A bulan after:
Zagic:(wakling and thinking) hmm it seems like ill have nobody to love. Ommmppph (bumps into someone)
????????:im so sorry. I should of been watching where i was going
Zagic:it's ok. Can anda help me find my glasses?
????????:here (hands her the glasses)
Zagic:thanks (puts on glasses and smiles) hey Zephiles
Zephiles:(blushing) hey Zagic
Zagic:(noticing blush) hey Zephiles anda ok
Zephiles:(blushes more) im fine ive never been better. Why anda ask
Zagic:because youre a little purple
Zephiles:oh that. I um just came for training
Zephiles:i heard about what happened
Zagic:you did
Zagic:i just feel so stupid. I bet there's no one here who loves me
Zephiles:(thinking) i do (talking) anda dont know there maybe someone
Zagic:you really think so?
Zagic:thanks for making me feel better (hugs him)
Zephiles:(hugs her back) youre welcome
Zagic:(pulls him up) well see anda later
Zephiles:wait Zagic
Zephiles:i um
Zagic:you what
Zephiles:(thinking) i have to tell her. But can't say anything. Must work on instincts. (Pulls Zagic into a kiss) (thinking) Instincts very bad
Zagic:(eyes widen and thinking) what's he doing? But it feels nice. (Closes eyes)
Zephiles:( pulls away and blushes) i-i-i can explain!
Zephiles:i dont know what came over me. It's just that i like anda a lot and
Zagic:its ok. Besides i kind of liked it
Zephiles: anda do
Zephiles:(smiling and taking her hand) zagic i was wondering if maybe anda want to hang out?
Zagic:Zephiles are anda asking me out on a date?
Zephiles:yes i am
Zagic:then i accept
Zephiles:ok do anda want to walk
10 menit later:
In the cafeteria:
Zephiles:(whispering in Zagic's ear)
Zagic:(giggling) you're funny
At the girl's table:
Zuna:i thought they hated each other
Zella:well she doesn't now
Zammy:they look so cute together
Zelly:if he hurts her, (cracks her knuckles) then he'll get hurt
Ziara:it's really gross
Zella:oh Ziara. We all know anda like Zarlos
Ziara:(blushes and hides her face) shut up!
Zarine:yah blokes are crazy. It's easy to see he gave her cooties
Zlaze:(pinches the middle of her forehead) for the last time Zarine. Cooties dont exists
Zamanda:well i support it
The other girls:yeah
Meanwhile at the guys table:
Zhadow:it seems weird that my best friend and my sister are together
Zangel:yeah (thinking) i should be with her I've known her since she was a just a kid with a dream of being a zone cop
Zemerald:you're right (thinking) she's my princess. I've cinta her since we met at the training camp
Zcourge:hmm yeah
Zilver:... (thinking) im an idiot. If i hadn't berkata the wrong thing then i would be with Zagic. Im such an idiot.
Zhadow:(waving his hand in front of zilver's face) hello wakey wakey
Zilver:(looks up) hmm?
Zcourge:(smirking) anda were thinking about Zagic weren't you?
Zilver:(blushing) no way!
Zhadow:zilver we know you're lying
Zobert:come on Zilver we know anda like her
Zilver:(sighing) what's the use? She hates my guts
Zcourge:i have a plan to get anda two together
Zilver:you do!
Zcourge:yeah. Huddle!
Guys:(huddle and start whispering)
Zilver:that's an amazing idea

What's the idea? Does Zagic still like Zilver? Found out in chapter 3!