It was 2 years after leo was killed oleh luna:
(In dream)
Me:(pinned up against wall) let me go! (Struggling)
???:no way "hero"
Me:(stops struggling) n-n-no i-it c-cant be
???:its me alright
Me:(struggles again) let me go leo
Leo:(smirks evilly) no way. Ive always wanted to do this hero
Me:do what
Leo:(leans meneruskan, ke depan to my ear and whispered) ciuman you
Me:(blushes a deep red) no leo
Leo:(smiles and leans meneruskan, ke depan until our noses touch) yes leo
Me:(struggles) keep your dirty mouth away from mine
Leo:(smiles) i cinta when they play hard to get
Me:(feels his breath) leo p-please im begging anda dont do this
Leo:sorry (leans forward) I've been waiting to do this ever since we met (brushes his lips against mine)
Me:(shakes and feels tears pool in the corner of my eyes)
Leo:(whispers in my ear) ive always had feelings for you
Me:(shaking) ...
Leo:i cinta anda (leans forward)
Me:(shaking with tears running down my face)
Leo:say anda cinta me
Me:i-i l-love anda t-too (tears racing down my face more)
Leo:(smiles) i cinta anda too, my rose (presses his lips against mine)
Leo:(lets go of my arms and wrappes his arms around my waist and pulls me closer) mmmm
Me:(slow closes eyes)
Me:(yells and falls off of bed) oh god what a nightmare (yawns) wait a menit (touches lips) why do my lips feel warm
Leo:(in a tree) until selanjutnya time Magic (teleports)