on halo:

sonic: run!!

silver: oh crap where is she?

sonic: i dont wanna die!!

tails: mina ..we have to help them?

mina: help who?

tails: the guys, lunas attacking them we have to stop her.

mina: stop luna? oh no..that would never work..we should never bother her when shes fightin in halo.

tails: but she'll kill them!

mina: that would be wonderful!

shadow: we need to keep moving men, double time!

sonic: i think we need to fight..im afraid she'll be picking us off one by- (lunas hand goes through the dinding grabbing sonics neck) - one!! (gets pulled in then luna kicks the dinding sending sonic with it)

shadow: (shoots)

luna: (grabs him and kicks his jaw)

shadow: (heads towards silver)

luna: (runs super fast and rams both of them into the dinding with other walls as well.

sonic: oh screw this i need a bigger weapon!!

sonic: tails, help us!

tails: no, mina wont let me, shes mean! this place is filled with mean ladies!

sonic: cant anda just press some buttons atau something?

tails" buttons? oh boy i cinta buttons!! (presses buttons) (rockets fall)

sonic: wow,thanks!! (goes back to luna)

tails: great..how the heck did i do that?


luna: (punches all three then grabs silver and punches his nuts)

sonic:what do we do?

shadow: i dont know, ive never hit a girl in my life!

silver: well i guess , we have to try harder! (grabs a cone) hah!

luna: kicks them all down and grabs silvers gun) (points it at his head)

sonic: no silver!!

silver yip!!

luna: (out of ammo)

shadow: silver, anda ran out of ammo ..again!!

silver: heh i guess this is the firts time my laziness has ever saved _ooh_ (luna uses the gun as a golf club)

silver: protect me cone!! ( holds up cone and gets hit and slams into sonic)

shadow: morons, let me tampil anda how its really done! (luna punches him into the ground hard)


luna: (blasts explosions)

all three: (fly up into the air)

sonic and shadow: (hit the ground)

silver: (still falling)

luna: (pushes a metal object under him..looks up)

silver: (hits his nuts on the metal) why wont anda just kill me?! (falls down)

luna: (walking)

leo: hey luna! (throws a ball at her)

luna: (looks at him)

leo: remember me?

to be continued?