Casey: -flies super duper fast away from robots that are shooting lazers at her-
Bloom: -is in a plane with Jenny and has a British accent all through these episodes- There she it, mate!
Jenny: What should we do?
Bloom: What all mates do; Save her.
Bloom: -makes the plane fly upside-down and jets to the robots- >:D
Jenny: AHH!!!!!!!!!!
Bloom: -gets close to one robot and throws magic powder at it-
Robot1: -explodes-
Bloom: Lovely. T_T
Jenny: IKR!!!! -tries to wipe the parts off of the plane and her- This looks like a JUNKYARD!!
Bloom: No, I mean the other robot has captured Casey. It has to be taking her to..-
Jenny and Bloom: Bliss. >: .


Casey: -is in a bearhug with one of the robots and tries to get out of it- LET ME GO!!
Bliss: Great, anda got that menggerutu, jalang that keeps trying to ruin my plans.
Robot2: -turns Casey to Bliss-
Casey: Yeah, anda should be mad 'cause they wouldn't work anyway!
Bliss: Grr...... YOU! -points to the robot- TAKE HER INTO THE LAB!
Casey: -struggles to get out of the bearhug- NO!!
Robot2: -carries her into the lab and closes the glass door; the lab has a big glass dinding so anda can see the experiments; puts Casey down in a lab tube-
Casey: -punches the glass of the tube- GET ME OUTTA HERE!! BLISS!!!!!! >:O
Bliss: -does an evil laugh and presses a button that drains Casey's energy-
Casey: -passes out-
Bliss: Now to take her to "Earth." -presses another button and the tube crashes out of the ceiling and goes into space-
Bloom: -jumps threw the doorway- Where is she?!
Jenny: -walks into the hole Bloom made slirping a smoothie-
Bliss: -does an evil laugh- Long gone.
Jenny: -the smoothie is empty and her eyes get bigger and then she throws it at Bliss's head; the cup makes Bliss go to sleep-
Bloom: Good work, mate!
Jenny: X3
Bloom: -blows magical powder into robot2's face-
Robot2: -explodes-
Bloom: -walks to the buttons- Check out this due-hickey, mate.
Jenny: -walks over-
Bloom: -reads the buttons- ...Drain power, self distruct the lab, self distruct whole place, teleport to "Earth"? What is this "Earth"?
Jenny: Maybe that's where Casey is.
Bloom: -blows the magical powder at the floor and a duplict of Bloom shows up- Then come on! -grabs Jenny and goes into another tube with her-
Bloom Duplict: -presses button and disappears-
Bloom: WEE!!!!
Jenny: -throws up in a bag-

-watch episode 2 when it comes out please-