me as a baby
At Eggman's base:
Me:(turns dark and breaks down the door) Eggman!
Eggman:(smiles evilly) look it who it is
Me:where are they
Eggman:i dont know who youre talking about
Me:(grabs him oleh the neck and pinned him to the wall) anda son of a menggerutu, jalang anda know what im talking about. Now where's Ashley and Megan
Eggman:(choking) in that glass container (points to glass container)
Me:(drops him and flys to container and picked them up)
Silver:(flys into room) are they ok
Me:yes (hands them to Silver) take them halaman awal . I have some unfinished business to take care of (looks at Eggman and cracks knuckles)
Silver:(smiles) ok see anda at halaman awal (flys away)
Me:(turns around) now where were we?
Eggman:(smiles evilly and pushes a button)
Me:why are anda smiling egghead (gets sprayed oleh baby blue spray) cough* what is that
Eggman:you'll see soon enough
Me:(sees everything blurry and everything gets bigger) what's happening
Eggman:youre now a helpless infant
Me:change me back
Eggman:no way
Five days past:
Silver:i wonder where is your guy's mother
Silver:(shakes head in agreement) yes where is mama
(Knock knock)
Silver:(walks to door and opens it to see luna holding a small blanket) hey Luna why are anda carrying a small blanket
Luna:i was walking past Eggnan's base when...
Silver:did that blanket just start crying
Luna:it's better i tampil anda (moves blanket from the puncak, atas and a baby's face comes out from hiding)
Silver:(wide eyed) is that
Luna:(shakes head) it is
Silver:magic? Is that you?
Me:Silver? (Sees his face and grabs his nose)
Silver:it is and Magic can anda let go of my nose
Me:fine (lets go of nose)
Luna:i just found like this at Eggman's base which was for some reason completely destroyed
Silver:we gotta take her to Tails's
Luna:good idea (runs with me in her arms)
Silver:(picks up Ashley and Megan and teleports to Tails's house)
At Tails's house:
Tails:so what youre saying is that anda found Magic as a baby
Tails:here give her to me
Luna:(hands me to Tails)
Me:(grabs Tails's nose):3
Tails:ouch (pulls my hand off his nose) ok im going to take her to the chemical translater and see what comes up
Five menit later:
Tails:(walks into roon carrying me)
Tails:she was hit oleh what we scientists call Goo-Goo Gas
Silver:what's that
Tails:it's a gas that if it touches soneone they turn into a baby
Luna:is it curable
Tails:sadly no but it wears off
Tails:i don't know it depends on the age weight and type of person it was

To found out how long the Goo-Goo Gas will last find out in chapter 2