soul eater New Meister and Weapon team.

OmegaFan posted on Aug 18, 2011 at 06:32PM
You are a new meister/weapon to the DWMA. Which one are you? What's your name? Describe yourself. Who is your partner? Add as much detail as possible. You may invent a new Meister and Weapon if you wish. I did.

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu OmegaFan said…
Mine is a new team, like the others one's a boy and the other's a girl. The boy is the son of a witch and a weapon who acts both as a weapon and as a meister. His mother was a master at shadow control. His mother never taught him how to use it as she wanted him to live a normal life. Mother was Jack the Ripper's last victim. He cowered in an alley as he watched his mother get killed. Weapon form is that of a saber. He's a kind boy who just wants to make sure everyone is happy. He can still fly on a broomstick though. He usually wears light blue clothing and walks around in flip flops. He gains the ability of shadow control when he is mad. Shadow control allows him to use someone's shadow to make tem take them damage instead of him. He will calm down, but only when he has taken someone's life, good or bad. His name is Torvell Daemorn. His partner's name is Gardeen Martyr. She is pretty much a care free spirit who does what ever she pleases. Maka has the Maka Chop, Gardeen as the Martyr kick. Gardeen is easily pissed off. She is a weapon as well as a meister. Her weapon form is a spear. Gardeen is rarely shows tears. She'll only cry if it involves Torvell. Gardeen is the eldest child of a family of six girls. She was left to herself as her sisters came. She left her house to get groceries, her house caught fire while she was gone. Her family all died. Torvell's mother found Gardeen and took her in. Torvell and Gardeen spent about seven months training and getting used to each other's soul wavelengths. Gardeen is the more aggressive the two. Torvell mainly is the weapon, but when he does come out he always assumes a defencive stance that works very well. Torvell and Gardeen join the DWMA after Maka and Soul took care of Jack, as he was about to head for the two of them. Gardeen pretty much insults everyone if she isn't upset with something regarding Torvell. Torvell is the apologetic one, apologizes for his partner's behavior. He also is a person who is willing to pay for stuff for others. He'll risk his life to make sure he keeps a promise to a friend. Gardeen usually wears a long shirt and a short skirt, both of with are ruby red. Torvell's hair is usually short and covering part of his eyes. Gardeen's hair is usually contained in a bun.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu alpha92 said…
Well this is my character
he is a powerful manipulator of time, his name is Sigma
and is not on the side of the Shinigami is nor of asura
he is an enemy of the magician noah
but he is controlling and disrupting the mind of the poor Crona
to send him/her against asura
he wants the power of the Eibon s'book and the kishin s'power
but he needs to take possession of the BREW
luckily that Crona has killed his own mother
Medusa, because her knew of his conspiracy to power
and tried to keep him away from Crona
noah alike that he hates ,his own fault if sigma lost his own brother
and now he scream vengeance for his brother died
he is a type of character that he always puts on sarcastic
and the usual phrase "you're going down " with his usual sardonic laugh
He does not trust anyone and no one trusts him
but crona is totally unaware that he/she is manipulated by him
its ambitions and beliefs
he beliefs that Shinigami is the origin of madness
so he wants to destroy the world and do it all over again
not so different from Medusa
He hates asura for his cowardice and selfishness
so want to steal his powers
says that because of such powers does not deserve to end up in the hands of an idiot like him
in battle he is the defensive never attacks that always expects his opponent to attack and is good for provoke his own opponent and his speciality to stop time one second before being hitted by every move, sigma faces over 3 spartoi s'students that are ox,kilik and maka but he manages to defeat kilik and ox but against maka he is being pushed back because the anti-demon wavelength that cannot allow him to manipulate time but him is particulary weak to the sound because of his fonophobia then soul defeats him with the piano but sigma manages to escape using the teleport telling her that he 's manipulating crona enraging her but now no one where he is but only one thing we know that him is cospire against noah
that s'all
sorry for the bad english because i'm italian
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu OmegaFan said…
Don't worry about it. I understand it generally. I'm impressed. Just one thing. What does you character look like?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu alpha92 said…
hmmmm let s'see
grey sweatshirt (for his power to manipulate time) like medusa but with sleeves with hood
a black large pants
and as shoes a pair of white nikes (a cool wizard)black brush hairs and white eyes like this...
without makeup obviuosly
now i m'a noob because i haved registred yesterday

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 hmmmm let s'see grey switer lengan panjang, kaus (for his power to manipulate time) like medusa but with sleeves with
lebih dari setahun yang lalu OmegaFan said…
big smile
You aren't a noob if you regitered yesterday. I had past 20 created characters for different games, shows, movies, and books, and I registered two days go. I created all the characters before I registered.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu alpha92 said…
hmmm how i could create my own character???
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu OmegaFan said…
big smile
It is hard at the beginning but it gets pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Create a person that can fit in with the storyline of the game, show, movie, or book. The shows that you watch the most are usually the easiest one to make a character for, well in my opinion anyways.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu alpha92 said…
this is sigma (il cronomante)
 this is sigma (il cronomante)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu alpha92 said…
it s'not what i had hoped but......
this is enough for me
lebih dari setahun yang lalu OmegaFan said…
Nice, Sigma scares me more than most people think is possible. He's so scary I am not laughing, and I like being scared.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu alpha92 said…
you think ...... that is a good character for the RP?
however thanks
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