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I'm a fan of CreepyPasta just as much as the selanjutnya guy. I read it almost everyday. Recently, I have been membaca Sonic.exe.

It was okay. Just like any other. A guy gets a video game disc from a friend and has a letter with it. He reads it and thinks its a little joke. Obviously there's something wrong with it. Ignoring the letter he puts the disc in the computer. He then notices strange things about, has many openings where he can take out the disc and destroy it, but keeps playing out of curiosity. At the end he hears a voice and a plushy ends up being behind him and looks like the thing he...
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Blaze the Cat made her video game debut in Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Rush and her Archie comic debut in issue 55. She is guardian of the sol emeralds and a princess in the world she comes from with the power to control fire.
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