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 omg sonic is a girl!?!?!
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This sonadow foto might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

posted by SkyHedgehog
Shadow is sitting on his porch ayunan when Sonic walks up to him.........

Sonic: Hi Shadow
Shadow: Ummmmmm Hi
Sonic: hey Shadow there's something I need to tell you
Shadow: What?
Shadow: OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!!!!
Sonic: Pretty suprising huh?
Shadow: Duh! Your a dude!
Sonic: Ah well. It's a boy
Shadow: Again. OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!!!!
Sonic: Ok. I get it. GOD!
Shadow: So your.... female?
Sonic: No! Who berkata I was female?
Shadow: Well, usualy females have babies
Sonic: Oh. Well I'm naming my baby Bob
Shadow: Ok...... good luck with that

To be continued.......
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posted by Anime_Gir1235
sonic wuz walking and found shadow setting in a trees gazing
sonic:YO SHADOW!!!
shadow:god dame it
sonic walks up in the pohon
sonic:wut u doing?
shadow:not of ur f*cking beezness thats wut im doing
some how it started raining
sonic:well gotta go halaman awal
shadow:wut eva see yeah
shadow wuz watching tv and he hears the door ball
shadow:im coming im coming
shadow walks 2 the door
sonic crashes 2 shadow
sonic slams the door
shadow:wth sonic wuts the batter with u
sonic:FAN GIRLS(coughs)hasing me(coughs)can't get to house!
shadow:so wut your sayin is fangirls chasing u?
shadow looks at window and sees fangirls all around the yard
shadow thinking:i can't belive im doing this
shadow:well u have 2 stay until the fan go away
sonic lays in floor
sonic:thx bro
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