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Ok so hi as anda may have saw the judul says poor smeagol what did he ever do to anda may think i mean frodo and sam but no i am meaning the lacking in hard core fan for this i have heard many theories to why like he is too psychaotic...but since the dark knight joker has over 1000 fan i spurned that idea...then another berkata he is'nt good looking enough....and yet robert pattinson is the detik most populer celebrity on if anyone has any other suggestions to why we are lacking in hard core fan then leave a komentar atau if anda yourself are a hard core fan
posted by Frizzhead
 very puzzled
very puzzled
Frodo since he was a hobbit resisted the ring for a long time but i find it unusual how Smeagol/gollum (whatever anda call him) was a river hobbit and he felt the pull towards the ring instantaneously ....and his friend deagol felt the same pull as well...What puzzles me is they are close relations to a hobbit so why did they react like a human to the ring....Should they have been able to resist like all the hobbits dd like sam frodo and bilbo?

If anyone has any idea's komentar because i am really puzzled...........