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Thaliahunter posted on Aug 08, 2011 at 01:49AM
weeeeeell, to create your Soul Eater OC(which stands for Oringinal Character) just fill out what is below... it will take some time, and you may include a drawing, a digital picture, or whatever of your character!! have funn!!

Current Residence:
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Physical Description:

Good Traits:
Good Habits:
Bad Habits:
Any weird habits?:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Scent:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Song:
Favorite Band/Singer:
Favorite Time of Year:
Favorite Time of Day:
Best Subject (School):
Worst Subject (School):

Female Parent:
Male Parent:
Closest Friends (Inside School):
Closest Friends (Outside):
Past Relationships:

Abilities (if any):


Name: Mayomay (May or Mayo) Kakoshi
Meaning: Mayomay, I made it up
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Japansese
Birthplace: Sapporo, Japan
Current Residence: DWMA
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 123
Blood Type: B
Birthday: July 28, 1997
Zodiac: Leo
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Hair Color: Chocolate Brown
Physical Description: Pretty, hair always in a ponytail, athletic figure, icy icy icy blue eyes.

Good Traits: Quite Friendly, Nice, Quiet, Crazy at times, Fun, and dangerous in battle
Flaws: Trustworthy, never lets down her friends.
Good Habits: She practices her Karate with her friend, Haruha
Bad Habits: Might be a couch potato, and will be quite insulted if someone calls her Mayo, just call Mayomay, May, or Mayomay...
Any weird habits?: Will start yelling at you if you insult her, or her friends, and will believe in anything when she reads a book of somthing, or a story she hears
Fears: Altophobia- Fear of heights.
Favorite Food: All is good to her!
Favorite Drink: Coke
Favorite Scent: Ice cream cake
Favorite Movie: The Green Hornet
Favorite Song: "Trick and Treat!" by Kagamine Len and Kagamine Rin
Favorite Band/Singer: Vocaloid, and The Black Eyed Peas
Favorite Time of Year: Spring
Favorite Time of Day: Dawn
Best Subject (School): The Arts
Worst Subject (School): Geography

Female Parent: Hailie Kakoshi
Male Parent: Taiki Kakoshi
Step-Parent: none
Siblings: Little baby sister, Lily
Closest Friends (Inside School): Haruha Yoshio, her partner Ren Evans, Makoto Ai, Emi Aoi, and Serena Wills
Closest Friends (Outside): Serena Wills, Ren Evans, Haruka Yoshio, Emi Aoi, Makoto Ai, Ivy Jolls, and Nina Jakaro
Boy/Girlfriend: Has a crush on her parnter, Ren Evans
Past Relationships: nope

Weapon: Shes a miester, but her partner is a weapon which is a scythe, and hes name is Ren Evans
Style: Scythe
Weaknesses: If somebody tickles her in battle, shes just fall and laughs to death.... but she'll try hard not too! And another of her weaknesses is that she'll make a HUGE fool of herslef sometimes in front of cute guys, and Ren
Abilities (if any): Ehh....

the picture below is what my OC looks like!! credit to
 weeeeeell, to create your Soul Eater OC(which stands for Oringinal Character) just fill out what is
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