the age of 6 her mother and father where killed by a Kishin as they walked home from a movie. After they where killed Asami was sent to an all girls school where her teacher was selling the girls men. She ran away from there and ended up living on the streets where she meet Akuma. Right away she fell in love with his baby blue eye and the way he smiled at her. As they grew up Asami found out guys where suckers for a pretty face and used it to get what she wanted. At the age of 16 Asami was really falling for Akuma but didn't know if he felt the same way. On her birthday Akuma got on his knee and asked her if she would be his girlfriend. A few days after that Akuma Handed her a silver chained necklace with a charm on it. For once in her life she was happy. As they walked home to their appartment a group of Kishin attack them. In a flash she watched as Akuma turned into a pair of sickles connected by a chain. These weapons flew straight to her hands. In a flash all the Kishin where dead and she was in Akumas arms. After he explained to her what happened she decided she wanted to learn more about their powers and train to be Kishin Assassins.

Fighting Style: In battle Asami likes to let Akuma handle things with his Great Sword as often as possible. But when it comes down to it Asami likes to battle at mid to long range. She uses Akuma's Sickle and chain to wrap the enemy up and then destroy them. If the enemy takes to the air she turns Akuma into multiple Shurikan and throws the at her taget. At the beginning of a fight Asami like to Flirt with her enemies to make then feel uneasy and drop their guard.

 Name: Asami Tenshi Meaning: Beautiful malaikat Alias/Nickname(s): malaikat Age: 22 Gender: fem
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
Somewhere in Germany around midnight. "Hey Asami" "Yeah Akuma?" Asami looks at her Partner with her big brown eyes. "Is this the place?" Akuma points to a very large and very old Castle. Asami nods her head "It sure is. There is supposed to be a large number of kishin inside." Akuma smiles and drums on the hilt of his sword. "Well then lets not keep them waiting. Shall i knock?" Asami Smiles and bows Akuma to the door "You shall best not to be rude." Asami gives a little giggle as Akuma walks to the door." With a flash Akuma Roundhouse kicks the center of the two doors and watches them fly off the hinges inward. "Knock Knock" He mutters as he walks in Asami following behind him giggling. As the walk threw the door shadowy figures flicker behind statues. "Nice place" Akuma shouts "Really its great once we exterminate the rats living here it would make a really nice home." "Whooo are yoooou calling a Rattttt?" Asami looked ahead of Akuma and sees who spoke. "I think he was talking about you guys" She says with a smile. "Weeeelll He wooont be speaking muuuch lonnng...." Before he could Finish Akuma had drawn his sword and swept the kishin's head from his shoulders. "You talked to much" Akuma muttered as he faced the three remaining kishins. "Now witch on of you bastards is next?" The one to the right of Akuma start towards him as the one in the middle and left retreated up the castle stairs. "So thats how we are going to play it hu? A little hide and seak?" The kishin attacks and Akuma Parries and takes its left arm off at the shoulder. "Good! I like that game!" Akuma turns his arm into a chain sickle wraps up the the armless kishin and pulls. The pressure exerted was so great the kishin's body explodes. Blood flies every where, two drops land on Asami's shirt. "Damn it Akuma! I just washed these and now look what you did!" Akuma grined "Sorry hun you know i get a little carried away." " Well you can finish this hunt by yourself im going to go wait outside!" "Fine by me " Akuma mutters "I'll be done here in a few minutes." Asami looks at Akuma " Ill see you outside then" Asami turns and heads for the hole in the wall that was once the door. "Kiiiiiillll" As Asami steps out the door a kishin tries to jump her. "I'm not that easy buddy" Asami says and she rolls under his arms and comes up with two daggers. The kishin rushes at her again but this time shes ready. With a slight step to the Left the kishin completely misses its mark but she does not. With a single trust Asami buries both her dagger to the hilts in the kishins chest, with another flood-like motion she removes the daggers from its chest and its head from it shoulders. " Damn it." she says again realizing she got more blood on her cloths "Kishin blood is damn near imposable to get out of clothing" " Hey" Akuma yells, Asami turns around and looks at him. He is carrying three of the kishin souls with him " I couldn't find the fourth bastard he must have....." "You mean this guy?" Asami pointed at the headless corpse on the ground as its spirit started to float upwards. " Oh" Akuma said "Yeah I found him for ya he thought i was just some little girl." "big mistake on his part" Akuma says as he grabs the fourth soul and begins to to eat them. After he has finished Asami grabs his arm. " ok time to go home i have to change my cloths now and if you thought getting blood on my cloths was getting you out of the movie you where dead wrong mister!" Akuma sighs as he climbs onto his motorcycle and starts it up "Yeah i was kinda hoping you would forget about that" Asami scowled as she climbed on the bike and they headed home.

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Ezra sighed. Once again, her targets had been slain before she made it to their specified location. She stomped on the fallen door in frustration. Lately in Berlin there had been many more Kishin than normal, prompting Ezra to work overtime and kill a months worth of pay in two weeks.

She stood quietly in the center of the large castle interior, stained with blood and strewn with four different corpses.

"Whoever has been taking my targets can't get away from me that easily..." she muttered. She knelt next to the blood. She plucked a small piece of cloth from the crimson stain. She examined it carefully. She took into account the fact that the particular section she had picked up was pleated and striped. It too was a deep crimson with a black plaid pattern printed on it.

She stood and turned, quickly leaving the scene. She pulled the hood of her dark cloak over her head and left the castle behind in the night.


Hours later, she had given up on her search for the Meister who had killed the Kishin. She rested on a surprisingly comfortable wooden bench in the downtown of Berlin. She let a heavy sigh escape her lips as she let herself fall back into her drowsiness. The night was quiet and the air was still. The stars shined brightly above as Ezra nearly dozed off underneath them. The cool night air was soothing and relaxing as Ezra lay splayed out across the bench.

She was awoken by the sound of footsteps. One heavy pair and one lighter pair. Ezra quickly shuffled to an upright position, casually leaning back onto the bench. With one eye open she watched as the two people, seemingly companions, passed by her. The man with white hair definitely stood out. He was burly and walked with a pride that nearly surpassed her own. Almost. But what stood out the most to Ezra was the girl. Much smaller and more petite than her friend, she was prancing along next to him, holding his hand without a care in the world. She skipped, lighthearted and free. Her outfit was composed of mostly black and red, including her skirt. Ezra shook her head and held the evidence from before up to her eyes. She smirked.

She leaped from her perch and climbed the fire escape. As she reached the top, she peered over the edge, watching as the two of them continued down the street. Leaping and bounding from building to building she kept up with them both with ease. It was when she noticed someone tailing them that Ezra was forced to slow down and get a better look. The individual was clad in a cloak similar to her own, but their figure was bulky and uneven. It seemed to walk with a slight limp. It trailed behind them by about twenty meters, leaving behind a print of what seemed to be oil. It moved along quite slowly... when suddenly, it closed the distance in an instant.

She noticed a slight glint emerge from just under the fringe of the cloak, and broke into a sprint. Shit!

[Play Music]

As the Kishin raised it's blade, Ezra leaped from the building above, landing with a loud thud just between the monster and the two bystanders. She raised her sword to block the attack, still kneeling.

It struck with an unprecedented amount of force, cracking the pavement beneath her feet. She grunted under the pressure, but with her lower center of gravity was able to evade it's kick. She turned a wary eye to the two behind her, watching as the man wrapped his arms around the smaller woman protectively. She returned her gaze to the Kishin and reinforced her defense with solidarity. She stood and shoved the beast back. The cloak that shrouded it was torn away by a gust of wind, the same gust of wind forcing Ezras hood back. The beast was about two feet taller than Ezra herself, with spindly hair and nasty skin. It had a putrid stench that she could smell from where she stood. Its eyes were wild and crazy and the sword it had struck with was embedded in it's own forearm. It stood with it's three jointed legs and a sack of unknown substance on it's upper back. Hesitation only gripped Ezra for a moment before she lunged for the Kishin. Using the newly up-heaved cement as a ramp of sorts she launched herself into the air. She sheathed her blade and focused her energy. Her body began to distort and resonate. A dull ringing could be heard throughout the area, and that always signaled a form of soul resonance.

"Soul Resonance! Weapon Radiation!"

Two blades of shimmering, eerie green light formed in her hands. They radiated in and out of focus, almost like an image being disturbed by radio waves.

She bore down upon the menace with unbelievable force, causing it to stumble back and fall. It's head was held higher than the rest of it's body. causing an imbalance and forcing it onto it's side. Ezra quickly raked her blades across the creatures side. Angered, it stood up once more and raised the blade. Expecting the obvious Ezra raised her own to stop it as it was bearing down upon her, however the creature raised it's massive, clawed foot and knocked her back some twenty feet and into the street. She skidded to a halt and rolled backward, immediately on her feet once again. It roared as it followed through with a series of haphazard slashes with it's own weapon. Ezra dodged each of them smoothly and without hesitation drove both swords, made up completely of her own soul wavelength, into the chest cavity of the horrendous beast. Roaring in pain, it backed away. The handles of the blades were torn from her grip and disappeared. She drew her sword once again and performed another Soul Resonance, quicker this time.

"Soul Resonance! Weapon Transmutation!"

The sword was engulfed in another eerie green glow and elongated, the blade growing thicker and longer. The light was dispelled with a bright flash and revealed a halberd.

The creature didn't seem to register with the change in weaponry, as it lunged for her immediately after. Ezra sidestepped to the left only slightly and drove the weapon through the abdomen with full force. With a final screech of agony the Kishin disappeared in a wisp of black smoke, leaving behind a soul. She picked the item up and, having no need for it, threw it to the man. He caught it gingerly and shot a quizzical look at Ezra.

She removed her cloak and silver overcoat. Both garments and her arms and legs were covered with the grungy substance that the Kishin had seemed to ooze. Her grey polo dress shirt accentuated her athletic frame as she cleaned up after herself. Rolling up the sleeves of said shirt, she finally paid heed to the people behind her. She finally realized that they were waiting for an explanation, which she decided not to give. She retrieved her halberd and returned it to it's original form, promptly sheathing it and wrapping it in her soiled cloak. At this she turned around to face them fully. The smaller woman gasped slightly and gingerly pinched her nose. Ezra inwardly chuckled at this, I've always had girls following me around. Looks like this time wont be any different than the last.

Without explanation, Ezra held up her hand and gestured to the corner. "My apartment is just down this way," she offered. "It's not very big, but it's enough to accommodate for you two."

"Wha?" The man looked immensely confused, but his friend didn't hesitate to accept the offer.


Ezra smiled and grabbed a hair tie, pulling half of her hair into a tail in the center of her head. Her hands dropped wearily to her sides and looked back at her companions. "Well alright then. Follow me."
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
Akuma looked at Asami with a surprised look on his face. “Asami” He says as the follow the stranger who just saved their lives “How do we know we can trust her? What if she is part of the Order? You know the meisters trying to kill us because we don’t follow their rules and because we are still loyal to the grim reaper!” Asami just looks him in the face and without saying anything Akuma knows what she is thinking. “Fine” He says and he turns his attention back to the direction they are moving “But if I’m right.” He stopped there for it seemed they had reached the apartment building where the young woman lived. Akuma cleared his throat “What floor do you happen to live on?” The girl just looked at him and smiled “Are there windows in your apartment?” again no answer. Akuma was starting to feel funny first she appears out of nowhere and saves their lives and then she just offers to have them stay at her place. “What’s your game?” He asks stopping just before they enter the door way to the apartment. “My game?” Ezra says “I don’t play games.”

Akuma did not like this answer and was about to say something when Asami interrupted him. “I’m sorry for Akuma” she elbows him in the gut “He is very cautious about people even when that person just saved his ass!” by the end of this she was more yelling at him the apologizing to the girl. Akuma‘s face turns almost red with anger and he blurts out “Well if the Order didn’t want us Dead….” He stopped and looks right at Ezra to see if there is any expression there is none. She is good he thinks. Akuma stares for a long time at the stranger before he chooses his words carefully not to offend but to warn her.

(play Music)

“If you are the order and try to kill us I will kill you, if you are not the order but decide to try and turn us in I will kill you, if you are neither of these and a friend I am sorry that I have said this and hope you accept my apology.” Asami looks at Akuma and back at Ezra wondering how this was going to work out
lebih dari setahun yang lalu LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Ezra stood for a moment. She lifted her hands slowly and put them into her pockets quietly. She simply turned to face them and offered another smile.

"Answer me," Akuma all but demanded. Asami shot him another glare, and another apologetic glance at Ezra.

"From what I can tell," Ezra began, "You two are a weapon and meister pair, and a strong one at that. Am I wrong?" she asked, turning to Akuma in particular.

He shook his head. Asami was looking between the both of them, her expression unreadable to Ezra.

"At least Rank Three," Ezra examined further. "You seem to be extremely compatible with each other," she stated as she walked circles around them. She stopped in front of each of them individually. Akuma snorted at her, and Asami averted her gaze. "You two are dating, aren't you?" she asked.

"W-what?" Akuma deadpanned. "How did you know?"

"Body language," she replied simply, slightly smirking.

"Argh! That's enough of the fucking bullshit! Tell me who you are!" Akuma screamed, pointing a heavy finger at her.

"I don't have to explain myself to you," she said as she unlocked the front door to the building. A seething Akuma and an irritated Asami followed her up three flights of stairs. She stopped in front of a door, which she also unlocked. She held it open for the both of them and led them down the hallway.

"I demand to know."

Ezra looked up and found Akuma blocking her path. He took up nearly all of the hallway. The light was dim, casting a dark shadow across his face. Truly befitting of the White Demon. "Get out of my damn way."

"Not until you answer my fucking question."

"You really want to know?!' she spat. "Do you truly want to know? That bad? Then why don't you learn some goddamn patience! I'll tell you when I'm good and fucking ready," Ezra finished with a glare as she shoved Akuma aside. Stomping down the hallway she now led them in silence. Akuma and Asami followed closely behind, but now both of them were quiet instead of just the more controlled of the two. Ezra paused at the door at the end of the hall. She fumbled with her keys for a moment and slid it into the lock, turning it. With a click, the door was unlocked and the three of them were inside. She flipped the light and threw her cloak and coat into the hamper directly to the right of the door. She slowly made her way to the kitchen and lay her sword down on the small island. Without turning to either of them she gestured to the living room. "Sit," she ordered. A moment later she heard the soft sound of fabric upon fabric and turned. She placed her hands on the counter nearest them and stood.

"Are we done being patient now?" Akuma asked wryly.

"Are you done being an egotistical asshat?" Ezra scoffed.

She watched as he nodded slowly, narrowing his eyes and clenching his fists. He was trying so very hard keep from strangling her. She nodded in satisfaction. "Then yes. If you would like, I will give you three minutes for you to vent your anger on me," she offered.

She didn't even see Akuma leave his spot on the couch before he had struck her in the throat with his palm. She was thrown back into the counter - nearly snapping her spine - and sank to the floor, attempting to catch her breath.

"You smug little fuck!" he screeched. "I'll have you know that I'm a Three-star weapon who doesn't need a partner, but I have one anyway! I have seen so many battles and taken countless Kishin down that even you wouldn't compare! Know what else? My girlfriend is a Three-star meister who could kick your ass in four seconds flat!" He accentuated that comment by slamming his foot into her abdomen. Her mouth filled with a coppery substance, but she refused to let it spill from her lips.

"You're an arrogant little bitch! You think that just because you can defeat a Kishin that's not even worth killing that you can just waltz all around us like we're your property?! You goddamn fucker!" He slammed his knee into her ribs. It was at that point that Ezra could not keep the blood at bay and it was forced from her mouth. He took another jab at her neck, this time keeping a firm grip. "I would..." he paused, his voice shaking, "I would really love to kill you," he finished, dropping her to the floor. She landed with a solid thump, and dry-heaved. She keeled over herself and vomited, coughed and spit up blood.

Ezra managed to get herself to her feet a few moments later, though her sight was blurry and she could hardly focus. It was a miracle she could even breathe. The ringing in her ears subsided and she finally realized that Asami and Akuma were at each others throats. Asami was screaming and gesturing in her direction, while Akuma was shouting nearly as loud. Ezra attempted to stand straight, but instead fell flat on her face. She lifted her arms to push off the granite floor, but she didn't need to. She felt arms wrap around her and support her. She didn't even need to ask to know who it was. With her eyes slightly more in focus, she glared right at Akuma.

"You think I give a fuck... what you think of me?" she asked quietly. "I don't... quite the opposite, actually..."

Asami gripped her tighter. Thankful for the support, Ezra gave her a weak smile.

"You wanted to know my name..." she raised her head, looking at either of them in turn. "You'll never know it now... every answer you were prying for, you'll have to get on your own, because I'm not gonna tell you shit!" she spat.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
Akuma was pissed, he made a grab for his sword but before he could reach it Asami slapped him in the face. Akuma stopped dead in his tracks Asami never hit him. “Leave now” She says soft yet coldly. Without a word Akuma turned towards the door and made for the exit as he opened the door slowly he looked at Ezra with no emotion at all “Sorry” and he slams the door behind him.
Asami walks over to Ezra and helps her to the couch then goes into the freeze and pulls out ice packs. “I’m sorry about him. He is really protective about me. He thinks everyone and their mother is out to kill us” Asami gives a weak smile to the girl. “Where will he go?” Asks Ezra “Probably to the park he likes to walk through the woods and stare at the lake” Ezra giggles a little. “What is it?” “Oh nothing” Ezra says.
Akuma still a little more than pissed off storms towards the park not noticing the three hooded figures following him. “Slap me in the face” he mumbles “See how long she lasts without me there” Akuma kept walking further and further away from the populated areas towards the center of the park where the lake sits. “All I wanted to fucking know was why did this little girl want us to follow her so fucking bad is that so fucking wrong!!!” By this time Akuma made it to the lake. As he stood there he watched the reflections on the water dance in and out. “Sure she saved us but that kishin wouldn’t have lasted five seconds if it would have been stupid enough to get closer.” Akuma stood there a while longer thinking “Fuck” he finally said “I hate it when Asami is right” As Akuma turned to go he realized that he was not alone.
“Hello there Akuma Shiro how are you tonight?” a strange voice asks. “I’m doing just fine thanks. Now who the fuck are you?” The figure started to laugh “that’s not important whats important is what Ezra told you back in that apartment.” Akuma stood there a moment. so that’s what her name is. “Honestly good sir its none of your fucking business” Akuma said as he realized he was out numbered five to one. “I’m really sorry you feel that way Akuma you see we The Order where thinking that you would want yourself and Asami off our hit list” (play Music) This struck a nerve. “The Order” Akuma mumbled gripping his blade on his back and the dagger at his side. “Oh yes” says the man “You see we have a certain interest in Ezra.” “What kind of Interest?” Akuma asked but knowing the answer “We want her dead of course” With that two of the Order members attack.

Akuma dodges there first attack but a third joined the fight right after and nicks Akuma’s left shoulder. “Real Fair fight you fucking pussies” with that out Akuma counters one of the meisters and puts a nice cut along her cheek. “Sorry about your face looked like you needed a little work anyway!” This seemed to piss her off. Good. She attacked him in what was almost a blind rage “How dare you say” but she didn’t get to finish Akuma had her now one arm holding her arms down using her as a shield and the other holding a blade against her throat. “Tisk Tisk Tisk” Akuma says “First rule about fighting Never let your emotions get the better of you” by this time the other order members stopped their attack. “Now” Akuma says “ I’m going to walk out of here with her you follow me she dies you attack me she dies I feel uncomfortable at all she Fucking DIES! YOU GOT THAT YOU FUCKS!” The four remaining meisters gathered around the leader “We were only going to beat you down now you’re a dead man” “I may be a dead man but im getting out of here tonight that’s all that matters to me” the leader scoffed the looked at the member “ You know how to get back to HQ your on your own tonight” “But brother” the girl stopped talking Akuma smile “Oh brother” and with that he dragged the girl towards the entrance.
“Let me Go” she yelled “Shut the Fuck up bitch I’ll let your ass go once I know your Brother isn’t following me to kill me!” she went silent “he won’t try to kill you he won’t even follow you to see if you let me live or not” a sadness was heard in her voice. Akuma felt bad for all the things he had done today first Asami’s cloths then Hitting Ezra now hold a girl hostage to save his own ass. “I’m not gonna kill you.” He finally says. He looks at her and sees she’s not crying any more. Once the hit the entrance of the park Akuma sat her down on a bench threw her weapons into the bushes “can’t be to safe” He tells her and climbs on his bike. “see ya around kid” he says as he speed off toward the apartment where he left Ezra and Asami. “I need so answers” he thinks to himself his shoulder still bleeding from what he thought was a small wound but seems to have been worse than he thought. “That is if I make it there with out passing out first.”
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Ezra stared at the ceiling as Asami checked her bruises and gingerly massaged her back. Ezra lowered her head. "You don't have to, you know. I heal very fast on my own."

"Nonsense," Asami replied. "It's the least I can do when this was caused by my thick boyfriend." She tied a small rod around Ezras ribs with bandages, making sure it was tightly wrapped before tying it off. She examined her handy work for a moment. "And anyway..." she continued, a sly smile gracing her lips. "You're very beautiful."

Ezra felt her face burn. She promptly turned her head to the side and gripped her pants harder. Asami seemed to have noticed this change in behavior.

"You seem a bit flustered," she pointed out as she situated herself on Ezras lap.

"Do I?" Ezra asked as she quickly moved her hands away from her legs as Asami practically jumped on her.

"Yes," she replied. Asami snaked her arms around Ezras waist and pressed her forehead up against the slightly younger girls. "You're not uncomfortable, are you?"

Ezras blush receded and she smirked playfully. "Not really. People have played games with me before, I'm no stranger to it."

"Oh?" Asami grinned. "So you know that I'm flirting, right?"

"Big time," Ezra confirmed. "I'll have you know, that the students at Shibusen, mostly girls, are attracted to me for some reason. Many of them attempted to get me to date them or go to parties with them. Flirting was the first thing that they'd do."

Asami frowned. "You're still a student?"

Ezra laughed. "Hardly. I'm a twenty-one year old Master, not a fourteen year old rank One."

"M-master?" Asami stammered. "You're a Master Technician*?!"

Ezra shrugged. "I suppose that's a trivial title. I have many other names, but I believe I'll start with my given name, since you don't know it already." Ezra gently pushed Asami off of her as she rose from the couch with a slight grunt. For a moment she stood quietly, just facing the older woman.

"Guten Abend," she greeted Asami, holding out her hand. The girl hesitated, but eventually slipped her smaller hand into Ezras own. "My name is Ezra," she said, smiling.

"I'm going to assume that you have a last name as well?" Asami asked, shaking Ezras hand slightly.

She chuckled. "It's-" Ezra was interrupted as she heard the door slam against the wall. Akuma stumbled into her living room, nearly passed out. His eyes were drooping and he looked disheveled. He attempted to say something but all that came out was a grunt. Asami rushed over to his side and caught him before he fell.

Asami's jaw dropped.

Akuma had been bleeding profusely from his shoulder for was seemed to be quite some time. Ezra got over her shock a moment later and quickly unbuttoned her shirt. She knelt by his side and tied it around his shoulder as tightly as she could manage. It was quickly soaked through, however, and she was forced to remove her tank top as well. As she did so, Asami took over on her side, applying as much pressure as she could to his shoulder. Ezra then handed Asami her white tank top and allowed her to use that to staunch the flow. Ezra herself was attempting to keep Akuma awake. She shook him until his eyes fluttered slightly. She waited for what seemed like hours for his eyes to focus on her completely.

"Akuma," she said. He groaned. "Akuma! What happened?" Ezra asked, slowly growing frantic. Nobody would just attack a man in the middle of the night without good reason, especially if that man happened to have a giant sword with him.

He mumbled for a moment, at least attempting to form a coherent sentence. Eventually Ezra was able to make out two words.

"...attack... order...."

Her eyes widened. As Akuma blacked out Asami became frantic and began to call his name. She shook him, loosening the pressure on his wound as she did. Ezra looked on sympathetically. She got up, returning to the kitchen and grabbing her first aid kit, knelt at her side. She motioned for her to sit back. Asami did as she was told.

Ezra set to work shortly after she sat. She removed the bloodied garments and examined the wound. The bleeding had all but stopped, allowing her to check it more closely. She spread the skin apart slightly and looked under the initial skin and muscle. She noticed a large circular opening that seemed to ooze blood. Just as she had suspected, they had cut right through a major artery. She immediately set to work disinfecting the cut and binding it. She applied rubbing alcohol to kill any infection and then wrapped it with a thick gauze and tied it off. Studying her handy work for a moment after she finished, she sighed. She had thought that she would never help this man, and yet here she was, having saved him twice in one day. Maybe, subconsciously, she already knew him, or maybe she was doing it for other reasons she had yet to know. She dismissed those thoughts and propped him up. Ezra took one arm over her right shoulder, using that entire side to lift him up with only a slight grunt. Quickly and efficiently, she moved him over to the largest couch and lay him down. She ran to her room, a small and nicely furnished little space with one large window, and grabbed a pillow. She returned with the feathered case and propped his head up. She sat next to Asami with a huff and hung her head, fatigued by the days events. A heavy burden was suddenly weighing on her shoulders. Not only did she have herself to worry about now she had two innocent people she needed to protect. If her hunch was correct, they were in a very large amount of trouble.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of sniffling. She shot a concerned look to Asami who sat directly to her right. The girl was sitting, staring straight at the wall, with tears flowing endlessly down her cheeks.

"Today has been interesting..." she muttered to her new companion.

Asami let out a hollow laugh, still weeping. "Yeah..."

Ezra smiled sadly, though Asami didn't see it. She gently placed a hand over Asami's, meant to be a comforting and friendly gesture. In turn, Asami began to sob and threw her arms around Ezras neck, nearly causing the slightly taller girl to nearly topple over. Not knowing how to react, she held her arms up in a clear display of confusion and partial embarassment, but Asami was facing the other direction. she tightened her arms around Ezra, as if holding on for dear life. Ezra gently returned Asami's embrace, and the quietly pushed her back.

Ezra stood up slowly, taking Asami's hand. "Follow me."

"Wha...?" Asami protested. "But, what about Akuma?"

Ezra didn't respond, instead leading her to her bedroom and showing her inside, closing the door quietly behind them. She turned on her lamp, casting the room into a dim shadow. She turned back to Asami. "I have something to tell you that might be of interest."

Asami's ears perked.

Ezra took a deep breath. "My full name is Ezra Leonhardt. I'm twenty-one years old, I'm of German descent and I am a Master Technician."

Asami deadpanned.

And, turning away, Ezra finished her statement. "Akuma was attacked by The Order, but likely for an ulterior motif. It's likely that they are after me."

"Why would they be after you? What have you done to deserve being hunted?" Asami asked.

"I've done a lot of things to them, Asami," Ezra replied. "I mess with The Order all the time, and they don't like that. But if that were the only reason, they would likely capture me and brainwash me, like everyone else they've hunted down."

Asami furrowed her brow, clearly confused. "Then why are they hunting you?" she asked, clearly concerned.

Ezra laughed wryly. "The thing that makes it worse, Asami, is that I've dragged you two into this now as well," she explained, sitting on the edge of her bed as she did. "You see, Asami... not only am I a Technician, I'm also a Death Scythe."

(*Technician is the term used in the original Manga and Anime translation, but it's the exact same thing as a Meister.)
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Just a note, Ezra is very well known in the world of the Grim Reaper, almost every student and meister knows about her. But only Death knew that she was a Death Scythe until she told Asami just now. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
Two days pass after the attack in the park when Akuma finally starts to wake up. “Ahhhh” Akuma moans. “Shhh” Asami says to try and calm him “we’re alright we are with a friend.” Akuma sees Ezra standing in the kitchen area from where he is laying. “I….I was a real fucking jerk to her wasn’t I?” he asked. Asami only nodded. “And here I was hoping it was all just a dream” Ezra walks in the room “Nope it wasn’t a dream first you beat the fuck out of me then you left and almost got yourself killed” Akuma lowers his head “I’m really sorry about the shit I put you both threw these last couple days” Ezra smiles “Actually it’s been quit peaceful with your ass unconscious!” Asami starts to laugh and Akuma cracks a smile. “Well ill make sure to do it more often for you then” “You will not!” Asami and Ezra shouted at the same time. “Ok ok” Akuma says while still smiling “You two Win no more getting beat up” Akuma looks at Ezra “So Ezra Leonhardt” Ezra’s jaw droped “How did you.” “well the order was nice enough to offer me and Asami our freedom if I turned you in.” Ezra’s face lost all expression “So I did what anyone in my shoes would do.” “Oh and whats that” Ezra sounding a little on edge. “Well I told them they could go fuck off” Ezra just stood there with her mouth hanging even further open “You did what?” “I told them to go fuck themselves” At that moment both Asami and Ezra burst into laughter. “What did they say back?” “Oh something along the line of I was a dead man or something”

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At this point Ezra stopped laughing. "you know they are serous right?" "Yeah I kinda figured that when the cut me open. “ Ezra looked at Akuma “this is serous Akuma. As much as I hate to say it I don’t want to see you dead.” Akuma stopped smiling “Just so we are clear Ezra I don’t want to see you hurt ether.” Akuma starts to choke up a little “After what I did a few days ago im surprised you saved my life when you did.” Ezra thinks to herself “Me too”. “But I am very thankful you did. Anything you want its yours without question.”
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Name: Zerro

Meaning of Name: ( changed his name coming to the school)

Age: 17

Gender: male

Ethnicity: African American

Birthplace: Nevada

Current Residence: boys dorm

Height: 5'8

Weight: 183

Blood Type: O-

Birthday: june 22

Eye Color: grey

Hair Color: black

Appearance: darker brown skin . short cut hair with a toned muscler build mainly wear a fitted black tee with white pants and black shoes has a lot of burn marks on his skin

Personality: quiet mostly except when he is around his weapon ( megumi ) always asleep and not good in school

Fears: To mess up and get his weapon killed in a battle

Weapon: megumi - black shiled with 2 foot spikes on the parrel ends of it

Battle Style: close combat or if the enemy is far away he can throw his shield with amazing speed and is mostly on point. he dosent need to run to get her she can fly back to him as if they are magnets.

Weaknesses: scared of failing so he second guess himself causing mistakes that can be deadly

Strengths: he is very strong can hold his own in hand to hand combat

Abilities(if any): soul resonance -( fire wheel) when thier soul wavelengths are in perfect Megumi in shield form can be covered in a fire when she is thrown wicth can incinerte thier enemy or when held
( flame storm) can send a wave of black fire to thier enmey witch will burn through corruppted souls
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
(Welcome palin =) )
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im trying to find a place to jump in and his weapons is below lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Name: Megumi Kanji

Meaning of Name: Blessing/ Fire ( blessed fire)

Age: 16

Gender: female

Ethnicity: Japanese

Birthplace: japan

Current Residence: mostly stays around Zerro ( her Meisters)

Height: 5'4

Weight: 102

Blood Type: b+

Birthday: may 7

Eye Color: light brown

Hair Color: black

Appearance: she is a short girl who has long black hair that is in hanging ponytails on both sides very pale skin and is skinny but still has curves. she mostly wears a grey shirt with a female white blazer over it and a black skirt and stockings

Personality: always tries to make friends with anyone she comes in contact with but is nervous about telling Zerro she likes him.she mostly shows her affection by hitting him on his head beacuse he is clueless. loves too eat but still keeps a lean figure

Fears: telling Zerro she likes him also using thier soul resonance because it caused many burn marks on Zerro

Weapon: she is the weapon she turns into a black shield with 2 foot spikes on parrel ends

Battle Style: she does not like to use thier soul resonance but prefer to keep close combat but Zerro rarely listens to her in fights and it throws thier soul wavelengths off

Weaknesses: scared to hurt Zerro

Strengths: the care she has to protect her meister no matter the risk of her own life.

Abilities(if any): soul resonance -( fire wheel) when thier soul wavelengths are in perfect megumi in shield form can be covered in a fire when she is thrown wicth can incinerte thier enemy or when held
( flame storm) can send a wave of black fire to thier enmey witch will burn through corruppted souls
it basicly will target evil being to earse them but they havent mastered it
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
Later that night Akuma woke from a dead sleep and looked around the room Asami was sleeping and Ezra was know where to be seen. “Ok time to go for a little stroll” As Akuma slipped off the couch he heard Asami stir. “Sleep” He whispered as he waved his hand over her and she fell into a deep sleep. As he walked to the door he whispered “I love you Asami” and he walked out. As he walked down the stairs he griped the hilt of his sword “This time I won’t go so easy on them” and he walks out into the street. As he was walking he noticed that there were several Kishin roaming the street but there also seemed to be a meister and a weapon near by. Akuma grins “ Time to have some fun” Akuma changes his right arm into a sickle and chain draws his sword with the left and walks into a dark ally. “Kiiiilllllll” Again Akuma smiles “Oh don’t worry I will”
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Palin_X765 said…
"i think we should wait" Zerro said in his deep voice, looking to Megumi, his weapon for resurence. " for once stop second guessing yourself. ok?" she said as she turn into a black shield with two spikes on parrell ends, her weapon form. they were on top of buliding east of the city looking down the allyway thier targets muiltpe kishin roaming freely. " its too many " Zerro said looking down in to the ally. " damn it Zerro. JUST GO!" Rubbing his face he felt the many scars and burn marks that covered it, they reminded him of his mistakes the time he thought twice before attacking and caused Megumi to get hurt. " ok lets go." he said as he jumpped off the roof .

right below him was a kishin and he knew the power it has and it caused him fear but he couldnt make any more mistakes for megumi he couldnt let her down. he had his enemy in perfect striking distance. 10 meters.5 meters. but the kishin noticed him and looked up then very swifly moved out of the way. " Damn" he cursed under his breath as he landed on his knees. the kishin looked at him from across the ally with a muderous intent.
" Zerro. Charge!" Megumi yelled " But ........." zerro started but couldnt finish the Kishin, with amazing speed ran full force right into his shield sending him flying down the west far end of the ally. He laid there in a daze, he couldnt focus his eye site. when he could see he saw the kishin standing over him. it lifted him and looked him in his eyes, and let out a blood churning scream.

But its wail was cut short Zerro allmost didnt see it because the speed was so quick but a blade went straight through the neck of the kishin and the blood sprayed everywhere as its head fell off its grip on Zerro losen and he fell to the ground. Megumi changed back to human form.

standing above them now stood a young man with brown cargo pants and a white tank top with white hair to macth stood over them shaking his head.
" you two are pathetic" he said looking at them with pity

he looked up suddenly . in front of them appeard two kishin looking ready to attack." miss" he said addressing Megumi." you should really learn to stay in weapon form" as he ran straight for the Kishin.
"well are you gonna let him show you up?" Megumi asked turning back into a shield

" No! Lets go!" he yelled chasing after the man with the white hair.