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 omg sonic is a girl!?!?!
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This sonadow foto might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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Please read the first part first to understand the story!
(Sonic is wearing a dark grey t-shirt with jeans and Shadow is wearing a red kemeja with black jeans.)

The wolf's name was Jock, a suitable name for a grey wolf. He strolled in and waved at Sonic, who blushed at him. "Is this the guy?" Jock whispered to Shadow.
"Yeah. anda know what to do." Shadow whispered back.
"Okay, Sonic, this is Jock." Shadow told Sonic.
"H-hi..." Sonic said. Jock replied with a smile.
"He's going us tonight." Shadow continued.
"Ah." Sonic nodded, understanding what's going to happen.
"Well, I don't want to...
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for the past bulan ..... i have been trying to get at least one boy to notice me... sadly no luck.

my name is sonic. im 17 and im at a studious prep school for boys.... none of the boys arent good... and the ones that really do catch my eye are the ones that already have boyfriends.....grrr dammit.... if only i had come in the late spring.... then everything would be perfect..... instead its cold and none of the guys notice me....well except one guy.. it all started in 3rd block:

i was staring at my book...trying to work on algebra{ try doing for 30 fucking mins straight.}

when i sensed someones...
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Recap: sonic was sad. Shadow proposed. Now we're about to get to the good stuff!!!!! So fangirls keep tissues nearby. This'll be a nose-bleedbath!

Sonic: (noticing the chains and condoms scattered about) this will definitely be fun! >:)
Shadow: I know first-hand
S: Sooooo....... how do we-
Sh: Like this
Shadow picks up Sonic and at light speed thrashes off his and Sonics clothes, and is on puncak, atas of him on his biggest bed
S: woah. Are you-
Shadow smothers him with his tounge and starts to feel him. Sonic feels his chest and almost passes out in comfort and warmth.
Sh: anda ready for this Sonniku?...
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not mine found on youtube owner sonadowclub
Recap: Sonic was sad shadow blah blah blah i hate recaps. Let's see some sonadow C-B

Sonic and shadow are running throughout the island

S: Aaaaaahhhhh... some nice, fast excersise for the day
Sh: I know something I'd like to do today
S: not now. l:( Me: :(
Sh: fine.
S: oh, don't give me that look.
Sh: (eyes getting bigger and prettier) pleeeeeaaaaase??????
S: sigh alright. Tonight
Sh: (making awesome face) YAY!
S: as promised. (Removes clothes and kisses Shadow
Sh: (removes clothes and shows out his dick)
S: 0-0 Shadow. Were anda watching porn?
Sh: for you, anda blue hurricane s:)
S: can't...
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Me: Now....where did we leave off?
Oh I remember...

Normal POV
Sonic carries Shadow up to his bedroom. The door had red paint on it and as they entered....Shadow's face was as red as its colors. "Are anda ready, Shadow?" "For....what???" Sonic looked at him with a flirting-style look and put him onto the bed. He sneaked up onto the side of his flushed partner.
"I want anda and me to do something 'fun' tonight..." Shadow hears this and blushes very red. "WHAT?!?!? So that's what anda two were talking about me for?!?!" "Yep, Shad.."

Sonic POV
Well, this is it.....we are going to 'do...
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posted by scougesgirl
Ashton P.O.V
That cut on my ear hurts. Why'd he have to scare me? Alec anda big... My ear hurts like crazy and the blood running down my face didn't feel so good, it's sticky and hot. It hurts like it was burned like I burned it myself. Sir Shadow walked in after he and his friend when to my room to get his friend one of my outfits. He looked at my cut."Go clean that up and I'll have Alec clean up the mess." Sir Shadow berkata calmly.
"Yes sir." I stood up and walked to go to my room to clean the cut.
Shadow P.O.V
I called for Alec. He came down and looked me in the eyes. "Yes sir." He said.
"Clean this up." I told him.
"Yes sir" Alec berkata and stared to clean.
Sonic walked in. He looked at Alec then me. "How many people live in this place?" Sonic asked me.
"We'll there's me and my uncle plus 4 the there's anda for now about 7."
" that girl has two cuts how?" Sonic asked
"My uncle." I felt assumed with these questions. A little to assumed.
To be...,
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Chapter 1

Shadow was from the northern clan. He was the alpha, meaning that he would be the leader of the northern clan one day. The northern clans were enemies with the southern clan. Several wars were fought between them.

Sonic, an omega of the southern clan was roughhousing with the other omegas, Quill and Spike. Quill and Spike were twins. Sonic was a triplet but his siblings were killed in a raid oleh the northern clan, causing the current war.

Since omegas don't fight, Sonic was mostly laid back, easy going. Shadow however did fight. The northern clan won battles of the time. Sonic sneaked...
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shadow stumbeld around in the thick mist, trying to find his beloved sonic. whenever he tryed to call ''sonic!'' his voice crackeld out. he was way too tired to do anything at that time. finelly, he he tripped over the root of a pohon and he coapesd under that tree, trying not to remeber that horible tought. FLASHBACK [eggmans lab] sonic was trapped in a cage. shadow yeled at sonic i'll save you! sonic yeled back no, no don- shadow came running for the cage. eggman turned on the controller and an in invisable force-field poped up around sonic's cage. shadow didnt see it so he was still running...
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Sonic stopped oleh Amy's house. He knocked on the door. She answered it quickly. "Hey Sonic. Are anda okay?" She asked when she answered the door.

"I have to ask anda something."

"Go ahead and ask."

"What does it mean when someone gives anda a rose?"

"It means they cinta you. So, who gave anda the rose?"



"He walked up to me and gave me the rose."

"He is so gay."

"Um... It could be a prank."

"Yeah. But it could not be a prank."

"That makes no scence."

"I know."

Sonic turned to walk off. He was getting mad at Amy for no reason. He walked off after waving bye to her. He didn't want to talk...
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posted by lightingjolt11
sonic was sat in his tempat tidur about 6 pm when out of a
flash come 3
ice white zamrud, emerald red inhibitor rings silver wind marks on
went onto sonic each on his 2 hand 3 foot
sonic shout low what going on when out of a flash
come a pod with a hedgehog in sonic try to see in
the pod but it was dark and sonic try to pindah but cud not
feeling tired fast sonic take a little nap
while sleeping sonic was glowing ice blue
and the hedgehog in side of the pod glow ice blue
sonic was been mix into one with his new form
sonic now a alpha ultimate life form god
all so the gift of been ageless/immortality
the pod went back were it come from
tails was in his work toko looking at video he got from
sonic room oh my berkata tails shock
mean while out of a flash the pod with sonic in was now
in a lab like iron man TONY lab
end of part 1
posted by lightinggod1
sonic was sat in his king size nest bed
made out of big stone emeralds
sonic pindah to ever green bukit, hill zone that morning
after egg man add destroy his house
tails at the time pindah to angle I land
sonic pack all his things into boxes
time sonic finish putting is things a way
sonic add some food he pack
sonic build his own dapur living room hall
game room with HD smart TV on the dinding
1 xbox360 xbox xbox1 ps1-2--3-4
there was 2 nest like chairs
2 game cube PSP nintendo MINI WII
WII U 2ds 3ds 3d XEL games mix together
into 1 GAMEING platform
each room big
a medical room with lab
sonic bedroom add a HD smart TV on the wall
sonic build a on sweet onto his bedroom
a WATERFULL swimming pool
hot spring mandi, shower bath big for 2 atau more
sonic found a dark blue journal project sonic on the cover sonic was shock a bit
end of part 1
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34 samantha zamrud, emerald awan the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 7/in HIGHT 5.0/ageless/immortality
black zamrud, emerald red zamrud, emerald blue quills like shadow
emerald blue round her zamrud, emerald green eyes
ice white chest bulu like silver
marks on her arms legs
gold silver inhibitor rings ice blue marks on them
silver emas hover shoes ice blue marks on them
shoes like both singe zero and neo mix together
samantha she looks like both sonic shadow mix together
mom shadow
35 maria melody awan the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 8/ in HIGHT 6.0/ ageless/immortality
black zamrud, emerald blue zamrud, emerald red...
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posted by lightingjolt11
31 opal awan the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 7/in HIGHT 6.0/ageless/immortality
light yellow ice blue quills like shadow
ice blue round her zamrud, emerald red eyes
ice white chest bulu like silver
ice blue hands feet ers end of tail
marks on her arms legs
silver hot berwarna merah muda, merah muda inhibitor rings ice blue marks on them
hot berwarna merah muda, merah muda silver hover shoes ice blue marks on them
shoes like both neo and silver mix together
opal she looks like both sonic shadow mix together
mom sonic
32 risa awan the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 7/in HIGHT 5.0/ageless/immortality
emerald blue zamrud, emerald red quills like...
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