Ameno posted on Dec 08, 2010 at 08:15AM
Every minute,every second i just think abt TAEMIN. But why???? I pray to Allah all day all night, for Taemin... Will i get him... does he know me??? He will never be able to know me... how he will know abt my love.. how i will tell him that how much i love him... Please anyone help me.... please Allah help me.. believe me i love Taemin so much...that i have no word to express it.....
 Every minute,every detik i just think abt TAEMIN. But why???? I pray to Allah all hari all night, for

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Loveranimegirl said…
I feel the exact same thing... I always wanna reach out to him, i look out into the sky and i wonder what he's doing all the time... i cry for the times he have been suffering.. When i read your post i was crying... i don;t know why...I feel like one day i'll get to meet him... its like i see him before, i understand him, His name even sounded familiar when i first knew about SHINee... I feel a connection too... i don't know what it means but i do not know what i meant by there's a connection... I've never said that before anyways Just keep hoping... May be you should lay off from Taemin if you want... it might help stop your obsession
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu cherrychizumi said…
You aren't the only one. I love Taemin too :)
And there's like thousends and thousends of people who love him.
He's so cute and smart ^^
lebih dari setahun yang lalu younadesu said…
i know the believe makes me feel horrible somehow though.because he is so damm young.9 huge years diference between him and me.but he is exactly everything i want from a man.he melts my heart.i go on with my very hard life only because of my taemin and jaejoong.
this morning i was about to knock at the door of my cousin and shout"taemin comon wake up!" when i realized that actually i was about to shout his name i started to wonder if this is not an obession.meeting him?we all want too.dont know what really to say.