At Tails's workshop:
Luna:ok before i say why i gathered anda all here, i want Sonic and Amy to sit down please
Both:um ok (sit down)
Luna:ok remember that 5 days yang lalu Magic went to save her two beloved childern, and she hasn't come back
Luna:well we found her but
Amy/mom:(frantically) but what
Luna:(turns to Silver) Silver?
Silver:ok (walks out of the room and comes back with me in his arms)
Mom&Dad:magic! (Ran to Silver)
Mom:what happened to her
Luna:eggman hit her with Goo-Goo Gas and now she's a baby
Dad:(clenched his hand into a fist) eggman went to far this time
After a big debat on how to get back at Eggman:
Mom:(holds me in her arms and brush my bangs back a bit and smiles)
Cream:can i hold her
Mom:sure cream (hands me to Cream)
Cream:awww she's so cute. Look cheese!
Cheese:chao chao
Ms. Vanilla:cream be careful with her darling
Cream:i will. Do anda want to hold her
Ms. Vanilla:yes thank anda dear (holds me in her arms) she's so beautiful
Mina:she is
Me:wina, ream, mallina
The girls:aww
Mina:(holds me in her arms) hi
Sally:can i hold her
Mina:sure (hands me to Sally)
Sally:i haven't seen her like this for so long
Me:wunt wally
Sally:(holds back tears) she still calls me that
Wave:(takes me in her arms) hey there sweetie
The twins:ohh my gosh she's so cute!!!
The twins:aww she berkata our name
Maria:(holds me in her arms) now im the oldest
Marine:can i hold her? Oh please oh please can i hold her
Maria:(smiles and hands me to Marine)
Marine:well she's a mighty adorable little bugger
Marine:(smiles and looks at Blaze) hey blaze come and hold the little bugger
Blaze:i dont want to
Me:(sits up in Marine's waist and held out my arms to her) Walze Walze
Marine:(looks down at me and smiles) it looks like the little bugger wants ya blaze.
Blaze:fine (holds me in her arms)
Me:(gurgling and smiling)
Bunnie:can i hold the little Sugarhog?
Blaze:sure (hands me to Bunnie)
Bunnie:hey there little sugarhog
Me:wunnie (giggling)
The girls:aww
Sonia:hey bunnie can i hold my niece
Bunnie:oh sure sonia (hands me to Sonia)
Sonia:hey there
Tikal:can i hold the child
Sonia:sure (hands me to Tikal)
Tikal:(smiles) hello there
Tikal:(smiles but frowns)
Shade:let me see her
Tikal:oh here (hands me to Shade)
Shade:(tries to hold in a laugh)
Julie-Su:can i hold her
Shade:(hands me to Julie-Su)
Rouge:hey can i hold her
Julie-Su:of course (hand me to Rouge)
Mom:tikal anda ok
Mom: then why were anda frowning
Tikal:(sighs) i got a vision
Back with the others:
Rouge:(holding in front of her and starts to fly)
The girls:be careful Rouge
Rouge:it's ok im going to be ohff (bumps in a drawer and drops me)
The girls:magic!
Emerald:(slides to where i was going to fall where i was and caught me) i got ya princess
Me:(giggling) wmerald
The girls:(smiling)
Emerald:(sees them) what
The girls:Princess?
Emerald:(blushes) yes i um
The girls:we get it
Emerald:(looks at me and smiles)
Me:gah (grabs his nose)
Emerald:ow (tickles me to get me to let his nose go)
Me: :3
Emerald:(walks to the guys while throwing me into the air)
Emerald:(smiles and hugs me)
Me:(kisses his cheek and smiles)
Emerald:(blushes and hands me to my dad and faints)
The guys:?
The girls:?

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