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 super silver
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i drew him in his super form
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there should be a sonic and the black knight movie it would be great please like it and also they would have sonic and the black knight mc donald toys it would have silver blaze shadow sonic jet knuckles tails amy marline and king arthur it could be in the theaters please like it so sega can see it and they will know that they can make alot of money please like it if this happens then we have a better chance of sonic getting lebih populer sonic use to be dead nobody liked it and now look its populer again and it looks like sonic is going down of popularity its because of stupid mario weve gotta tampil mario that sonic is way better so... sonic fan ya with me?
 Shaylyn the Cathog
Shaylyn the Cathog
Shaylyn:Okay today has been depressing cause silver just broke up with me and also shadow has been akting weird lately no one has seen crescent these past 5 atau 4 days i got this journal and i haven't seen pie atau camera in a wile i hope there okay also i cant seem to find my I pod also Maria hasn't turned up from her vacation i hope shes okay and alot of people have been despairing And Amy and Sonic are together and so are Shadow and Maria are together im not with any one nether is silver and im depressed *starts to cry*WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????
Shaylyn:Yes....I MEAN NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shadow:Okay im coming up there.0_0
*Shadow runs to shaylyns room*
Shadow:So y are u crying?
Shadow:OH Ya
shadow the hedgehog
Shadow the Hedgehog
honey took her costume off. later at honeys house.

all: *runs inside and pants*

silver: *sighs* honey is gone for good now *walks away*.

tails: i feel bad for silver sonic.

sonic: ya me too. *sighs* so now what.

knuckles: uh... guys where's shadow.

at the haunted house...

honey: well shadow we should get back to my house now.

shadow: but i have a surprise for anda honey.

honey: *gasp* a surprise... I cinta SURPRISES! WHATS THE SURPRISE!

shadow: this *blind folds honey* okay now chaos control. *teleports to room with honey naked on the bed* hehehe *hops on her and ####s honey*

honey: AHHHH!!! SHADOW STOP!!!...
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2 days later...

honey: silver i will be right back.

silver: where are anda going.

honey: uhh... its a suprise. *runs out the house and goes to the graveyard and build a super haunted house* think wil put my costume on and prank my friends. *puts costume on then calls silver*.

silver: *cell phone rings* hello?

honey: silver!!! help me!!!

silver: honey. where are you!?

honey: in a haunted house at the graveyard?! now save me!!! huh? ahhh!!!

silver: honey... *phone hangs up* honey!!! guys honey s in troble!!!

tails: where is she at!!!

silver: at a haunted house in the graveyard!!!

sonic: come on guys lets...
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