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Fan fiction by sexyluna34 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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one hari i actually killed my best friend...i went berserk in my werefox me and magic are going over to tails place to give me the shot:

magic: were almost there...*looks at me* luna?

luna: why...why was i ever turned into that fucking monster?

magic: itll be soon as anda get that shot... youll be back to normal... ^w^

luna:....i hope your right.

we got to tails's house:

magic: *knocks on the door*

tails: coming. *opens door to see us* oh hey magic.. *blushes* h-hi luna. why are anda here?

magic: luna turned into a werefox...can anda help her?

tails: *still staring at luna* huh? oh..sure.


tails:okay..this might hurt a little...1....2....

luna: *hurry up alreadeeeyeyeyeyeyeyeye!!!!

luna: *falls to the ground from the pain*

Fan fiction by sexyluna34 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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i was born on moebious....when i was born... i was blessed as the time goddess...and protector of the sire emeralds......the sire emeralds hold as much as power as the master emeralds........when i was 5 i tried to murder my parents.....but i stopped my self....i had a vision of me and my mother sarabi at the mobian kindergarden...meeting a berwarna merah muda, merah muda hedgehog...and a little purple and lavender hedgehog.......... i never harmed my parents at all....... that vision became true ....heres how it went:

at the mobian kinder garden:

sarbai: hello amy...

amy: hello.... thank anda for this chance for our daughters to meet each other.

sarabi:im glad...luna... go on and say hello....

luna:i-its nice to meet you. *stares at mrs rose....and the child behind her*

amy: its a pleasure to meet you...this is my daughter magic....go on magic..say hello.

*the hedgehog stepped forward*

magic: h-hello...its nice t-to meet you.
Fan fiction by sexyluna34 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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it was a horrid thing.....death....was this the last time to see magic?.....what about jake?.....what would god think?.........ill tell anda of my death.

luna: we were fighting and i-...lets just get on with the story:

magic: *looks up and sees scourge with a sword*

magic: *screams*

luna:*hears scream and turns around and sees whats going on.....she then turns super and dashes towards them: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! SCOURGE: DIE anda BRAT!!!!!


magic: *looks up......horrified*

luna: *grunt* turns to magic* r-run.....go n-now....

magic: l-luna!!!


magic: luna- *silver grabs her and flys away*

magic: no!! luna!! silver..let me go..we have to go back for her!!!!!

silver: NO!!!1 I DONT WANT anda TO DIE!!!!
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Me: luna!!!
Five hours earlier:
Me: happy 16th b-day luna
Luna:magic (hugs me) anda remembered
Me: not only that i got us tickets to Twinkle Park (pulls out tickets)
Luna: OMFG I can't believe anda got tickets
Me: i got these one for anda and the other for me.
Luna:well lets go ill race ya
Me:(smirked) you're on
Luna:(smirked) ready set go!!!!
Both:(race off)
????????: ill soon have anda magic rose and get revenge on luna
At Twinkle Park:
Luna: lets go on that roller coaster
Me: sure
Both:( rides the roller coaster 29 times)
Luna:woah up for round 30 magic
Me:(turns green and runs to nearest trash can)
Luna:(sweatdropped) ok no lebih roller coasters what about having our fortunes told
Me:(shakes head but turns green again and runs back to trash can)
5 menit later:
Luna: ok magic were going to ( trys to hold in laughter)
Me: what (sees what luna saw and does the same) silver?
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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7 years ago
Me:hey lun did anda hear about the new kid
Luna: yeah i hope he's cute atau she will be our friend
Me:yeah me too
(Just then we see a white hedgehog)
Luna:cool lets go and talk to him (pulls me to him)
Me:(blushes and shakes head) umm i can i hear my mom calling me (turns around)
Luna:(grabs my arm) ohh no anda dont you're coming to say hi
Both: (walks towards the hedgehog, but i stand behind luna)
Hedgehog: hi
Luna:come on magic say hi
Hedgehog: ohh is she your sister?
Luna:i wish but no she's my friend ( pulls me in front of her) here she is
Me:(looks down and blushes) hi
Hedgehog: hi
Luna: im luna and this is magic what's your name
Hedgehog: it's Silver T. Hedgehog
Luna:let me guess the T stands for the
Luna:(looks at me and raises eyebrow) magic are anda ok anda have been quiet.
Me: yeah (fails to notice eggman behind a pohon )
Fan fiction by sexyluna34 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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it was on friday afternoon after school:

luna: come on magic.. itll be fun.

magic: {on the phone} i dont know... what would i bring?

luna: anything..if ya froget anything... i have extras...right mom?

sarabi: yes luna.

luna: is it okay if magic sleeps over?

sarabi: i dont have a reason to decline... lets just think about her parents descision.

magic: mom.. dad can i have a sleepover at lunas?

sonic: sure .

amy: as long as anda come halaman awal safe.

magic: r-really? thank anda i cinta anda both!!

* magic gets back on the phone*


magic: im in..

luna:awsome... bring whatever anda need.

* after magic got her things ready.. she walked over to lunas house*

at lunas house:

*magic knocks at the door*

luna: coming... *opens door* hey.

magic: hello.
List by silverstruelove posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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magic rose or mags to silver
Name:Magic Ameila Rose
bulu color:purple and lavender
Eyes:multi-color changes based on mood
Likes:Silver, Shadow (my bro), Amy (my mom), Sonic (my dad),luna,to write, to sing, my friends, being with silver atau luna atau both, mastering my powers, hanging out with my "sister" cream
Dislikes:mean people, bullies, leo, people who hurt my friends, my ex mephiles and my uncle
Powers: too many to list
Wepons: guns, and piko piko hammer my mom gave me( looks like her's but purple and lavender with an M on the side
Abilities: like powers too many to count
Love: Silver (boyfriend), shadow, luna, mom, dad, cream, tails, and the others
Clothes:the same dress as Amy (my mom) but it's lavender with dark purple stripes at the ends instead of white. A lavender headband with blue polkadots. A broken jantung kalung and emas ring bracelets just like her brothers.
Family:(before marriage) Amy, Sonic, Shadow, Alexia, Alexandria, Grandfather Jules+, Grandmother Aleena, Granduncle Chuck, Uncle Rob'o, Aunt Sonia, and uncle manic (to not be confused manic had a kid who looked like him and acts...
Fan fiction by sexyluna34 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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name: luna the fox

age: 16

likes: scourge, amy,sonic, shadow,silver. magic. pizza, soda,beating up people, being badass, hanging out with scourge.bean the dynamite.

hates: mephiles, eggman, fiona, when people call her names. when pervs try to hit on her. nack the weasel.

powers: hammer{ looks like rosys hammer... but its purple and pink.

clothes: brown jumpsuit.

fur/eye color/ pupil: pupils: black. eyes: red. fur: purple.

fave song: sexyback.. justin timberlake.

backstory: luna was born in moebious.... she never knew much about herself..... ... all she ever did was beat the shit out of people who got in her way.... atau annoyed the hell outta her... she left moebiuos to destroy mobius.... she tagged with scourge and his destructix.... she hates fiona.... but luna is scourges boyfriend......... for lebih info...... there will be none...

catchprase: come on babe..... ill leave anda choking on my dust.
Review by CosmoLuvsTails posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Age: 13
species: fox
Family: Miles Prower (Anti-Tails)
Likes: Teasing/beating up Amber, bossing around Kylie and Satara, horror movies.
Dislikes: Meg.A.Coola''Lucie-Lu'', Romance, history.
Mobius X Version?: Yes
Theme: 'What I've Done' oleh Linkin Park

Gwendoline is pretty much a bully's nightmare, she's that bad. She is Amber's evil counterpart, and she takes it really seriously. She's violence's biggest fan, and always practices being mean on Amber. But...If she gets seriously hurt,(and she always stays conscious) she's pretty nice. But it's pretty hard to get her! She's the most flexible of my fan characters, and can easily dodge out of the way of a bullet...damn... She carries who knows how many guns in her bag, and won't hesitate to use them.

In Mobius X: Years Later, she's settled down with her husband, Jacob, and she has one child, Louise. The first time she saw Amber in 25 years was a real shocker for Gwendoline, because she was terrified she'd want to take revenge on her and her family. She'd lost contact with Miles and anyone else. She'd kinda quit her evil life when she fell in cinta with Jacob.
Fan fiction by CosmoLuvsTails posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Amber was cooking in the kitchen. She was trying to make kue, cookie for Elizabeth, her older sister, but she burnt them. She had covered the burnt biscuits with sugar.
'There!' she berkata to herself. 'Lizzy won't mind if they're a bit burnt, will she?'
She took them through to her older sister, who was arguing with Alex about what they watched on TV.
'Elizabeth.' Amber shyly said.
'What do anda want, anda little brat?!' Elizabeth snapped.
'Um...I made some kue, cookie for you...' Amber replied.
Elizabeth bit into one of the cookies.
'EWW!!!' she spat, ungratefully. 'YOU'VE BURNED THEM, anda STUPID LITTLE LOSER!!!'
'I...I didn't mean to, Elizabeth!' she whispered with tears in her eyes.
Amber ran upstairs to her bedroom. She lay on her bed. Her bantal was getting soggier oleh the minute, but she didn't care.
'Why?' wept Amber 'Why does everyone make fun of me? Why does it matter how many tails I've got?'
Review by CosmoLuvsTails posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Kylie the Hedgehog was Amber's best friend until about a tahun ago. She swore an alligence to the Evil side, and kept it a secret until two weeks later.

She works as a 'henchman' to Gwendoline (Dark Amber)
and is a double act with Satara. She hasn't told him yet, but she is secretly in cinta with Shadow.

Although Kylie is a bad guy, she decided ages yang lalu that she really actually prefered being good and having fun, but she knew it was too late to do anything about it. She hates picking on her former best friend, but she's got too much peer pressure to do anything about it.

She loathes working for Gwendoline and who can blame her? She's having to work for a bossy, bad tempered 11 tahun old. Satara hates it too.

Article by cookiemaster posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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A crowd roaring for a song, waiting for her to come out, but Bluebell wasn't to sure on what her song should be... She made far to many over the holidays, now it's her konser today... Her boss walked over to her. "Have anda made up a song yet, Bluebell?" He asked. Bluebell shacked her head. "Hurry up! their waiting for a song!!" Then he walked away. Bluebell then had an idea on her song... "I've got it... the one my mother sang to me when i was small.." She said, then got up. She walked out onto the stage, everyone cheered for her. Bluebell to the mic off the stand, and held it. "I'm sorry for your wait, everyone... I had a problem trying to find out what song to use for today... But i found one... This song is called "Forever Young" Also known as "Time flies" .... and i hope it inspires all of you... to think back when anda were small... and to realize how much you've changed in your life..." Bluebell said, with a small sad, but pleasant tone in her voice. She put the mic back on it's stand. musik started to play, it sounded like charms... wind charms..many of them. Bluebell waited for the right time to sing.. she opened her mouth, started singing...with a much different voice.
Opinion by Kandy-Kay posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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i couldnt find anywere else to post this but plz enjoy! *be mature plz*

ok so my mom and i were in a store wich was kinda dark inside but not really. it looked like a mix of ralps and costco (lol) we were looking around and passed oleh some wierdo in a brown fedora and brown trentch coat. we were passing the fruits and vegetables and we saw him again. my mom told me to be careful of strangers and i held onto the cart. we went to checkout and for some reason i bought a smothie?? (lol) some how my mom left without me... i was worried so i went outside and looked around outside. i didnt see her. (wtf) i was feeling kind of curious so i looked up "child molester male brown fedora trentchcoat" on my phone and a website popped up. i clicked the link and ended up on an artikel about a child molester who wears a light brown fedora and light brown trentchcoat who steals kids near around atau even in movie theaters. i haddnt realized the store was right selanjutnya to one! i was scared oleh then and started running and for some reason i ended up at rancho pico junior high school??? which looked like the mountain terrace appartments???? (LOL) So i was there and inside it looked like an...
Opinion by akeena posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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talsha:mom i don't wan't to go to school nobody well like me atau dutchie
talsha's mom: hunny you'll be fine dutchie well be fine just keep her outside the school ok hunny?
talsha:ok mom cinta anda *kisses and hugs mom*
talsha's mom: bye hunny*waves* good luck!
talsha: thanks mom *goes outside with dutchie walking to a bus stop*
some acak kid: oh hi
talsha: hi anda the only one here?
acak kid: no the rest well be here in a moment i sugjest not talking to jenny shes a populer girl she doesn't take to kindly to new girls who look up her pohon if anda know what i mean
talsh: ok?
acak kid: oh my names alex
taslsha: hi i'm talsha
alex: oh we have heard of anda i knew anda were new i just didn't know anda were the new girl.... is that your dog?
alex:cool oh great her she comes
anther acak kid:move freak oh is ths a new girl?ha her outfit is todaly last year
Fan fiction by Vivi-the-Hedgie posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Full Name:: Princess Victoria Elizabeth Blackheart
Nicknames:: Vicky, Princess Purple, The Purple Princess, PP, Princess Poopy (by Shadow)
Birthday:: 15th April
Homeworld:: Unknown
Age:: 14
Powers:: Shape-Shifting, Mind Control, Runs 10 times faster than Sonic
Favourite Book:: Harry Potter
Favourite Drink:: cokelat Milkshake
Favourite Colour:: Purple
Favourite Food:: Ice Cream with Milo, cokelat Cake
Favourite Song:: World is Mine oleh Hatsune Miku
Friends:: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Chris, Chip
Rivals:: Shadow, Blaze, Jet
Enimies:: Eggman, Sally, Amy, Rouge
Crush:: Sonic the Hedgehog
Likes:: Sonic, Drawing, Running, Adventure, Watching TV, Sleeping, Racing Sonic, Shape-Shifts into Sonic and tells Amy that Shadow is going to kill himself
Dislikes:: Violence, Pizza, harimau
Worst Nightmare:: Having sex with Eggman :(
Opinion by tailslover9 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Is was new years eve a special hari forpeople to have a good time and celebrate the new year!

lady-dont anda just cinta the new years dear?
man-yea i cinta it(while still membaca the news paper)

10 lebih detik
HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonic and friends were dancing and shoting guns... well only shadow was shooting the guns


knuckles-HEY WATCH IT--

shadow-I'LL SHOOT YOU!

knuckles-on detik thought..go on ahead

shadow-thats what i thought

tails-everybody perpare yourselfs for the best fireworks specktecular youve ever seen in your life!
as anda watch anda will see gambar of your selfves your will be so amazed that youll pee your pants!!

silver-nun of us atau even wearing pants

tails-o it was just a saying!

Fan fiction by Soniccharfan911 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Chapter 1
Oh god I have a brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “Okay sonic whatever anda say” I said. That was very rude of him ‘Home free isn’t exactly how I would put it’ I mean, what nerve. Then, all of a sudden, I felt like walking in the woods for no apparent reason. “I’ll catch up with ya guys later, I’m gonna take a walk in the woods.” Scourge and Silver just looked at each other for a brief moment, shrugged, and berkata goodbye. All sonic did was throw a rock at my head, called me a sucker, and ran off.
    When I got in the woods I kept walking till I found a stump with my characters hammer… atau should I say my hammer because I was my character! Hala! I didn’t hesitate to pick it up at all, I actually grabbed it pretty fast. I started to ayunan it around and around thinking about how some populer girls that aren’t snotty about everything. The first person that popped into my head was Lailayah Rota, a nice confident girl who was very friendly.
Fan fiction by Soniccharfan911 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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It gose with the story... kinda. XD
Chapter 1
Beginning of a new life

    This is a story about well…me! I know I know it’s fiction but hey! It’s one awesome story! It all starts one hari when I was watching youtube and I saw millions of recolor’s and decided to make my own. So I took a picture of Amy Rose and changed it up to make my character witch I made up all oleh my self… AND MY BEST FRIEND DOESN’T LIKE IT!
    Can anda believe that she Doesn’t like it, it’s so aggravating! But that was about to change. When I woke up this morning I felt kind of sick…not throw up sick but fever type sick. I went in the dapur and bellowed “Mom, I feel like I have a fever.” She replied “I’m sure it’s nothing dear.” I thought she was right but apparently I was wrong…and so was she!
    I got on the bus and Emily- the girl I sit selanjutnya to -Asked ”Are anda ok Vevia? anda don’t look so good.” I replied “I’m fine” Well I wasn’t going to tell her I felt like puking in her face!…that would be rude. When I got to school my face was…BLUE!! Eli sung ”BLUE FACE BLUE FACE VEVIA HAS A BLUE FACE!!!!!”...
Fan fiction by Supersonicfan posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Age: 16
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Female (DUH)
Height: 2' 7" (thats actually tiny in hedgehog matters)
Weight: unknown
Full Name: Mini Setie Hedgehog
Father: King Setie of Dark Forest
Mother: queen Julia
Sister: Gina Seite Hedaghog
Likes: Chocolate, Alisa (friends), her powers
Dislikes: Gina, Blueberries
Crush: Fang Hedgehog, Sonic Hedgehog
Powers: Portals, telekinesis, telepathy, some unknown, speed haha
Sworn Protector: Fang Hedghehog
Dream: to be taller
Mini, believed to be born an orphan, addcidatally (imma bad speller) opened a portal to Mobius then couldn't get back through, along with her Fang and Alisa we're trapped as well. Alisa splits away from Mini and Fang discovering that Mini is gradually creating a never-ending desert and a never-ending forest. TO BE CONTINUED
Opinion by darktheheghog posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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name: Dark

age: 14

Speices: Hedgehog

fave food: ham burgers cheese burgers and hotdogs and chilledogs

Fave colour: Black Red and green and blue

hates: the colour berwarna merah muda, merah muda and Amy cause she's to girly

likes: dancing bernyanyi and reading

(now to Elizabeth)

name: Elizabeth

age: 24

speices: hedgehog

fave food: salad fruite salad and well anythin that has vedgies and fruit

fave colour: black and green and purple

hates: bunga and nature and and justice and the sun

likes: evil and darkness and the moon

(about Dark and elizabeth)
Elizabeth met Dark when she was in the streets and saw that she was alone and had no family so she adopted her and raised her to be evil like her after a few years Elizabeth found out that Shadow was Dark's brother along with Nick but she didnt want Dark to know cause she was like a daughter to Elizabeth.
List by BlackRoseLove posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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(Inbox me for keterangan of the character anda want)

Jinx the Cat (TAKEN)
Sphinx the cat (TAKEN)
Theodor the Cat (boy)
Grenades the Cat (TAKEN)
dexter the Cat (boy)
Glacier the Cat (girl)

Fog the Bat (girl)
apel, apple the Bat (TAKEN)
Reagan the Bat (girl)
Thomas the Bat (boy)
Glitch the Bat (boy)
Tunnels the Bat (boy)

Bagel the Rabbit (gay boy)
krim keju the Rabbit (Bagel's soul mate)
pemanggangan, pemanggang roti the Rabbit (boy)
Meghan the Rabbit (TAKEN)

Russia the serigala (TAKEN)
Siobhan the serigala (girl, pronounced Sha-vonn)
Freak-Sake the serigala (TAKEN)
Keep-Sake the serigala (girl)

Georgia the Fox(girl)
Gizmo the rubah, fox (TAKEN)
Gadget the rubah, fox (girl)
Yoko the rubah, fox (TAKEN)

Alexus the Dragon-Wolf (TAKEN)
Leonard the Hedge-Bat (boy)
Indigo the Boxer-Bat (boy)
Fan fiction by Noulin123 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Madison is sleeping in her room and then her alarm gose off.
Madison gets her clothing on and runs down stairs as fast as she can then grabs a poptart and runs out the door.Madison see's the bus at her stop and runs almost as fast as Sonic and rams into the bus and gets in.
Madison:Uuuwww I made.
She looks for a kursi and see's an open kursi selanjutnya to Mighty(Mighty and Madison have been best friends since kindergarden)
Mighty:Ha Madison.
Madison:Hi Mighty.
Mighty just lay's back and puts his arms behind his head.
Mighty:I see anda almost missed the bus.....agen.'s just that
Amy comes running in and wams into Madison's kursi witch makes Madison sqwish Mighty.
Amy:Hiya Madison!!!
Madison looking very sqwished aswell.
Madison:Hhhhuuuu....hi Amy.
Amy:Hay Madison did anda meat the new kid yet?
Madison:No why?
Amy:I don't know I was just whandering because anda know anda don't have a boyfriend so I was wandering if you're intrested in anda know.
Fan fiction by zelda4559 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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“Okay, you’re free to go” The police officer said.
Yes! Finally. I race back to the agentcy. “EMMA” everyone yelled.
“Welcome back Emma” Misty says as she walked up to me. Misty, my best friend, was a white mouse with green hair.
“So… what happen to Ruby” I ask. Everyone and I mean everyone looked at me. There was an awkward silence.
“She left” A blue echidna answered.
“Sidney.” I turn to look at Ruby’s former partner. “What?” I managed to say.
“She quit because anda because anda betrayed her!” She broke out in a yell.
“She was accepted to another agentcy in the city” Misty interrupted so Sidney could calm down.
“You don’t know what it’s like to lose a friend.” She turns and stomps away.
They didn’t understand. I had to work for Dr. Eggman. I NEVER wanted to fight atau betray Ruby.
Ruby’s POV
Being back halaman awal was comforting. In the forest that long makes me sick. Of course I got to understand Peter better. I blush as I remember my first ciuman with him.
Fan fiction by Tailsxrouge posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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'What do anda mean there's nothing going on between anda two' berkata Cosmo shouting at Tails. 'Look i mean it Cosmo I dont even know her...not really i just dont know why she called me cutie' berkata Tails 'Oh sure' she replied and went to sleep on the couch. 'great' Tails thinks but he cant help but...fancy this mysterious girl pelangi 'she's not just mysterious shes a flirt too' he thought when suddenly there was a tap on the window he ran too see what it was and it was....RAINBOW he opend the window 'Rainbow anda shouldent be here' he berkata 'why?' she whisperd he sighed he then berkata 'wait i will secretly let anda in' he whisperd 'WAIT i can fly in dont worry' she berkata and then she flew in gracefully through the window. 'there' she berkata 'now WHY shouldent I be here?' she aked 'well my girlfriend is annoyed with me when anda called me...cutie' he berkata embarrassed 'Oh miss ugly dont worry Tails' she laughed 'dont call her that' he berkata 'come on could do better' she berkata 'w..what do anda mean?' he berkata worridly 'shh' she berkata and put her finger to his lips 'I want sex...with anda Tails I cinta anda I know that anda cinta me' she berkata 'B.but I' Tails stammerd just then everything hurried...
Fan fiction by Higirl1 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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The cool Rainbow the fox (better than cosmo)
It was a stormy hari at Mobius and Tails stared out the window glumly he sighed 'great' he thought 'just when i finally turn 17 i cant go out' but an jam later there was a pelangi and it was sunny. 'YES ok im off out see u Cosmo honey' he called 'ok Tails dear be careful' it was warm and beautiful. he walked closer to the pelangi it was leading towards the forest and he saw a figure pelangi coloured 'probably just the rainbow' he thought to himself but this figure something was there NO some ONE...he thought of turning back and telling Cosmo after all she WAS his girlfriend but he decided not to. 'er hello?' he called uncertainly 'oh dont be ridiclous Tails ogf course thats not a person i mean who could have pelangi fur'just as he was going to turn back the figure called out 'hi could u tell me where i am?' he stood still she was coming closer....then when she was facing him she was...she was...BEAUTIFUL she DID have pelangi bulu 'god she's hot' Tails thought but then he was mad with himself 'DONT MAN anda HAVE GOT COSMO' he thought to himself. 'I'm pelangi the rubah, fox i see that your a rubah, fox too with....WOW u have 2 tails!' 'yes i have and im Miles but anda can call...