It started with the ark
The 4th of July:
Sonic/Dad:this is great. Im spending time with my friends and my family
Magic:hey look at that (points to the sky, and there was a redish light heading towards the Earth like planet)
Dad:oh no. Not again.
Magic:ok im ready to help
Dad:magic youre going to stay here
Magic:dad i want to go with you,shadow, and silver
Dad:magic i dont want anda to get hurt
Magic:but dad
Dad:no buts. I want anda to promise me
Magic:fine (crosses fingers behind her back)
On the Tornado:
Tails:ok we're almost at the ark
Dad:ok do we have the Chaos Emeralds
Tails:yes so anda shadow and silver will turn super and stop the ark
Dad:what are anda doing here
Magic:i wanted to help. You've always told me that once i have mastered my powers that i would be able to go on missions with you. anda have been training me for this hari ever since i could even walk
1 jam later:
Magic:(in super form) come on Silver we're the only ones left.
Silver:(superform) ok!
Both:(destroys bio-lizard)
Magic:ok now we have to push the ark back
Silver:ok Mags
5 detik later:
Silver:yeah! We saved the world
Magic:(superform fading) (weakly) yeah.
Silver:(notices her superform fading) Mags are anda ok
Magic:yeah.(closes eyes slowly) goodbye silver (starts falling to earth)
Silver:(flys after magic) Magic! (Gets her wrist) Mags!
Magic:i cinta anda
Silver:i cinta anda too
Bracelet:(slips off Magic's wrist)
Magic:goodbye silver. I'll always cinta anda (tears falling out of her eyes)
On the ark:
Dad:where's my daughter
Silver:(hands sonic the bracelet)
Shadow:you mean she's-
Silver:(nods head)
Tails:(crying) she's gone
Dad:(crying and grips bracelet)
Back home:
Dad:the reason we brought anda all here is because something happened when we were putting the ark back in orbit
Mom:sonikku what happened
Dad:Magic has um
Everyone:has what
Dad:has joined her grandfather in heaven
Mom:you mean she's dead
Dad:(nods head)
Mom:(crying) my baby girls dead

We'll see how everyone's life is in Chapter 2