The distant sound of Meerkat Manor drifted through the house wafting in and out of rooms until it finally reached Simon who sat on the bedroom windowsill oleh himself. He was thinking of Jeanette, Her persona, Her intelligence, Her sparkling eyes... He broke off from his thoughts suddenly, for there was a shadow oleh the open door. It's Alvin, His going to make me go out there... Simon thought sadly. Since they returned from the musik awards Simon had spent a lot of his time away from the others. He had simply told them he wanted to go through the rest of the spider's poisonous affects oleh himself but he knew that he couldn't be away forever. One, Jeanette knew all the side affects and she had told the others that any other side affects where to wear off within a week. Two, the week was up. The truth was, was the fact he couldn't face the fact that he had to see Jeanette again, He loved her, Still did in fact but that wasn't the case. It was that on the island it wasn't him that mencuri Jeanette's heart, it was his neuro toxin induced alter ego.
'Simon?' berkata a voice that came from the shadow. It was Dave. Simon shrugged him off, no matter what Dave berkata he wouldn't leave the safety of the room. 'Simon?' Dave asked again, it wasn't normal for Simon to be on his own. 'Simon?' he asked generally concerned now.
'Dave? Britt wants you!' berkata a quiet voice from the door- Jeanette. Simon suddenly jumped up as if he was hit oleh an electric shock and began mumbling what he should do 'I should...No to dangerous, maybe I should....NO, i know!' He suddenly exclaimed in his mumbles and he opened the window as Dave turned around. Before Dave looked back and could stop him, Simon had jumped, immersing himself in the hedge. 'Simon!' yelled Dave for there was no site of him.
Simon sat hiding from view underneath a few purple shrubs. Purple, the colour of Jeanette's eyes, and glasses and clothes and.... Simon thought as he hummed. from the windowsill Dave heard a few verses:
'The lebih I see, the less I know
But I know one thing that I cinta you,
I cinta you, I cinta you, I cinta you'
At this Dave had a rough idea about why Simon was hiding from the others.

'Simon? Come out. I know what is going on' Dave berkata as he approached the shrubs. Simon hated lying and decided it was best to hear what Dave was trying to say. 'You know Simon anda can't hide just because you're scared! anda should just go in there' Dave berkata to Simon who sat staring at the flowers. 'You don't understand. I wasn't myself on the island, she don't like me, it was Simone she liked' Simon berkata looking down suddenly sheepish but strangely close to tears. 'Well anda think on that Simon, But i can tell anda now, anda are wrong.' Dave berkata as he spotted Jeanette oleh the window.
'Simon?' asked Jeanette', anda ok? I'm coming down'. Then as she looked down at the great drop down she began to falter 'i'm not good with heights.' she berkata then in a membagi, split detik she fell from the window hanging on desperately to the ledge. 'Jeanette!' Simon yelled running from just outside the hedge to just under her. 'You have to drop!' he called. 'Drop?' she asked nervously. 'I'll catch you.....I promise' He added. Then from the ledge she let go, falling elegantly into Simon's arms. Blushing Jeanette got down. Gradually all the nervous thoughts Simon had been thinking of during the week had vanished and all he could see and think of was Jeanette. Five menit must of gone by, Simon couldn’t help but looking into her eyes they were beautiful, the perfect addition to the perfect girl. ‘Simon?’ Jeanette asked gingerly ‘, Are anda ok? I haven’t seen anda all week.’ Then a unexpected change came over Simon. why am i so shy? I need to do this, otherwise i’ll never know. he thought then as he pushed her hair away from her eyes he asked ‘Do anda want to dance?’ Nodding Jeanette began to dance with Simon.
At first the dance was slightly geeky, awkward turnings and dips but then as Simon began to sing the dance became livelier and although Simon did not know it, he was replicating the dance he did with Jeanette on the Island. Glancing upwards towards the window Simon saw Alvin who was watching the two slightly bemused but he also looked quite annoyed. Smirking faintly Simon gave Jeanette one lebih twirl but instead of catching her smoothly he stumbled and fell whilst she dropped beside him. ‘Sorry’ Simon berkata as he tried to help her up, under the mud he slipped again this time nose to nose with Jeanette. ‘Get a pindah on!’ yelled Alvin from the window before ducking out of site. I have to get a pindah on, Alvin’s right Simon thought almost gagging on the thought that Alvin was correct. Leaning meneruskan, ke depan just as nervous as he had been earlier. With his hand he turned her face to look at him. Her eyes gazed up at him as he leant meneruskan, ke depan and kissed her. It wasn’t a long kiss, but it was long enough. It was long enough to ensure that when Alvin returned to the window he saw his younger brother, the shy and awkward Simon, Having his first ciuman before Alvin had.