Silver:funny Mags be serious
Magic:who's mags
Silver:im going to find the doctor (leaves the room)
Luna:mags can anda remember anything
Magic:hmm. Oh im mags?
Magic:i remember falling from the sky and landing in the arms of that white hedgehog
Luna:do anda remember anything before that
Magic:what's you're name
Luna:it's luna
Magic:luna, how did i know you
Luna:we were best friends
Magic:for how long
Luna:since kindergarten
Luna:yeah and see this (takes out a silver broken jantung necklace) anda gave me this for my sixth birthday
Magic:i did?
Luna:yeah. anda have one too
Magic:i do? (Takes out a similar necklace) i do!
Magic:i wish i could remember.
Luna:i wish anda could have your memory back
Magic:yeah ahhhhhhhh (grips head)
Luna:mags are anda ok
Magic:(gets memory of luna back) l-l-luna
Luna:yeah, are anda ok Mags
Magic:luna! (Hugs luna) i remember you!

Will magic remember anyone else? How did she get her memory back? Found in chapter 5.