soul eater Soul Eater icon Contest (Round 8: Fear)

NightFrog posted on Oct 05, 2012 at 12:21AM
Surely out of 3,000 fans on here, some of you know how to make icons.

The winner will recieve 2 props.

• The icon follow the category given & related to Soul Eater
• Each round runs for 8 days
• Voting will be for 5 days
• Please don't vote for yourself
• Icons MUST be squared
• Make the icons yourself

Round 1: Favorite Character
Winner: NightFrog

Round 2: A Meister
Winner: zanhar1

Round 3: A Witch
Winner: NightFrog

Round 4: A Weapon
Winner: NightFrog

Round 5: A Soul
Winner: NightFrog

Round 6: Parent & Child
Winner: chocolate18

Round 7: Anger
Voting in progress -------> link
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