Chrismas Casey. :D
Full name: Cassandra Lynn Miller
Nickname: Casey
Age: 14
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: [obviously] Female
Guardian(s): Mr. and Mrs. Bruce (aunt and uncle)
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Miller (exploring Feegee)
Sibling(s): Grace (5, fox, sister) and Blake Miller (2, squirrel, brother)
Likes: Dancing, green, flying, having fun, cooking, coffee
Dislikes: water, swimming, Bliss the rubah, fox (her arch enemy), Bingo, old stuff
Theme Song (even though I don't really care for them): Wild Ones

Casey was born in Towns Square of Mobius on March 2nd, 1998. At age of 11, with her siblings already born, her parents were sent to Feegee to find new species. (Her parents were biologists!) Before they left, though, they left 11-year-old Casey, 2-year-old Grace, and 0-year-old Blake with Mrs. Miller's sister and brother-in-law, with their daugter, Jojo (6, fox). Casey and her siblings have not seen their parents since, but they keep a steady relationship on Skype.

Although most people think Casey is a rude girl, she's nice once anda get to know her--but she can be mean. Casey's also funny, when she's mad, sad, happy,--all of those.

Casey looks similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, but with darker eyes and lighter bulu color. She has her hair down most of the time, going down her back. Her bang is flipped almost over her right eye. Casey occationaly wears headbands, not all the same color, though. Casey got a kalung for her 12th birthday from her aunt, but since she hates her so much she wears it rarely.
The Casey Bunch, LOL.