Do anda know the song "We are One (Ole Ola) "? atau "Diamonds"? Sia helped to write the two. Sia Furler is a musik writer, musician, and an Australian singer. Some of her most populer baru saja songs are "Chandelier" and "Elastic Heart" from her new album, "1000 forms of Fear" her most populer album oleh far. Sia also is known for being very humble and shy. I like Sia's musik because she has a very delicate and pretty voice. She also has a very large range and in concerts is almost always at the correct pitch and harmonizes very well. She has written songs for lots of film and other artis and collaborated with many others. In conclusion, I also like her musik videos, although some are controversial because they are beautiful. Also, I like how Sia writes about problems that she has, for example "Chandelier" describes her drinking problems. In addition, I like how she is so shy and humble and she does not want to be judged oleh her face. Finally, I like Sia's musik very much.