Sonic Characters
In Sonic X and the Sonic video games there are lots of old and new characters like; Sonic the Hedgehog can run as the speed of sound, Miles "Tails" Prower is a professional scientist, Amy the Hedgehog is deeply in cinta with Sonic, Knuckles the Echidna guards the Master Emerald, Rouge the Bat is a major jewel thief, Cream the Rabbit has a little Chao named Cheese, Cosmo Universe is a plant who sacrificed her life to save the Universe, Chris (I forgot his last name) is a human friend of Sonic, Shadow the Hedgehog looks exactly like Sonic and can run as fast as him, Silver the Hedgehog has an energy power where he can left up things without moving a muscle, Marine the Raccoon is a girl who loves adventures, Dr. Eggman is a evil villain witch his evil plans sink all the way to the bottom, Metal Sonic is a robot who is designed to destroy Sonic (but it never happened), and Dr. Robotnik is the one who created Metal Sonic. All these characters, one big adventure.

~Thank anda
Sonic, Shadow, and Silver