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Name:Selina The emo Coyote(Selina Coyote)
Loves:chocalate,Emo stuff, singing, dancing, drawing,writing,reading,computers,Other Emos (or people atau look like a emo),hugging, kissing, snuggling,Chest Fluff!!!
Interests:Drawing,Singing,Dancing,Kissing, Hugging,Snuggling,cuddling,Storms!Love *'.'*
favorit Colors:Black,light blue,purple,silver, white,brown,red,
Human Friend:Colton The Human
Wat Selina Coyote Looks Like:LOOK AT THE PICS!
Things to Do with Selina:Watever Homie :)(:
Dont ever say atau do this in front of Selina:be a retard basiclly
Life Story: Parents(real non-adopted parents)dead,sisters,brothers,nanny all dead.
Adopted,Emo,NOT GOTH!!,only sonicfc to be a coyote (i think) Has no family besides Shadow and Rouge,lives a great life,doesnt DOES NOT do drugs,Drinks bir and stuff.
Since my good friend,Darkness23 left this site,i just left because it got boring here.But this club/dating service shall be alive no matter what! So please don't think i'm dead atau anything like that because i shall be posting lebih profiles of cute singles sonic girls and guys.I'll usually be on and just to let anda guys know.Also i keep on forgeting to come one here because i'm busy with school now.I also been chatting with the greatest guy in the world.His SoFurry username is UlitimateBlaziken.If anda have a SoFurry account,please add me and him to your watchlists...
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