magic:(sees luna) lun?!

luna:maggy! (gets picked up oleh magic)

magic: (teleports)

at nazos:

nazo: hey bud...wheres mom?


magic: (runs into the house) nazo,weve got a problem!!

nazo: (sees luna) 0-0 luna?!?!

luna: (smiles)


everyone: lunas a what?!?!

magic: a baby... maybe tails could help....

luna: ( ontop of shadows head) wadow!!!

shadow: can i ask why shes so freakin adorable??

knuckles: ( picks up luna) aaw shes so adorable!

luna: wuckles!!


jet: (picks up luna) wanna fly?!


jet: okay!! (gets on hover board and flys)

shadow: careful!!

jet: shut it- oop!! (drops luna)


???: (quickly catches luna) gotcha.. are anda alright my dear?

luna: weo!!

magic: say what?!??!

leo:(holding luna) thats right, im back!!!

silver: b-but luna killed you!!

leo:eggman brought me back... soo... ( throwing luna into the air)

luna:weeeee!!! ( giggles)

metal amy: (quickly grabs her) careful!! jeez.... hey magic.

magic: hey....

leo: (grabs luna and places her on his head)