baby magic
Five days earlier:
hari 1:
Eggman:why I
s she crying?
Metal Amy:(sighs) thank anda for giving me a female brain and other things woman need to have, do, atau know (picks me up and starts to change my diaper)
hari 2:
Me:(plays with the other robots)
Bokkun:it's funny how she can be so destructive and it's hard to stay mad at her
Decone:that's very true
Becone:will anda guys help me?! So which is better the purple dress atau the blue?
hari 3:
Decone:(hiding his face with his hands) where's the baby? Where's baby
Decone:(uncovers his face) there she is!
The others do the same
hari 4:
Me:(crawling around the button disc) bah! (Hits a button with my hand)
Computer:selfdestruct ready
Becone and Decone:(running around frantically) where's our little acorn? Where is she
Me:(crawls to them) bah!
Both:found her now lets get out of here
All:(run outside)
Me:(flys out of decone's arms)
5 menit later:
Me:(crawls back to base) bah? (Looks around and sees no one and starts to cry)
hari 5:
Luna:(walks oleh eggman's base) that's weird it's completely destroyed (hears a noise) what was that
Luna:where are anda
Me:(tries to speak) wuna
Luna:(ears perk up) Megan is that you
Luna:(finds me) Omg Magic!?
Luna:(runs to her house and comes back with a blanket) we gotta take ya home
Me:luna (hugs her)
Luna:ok ok (wraps blanket around me and runs to me and silver's house)