Fletcher was woken up in his apartment over Dublin oleh his mobile phone he had reserved a text, it was from Ghastly it read 'we need ur help meet at outside sanctuary, Ghastly' Fletcher sighed he hadn't been at the sanctuary since he and Valkyrie had broken up. But the old team needed him (for once) so he got up, changed into jeans, boots and a t-shirt and teleported.

When he arrived outside the sanctuary he saw Skulduggery, Valkyire, Ghastly and a 19 tahun old boy in black boots, jeans, t-shirt and leather long coat, he reconised the kid, it was an old friend who he thought was dead, Xi Omega, "Xi?" He berkata startled "but anda died, in Jasper"
"no, I went into a coma, I woke up like 2 months ago"
"I got new friends as well" berkata Xi pointing at two people coming from a cafe with three cups of coffee, a boy of the age of 19 in jeans, trainers, light blue puncak, atas and a body warmer and a 18 tahun old girl in black boots, skinny jeans and a puncak, atas "this is Arthur Connell and Eve Candles"

Some time later Xi, Arthur and Eve had finished explaining the past 2 months to Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Ghastly and Fletcher, Panem, Eve being an Alpha Shade and Xi's magic problem "wait are anda saying, your old Traveler powers are fading and are being replaced oleh controlling the 5 elements" berkata Valkyrie, Xi nodded "fire, ice, earth, wind and lightning" he berkata "and Alpha had brought Cealan back from the dead and made him super evil" berkata Skulduggery, Eve nodded "and gave him immunity of salt water and gave him teleportation" she berkata then Fletcher sat up from the brick dinding he was sitting on "what!" He said, anda could tell he was scared just oleh looking at him, he was sweeting like crazy "yeah, and Alpha made him his detik in command" berkata Arthur
"But anda have a plain?" berkata Ghastly, Xi smiled, then pulled out an old peace of paper from his long coats inner pocket, unfolded it and it it over to Skulduggery, on the paper was a picture of a staff with a jewel on puncak, atas "it's called the staff of coldran, legend has it that it can drain evil out if people" berkata Xi
"We're planning on using on Alpha and Cealan" berkata Arthur, then Skulduggery went up to Arthur and patted him on the back "I like this kid, he has got good potential" he said, both Valkyrie and Xi rolled their eyes.

Xi was diberikan a black samurai sword as a weapon, Arthur was diberikan a bow and alot of arrows and Eve was diberikan a sliver samurai sword, they were diberikan to them oleh cleavers, their team working with Skulduggery's team would be going to find the staff of coldran, Ghastly had found a map in a book in the sanctuary perpustakaan and Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Fletcher, Xi, Arthur and Eve were going after it before Alpha and Cealan did. Skulduggery, Valkyrie and Fletcher went in the Bently and Xi, Arthur and Eve went in Xi's old motor-home, with walkie- talkies in both cars so they could communicate.

They had arrived at an abannedered farm a few hours later, got out of the veicals, all except Skulduggery were compaining about their stiff joints "I don't see why your complaining" he said, "I'm the skeleton so my joints should be as stiff as hell but no so don't complain"
"Skulduggery" berkata Fletcher
"Shut up"
"We'll, you've gotten lebih guts since the last time we meet" berkata Xi, Fletcher turned to him and smiled, then there was a sound from the barn, everyone turned to the lumbung, gudang "I'll go a check it out, ok" berkata Arthur, everyone else nodded, Arthur pulled out an panah and his bow and prepared them to fight, went into the lumbung, gudang a few detik later there was a crashing noise then he came out of the lumbung, gudang with a man in a bow tie and a tweed jacket, his hands on his head "this man was looking around the barn, anda think he's an Alpha Shade"
"No, Arthur that's the Doctor, stupid" berkata Eve
"Oh" berkata Arthur turning to the Doctor "sorry" he said
"That's ok, I've had worse" berkata the Doctor
"We'll, it's good to see anda again, even if anda regenerated into an old fashioned teacher" berkata Xi shaking the Doctors hand " and it's good to see anda to but weren't anda about 14 last time, now your what, 19?" berkata the Doctor
"Used my now faded Traveler power to heal, aged me a bit, oh yeah, lost Traveler power now I have power over fire, ice..." then there was a loud bang sound from the lumbung, gudang then the whole thing fell apart as Alpha Shades purst out, lead oleh Alpha, in his black armor that cover his whole body and selanjutnya to him was Cealan "well, hello brother" berkata Alpha, Xi pull the sword from his sabuk and Alpha sent a wave of red energy to the team but Xi brought a dinding of rock straight from the ground and it took the blow and turned to dust "new powers? Impressive" berkata Cealan, the teamed looked around to see a way out but nothing, no way out, Xi was selanjutnya to Eve, they was aware that they were selanjutnya to each other so they took each others hand and Eve closed her eyes and then there was a woshing noise, she opened her eyes.

selanjutnya time- Skulduggery Pleasant- cinta and bite part 2