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Oh my... Amy is getting frisky tonight ;) Sonic, anda better be ready ;P
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This SonAmy foto might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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Chapter One

"Sonic!" Amy called. "Sonic!" She had her hands cupped around her mouth to shout out his name. No answer. She sighed. She stopped calling his name. She walked around Station Square, wondering where the blue hedgehog was. She gave up, but she saw him! She started running after him.
As Amy got closer, she saw him talking to..Rouge? What? Amy tackled Sonic. Sonic turned to face her.
"Amy get the hell off of me!" Shadow growled. The black hedgehog hated the berwarna merah muda, merah muda girl.
"Oh, sorry, Shadow," Amy apologized. She got off of him. "I was looking for Sonic." Shadow nodded and crossed his arms....
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Chapter One
Sonic ran faster and faster away from me. It was like a nightmare. It just kept going no matter what. I finally woke up. As I woke up i thought about my dream atau nightmare as I called it. As i thought it hit me right in the face. Sonic Would Never cinta Me!!!

I went downstairs for breakfast and say a plate of my favorit thing to eat in the morning, it was pancake with blueberry syrp on puncak, atas with daging babi asap, bacon on the side. Then I say something so shocking I thought I was going to die. A note that berkata "Dear Amy, I hope anda like your birthday present it was all i could do until later. Love,...
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