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Yeah for the past few years i watched sleeping beauty a hundred times , but im getting curious if this is the real ending i know its stupid to get curious of that but what the heck i did a research and founded this , its alot interesting then the modern one enjoy

A great king was forewarned oleh some wise (old?)
men that his newborn daughter named Talia was in great danger. It seems that a poison splinter was in the palace's flax, and it would destroy her. The king immediately ordered a ban on lenan, rami inside the palace walls.

But, as all great fairy tales go, Talia somehow encountered a flax-spinning wheel and got that nasty splinter in her finger. What happened?

Talia dropped dead.

As a result, King Dad placed his daughter's body on a velvet cloth, locked the palace gates, and left the forest forever and ever.

Enter the great nobleman, who turned out not to be so noble. While hunting in the woods one day, he just happened to stumble on the abandoned palace and Talia's dead body. One would think he kissed her at this point, but no such thing happened.

Instead, he raped her.

He planted the noble seed and nine months later Talia gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Their names were Sun and Moon (which is the boy and which is the girl?) and the peri took care of them.

One day, the boy was sucking on mom's finger and sucked out the poisonous lenan, rami splinter, causing Talia to awake from her death bed.

Many months go oleh and the horny young nobleman returns to the woods to have another encounter with the princess. To his surprise, he found her alive and well. He confesses that he is the father of her children and they enjoy a hot weekend fling in the jerami, hay (Would anda have a cinta affair with your rapist?).

The nobleman then returns halaman awal to his wife. Somehow she learns about his illegitimate children. The wife orders the capture of the children. Her cook is then told to slash their young throats and to cook a hash with their flesh.

At makan malam that night, the wife gleefully watches her husband eat his meal. When he has finished, she announces "You are eating what is your own!".

We can be sure that the nobleman did not feel too well at that moment. But then, he did rape a dead woman, so he deserves a little suffering.

It turns out that the cook had a soft jantung and never slaughtered the children. Instead, goat meat was substituted.

The enraged wife ordered the capture of Talia and that she be burned at the stake, but she was saved from death oleh her rapist and they lived happily ever after.

Why didn't Walt disney use this version of the story? It is so much lebih interesting than the modern version.