It's been 3 years since the Metarexs had attacked and almost destroyed the universe.
Let's see how everyone's life is now.
Sonic:i wonder how Tails is doing
Amy:(walks oleh not looking at Sonic)
Sonic:that's weird (runs after Amy) hey Ames!
Amy:(looks at him angrily) what!?
Sonic:Ames why are anda mad at me
Amy:Maybe because we had a tanggal yesterday, and anda never showed up
Sonic:Amy im sorry
Amy:i finally get it now. anda hate me that's why anda run away from and keep ditching me on our dates
Sonic:no Amy i do like you
Amy:as a friend heck im probably a little sister to you. Im finally going to do what anda want. Im going to stop chasing after you, and pindah on! (She turns and walks away)
Sonic:what have i done
20 years into the future:
Magic:Alexia! Call mom and dad then the hospital.
Alexia:ok (runs out off the room)
Magic:please don't die Shadow
Shadow:(moans in pain)
Alexia:(runs back into the room with her twin and Maria) how is he
Magic:not good (holds his hand)
Alexia:i called mom and dad. They are coming as soon as possible
Shadow:(moans in pain)
Magic:what's the matter Alex
Alexandria:(points at Shadow's arm which was disappearing)
Magic:oh my god, Shadow! (Holds his hand tighter)
Shadow:(touches Magic's face) Magic, take care of our sisters.
Magic:Shadow dont leave me please!
Shadow:goodbye (disappears completely)
Mom:(runs into room) Magic what happened
Dad:(runs into room) yeah what happened
Magic:(holding her crying sisters in her arms with tears in her eyes as well) Shadow's gone. He disappeared.
Dad:oh my god.
Mom:(crying) oh Sonic what are we going to do
Sonic/dad:i dont know Amy. I don't know.

What's going on? Is the past causing this to happen? Find out in Chapter2

Ages:Past Sonic:15 Past Amy:14 Future Sonic:35 Future Amy:34 Magic:16 Alexia:13 Alexandria:13 Maria:10 Shadow:16