In the past:
Sonic:(knocks on Amy's door)
Amy:(opens door angrily) what
Sonic:Ames im sorry why do anda keep ignoring me
Amy:i have moved on. Why is that so difficult for anda to understand? I thought that anda wanted this
Amy:i dont want to hear it. Just leave me alone. (Closes door)
In the future:
Me:ugh... my head (touches face and hears a clank) what the... (gets up and looks into the mirror) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Dad:magic what's the matter?! (Eyes grow wide) omfg
Mom:sonic is Magic ok i heard her screaming (eyes grow wide)
Dad:ill call Tails
Me:what's happening to me. Im part robot again!
At Future Tails house:
Tails:im not sure how this is possible.
Dad:then how did this happened
Tails:well there's one explanation
Mom&dad:well what is it
Tails:you guys remember Silver
Tails:remember how he came back because of something affecting the timeline
Dad:so what you're saying is that something in the past is causing trouble in the future
Dad:so that's how Shadow disappeared
Tails:correct but...
Tails:how is Shadow able to do that when he's not related to anda guys
Dad:i dont know
Tails:we'll figure that out later. Right now im going to try and de-robotize magic
2 hours later:
Tails:well Magic anda look just like the same
Me:thanks Uncle Tails
Tails:ok so we are going to have to go into the past and find out what's happening
Me:ill go
Dad:magic. anda can't go. anda don't have the experience
Me:please mom and dad
Dad:fine but be careful
Me:ok dad

Why is this happening? Find out in chapter 3