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 Sherlock & Joan 1x16
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This Sherlock & Joan foto might contain brasserie.

posted by nickjonasfan001
After dinner, Sherlock disappeared upstairs. Joan was helping Irene with the dishes.
'That's was beautiful.'
'Thank you, i learnt it back in London.'
'What's it like? London?,'
'Like here but...British.' Joan giggled.
'So not much difference?.'
'Except the views, I cinta the scenery here.'
'It's gorgeous, isn't it?.'
'So..When's the big day?.'
'We haven't decide yet.'
'You nervous?.'
'A little but that's to be expected. I'm just hoping the baby doesn't come on the day.'
'That would be interesting.' They both started to laugh when Sherlock came back downstairs.
'Hey, where'd anda get to?'
'I went up and ran...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock got up early the selanjutnya morning. He looked over at Joan and smiled. He loved her so much. He leaned over and kissed her lightly so he wouldn't wake her. He got dressed then made his way downstairs, he grabbed his phone of the meja and phoned Gregson.
'Captain, if Joan phones anda and asks i was with anda all this morning.'
'Ok, why?'
'I'll explain later.' He hung up his phone and made his way out the door.
He had been looking round the store for thirty minuets when he found exactly the right ring. It was a silver diamond with two blue sapphires either side of it. The woman asked...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
'Gregson!.' He came back in. 'You have to get back there somethings just happened to him.'
'What happened?.'
'I don't know, we're talking and all I heard was a gunshot.' She looked at Gregson who was looking at the floor like he was ashamed. 'You knew?.' He berkata nothing. 'You knew.'
'Don't. Don't even say your sorry, anda hypothetically pulled the trigger.'
'How is this my fault?.'
'You could have phoned your men from the hospital phone and told them to go in there.'
'There wouldn't have been a different outcome,By the time they got in there he would have pulled the trigger anyway.' Joan shook...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
'So Moriarty, 'M' wouldn't happen to be short for that?.'
'Ding Ding, Winner!.'
'I thought i would never find you. I spent ages scrolling through case file after case file but nothing. Not even a whisper and now, there anda stand. Tell me something, why kill so many people?.'
'Haven't anda ever done something just because anda could?.' Sherlock became tense. 'But of course you have, anda were Irene's drug addict boyfriend.'
'I wasn't that addicted when i was with her, it was only after anda made her fake her death.'
'Well she wouldn't play fair.'
'What do anda mean?.'
'Did she tell why she faked her death?.'...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
The cari came up with nothing. They manged to wipe the place clean of any evidence. Gregson gave Sherlock a lift back to brownstone, he didn't say a word the whole ride there.
'Thank anda captain.' He got out of the car.
'No problem. anda know where i am...'
'If i need anything.' He opened the door and went inside. He hung up his mantel and went into the living room, 'Joan' was sitting on the couch. 'How are anda still here?.'
'It's your subconscious.' He went and sat selanjutnya to her. 'What's wrong?.'
'Irene gave us a dead end. We're still no closer to finding you.' She placed a hand on his thigh.
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posted by nickjonasfan001
For the past two days, Sherlock didn't sleep. He was so focused on finding her that sleep wasn't an option anymore. He placed all the evidence on the dinding above the fireplace and tried to piece them all together but he couldn't find any link. Who ever this is, they're very good, They had him stumped. He sat down on the dipan, sofa with his head in his hands and sighed. After a moment he looked back up and saw 'Joan' standing in the corner.
'I know i'm not asleep atau on drugs so how can anda be here?.'
'Because anda haven't slept in two days, anda need to rest and anda better not be on drugs.' She went over...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Gregson dropped her off and she waved him goodbye. She went up the steps and stood in front of the door. She breathed out and placed the key in the lock. When she stepped inside, she felt weird. She went into the living room and sat down, Defiantly weird with out Sherlock. It felt even lebih weird knowing the police had been through their things. She went upstairs to her room, everything was still the same. She decided that she would go get her stuff from her parents later. She was about to head downstairs when she heard someone come in through the back door. She took her shoes off and creeped...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock sat waiting in the interview room, he always knew he would be behind the meja tulis, meja as a criminal at some point. After a minuet, bel, bell came in.
'Mr Holmes.' He sat down. 'It's been awhile.'
'Almost a month, i believe.' bel, bell put the case file on the desk.
'Shall we?.' He opened it and spread the contense across the desk. 'Feel free to look.' Holmes lent meneruskan, ke depan in his seat. 'Now care to explain your relationship with Miss Adler?.'
'There is no relationship.'
'Really? then how come we found this picture of you?.' He pushed it towards Sherlock.
'That was from a few years ago.'
'But you...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
A few weeks had pasted and no one had heard from Sherlock. Joan spent most of her time at the police station, trying to help in anyway she possibly could. Gregson came back after searching for three hours.
'Any luck?.' He shook his head.
'We tried everywhere, we even back tracked to places we've already search. There's so sign of him.' Joan rubbed her eyes. 'You need to go home.'
'No, i'm fine.'
'It wasn't a suggestion. Go halaman awal and get some sleep, if there's any news i'll call you.' Joan sighed.
'Alright.' She gathered up her stuff and headed home. She stopped at the flat along the way to check...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Joan sat in the interview waiting for Gregson and bel, bell to tampil up. She couldn't help but wonder where Sherlock could have gone. He didn't have anyone left to help him. He was alone. The door opened and Gregson came in.
'How could anda let this happen? I thought Sherlock was your... i don't know friend?.'
'It wasn't my decision.'
'Your the captain. Everything that happens gets run oleh anda first.'
'And is then reported to the chief of police, who makes the final call.'
'Why didn't anda tell him that Sherlock wouldn't do such a thing?.' Gregson berkata nothing. 'He doesn't know about Sherlock does he?.'
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock didn't get much sleep, he kept going over different scenarios in his head. What if he chose to stay here in New York with Joan?. He knew he would have a happy life with her. But what if he went back to london with Irene?. Would it be the same as before atau would it be different?. He knew he couldn't have both. He had three days left to decide. He was about to go downstairs when he passed Joans room, He opened the door and looked inside. He missed having her around. He sighed and headed downstairs. His phone went off, It was Gregson.
'Holmes, i'm giving anda heads up. The police...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for his phone to ring. He should have just told her what was going on then none of this would be happening. His phone rang. It was Joan
'Hey. I'm at my parents apartment.'
'When did they buy an apartment?.'
'A couple of years ago. They rent it when they don't use it for visits.' They stayed silent for a moment.
'Do they know why your there?.'
'I don't know what to say. I can't tell them the truth because we never told them that we were together and they would have all these questions...'
'I understand. Just..tell them what anda have to. I wish this...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Joan woke early. She rolled over and looked at Sherlock. He was still asleep. She placed a gentle ciuman on his cheek. so she wouldn't wake him, and went downstairs. She found her bag and pulled out the envelopes. She didn't know what to do about them. They were addressed to Sherlock so what would Gregson being doing with them? She was torn. She wanted to know what was in them but then that would be betraying Sherlock's trust.
She heard him.
'I'm down here!.' She shoved the envelopes back in her bag. After a moment, Sherlock came downstairs

'Your up early.'
'I couldn't sleep.' She went into...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
When Joan got to the police station, she found Sherlock in Gregson's office.
'Hey, anda OK? I saw what happened on the news.'
'I'm fine, just a minor injury.' He showed her his arm. 'Nothing to worry about.'
'How did this happen?.'
'Don't know.' She hugged him so tight.'I'm fine Joan, honestly.'
'I know but what if something worse had happened?.' He pulled away gently.
'But it didn't. I'm here.' He pushed a stray hair behind her ear. 'I'll be back in a menit i have to give a statement.' He kissed her forehead and left the office. Joan sighed. She got and was about to leave when she saw an envelope...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock woke to find that Joan wasn't selanjutnya to him. He got up and went her room, He found her lying in her bed. He crawled in selanjutnya to her and just started at her. He couldn't help but think about what it would do to her if she found out what he did. He leaned in and kissed her forehead gently. Joan stirred then woke to find him smiling at her.
'Hey. I didn't hear anda come in last night.'
'I did get in till 11. My parents can talk.' She sat up and rubbed her eyes. 'And i was thinking...'
'How about we tell them about us together?.' Sherlock thought for a moment then nodded.
'We could.'...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
When he got home, Joan was just out of the shower.
'Hey, where did anda get off too?.'
'The police station. we've been broken into.'
'Did they take anything?.' Sherlock shook his head. 'Then why would they bother?.'
'Probably some kid, who was dared but wimped out at the last second. Anyway anda need to get dressed, they'll be here in five minutes.'
'OK.' She went into her room. The doorbell rang.
'That'll be them.' Sherlock went downstairs and opened the door. 'Captain Gregson. Detective Bell.' He motioned for them to come in.
'Where do anda want us to search?.'
'Just the kitchen.'
'But how do anda know...'...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
The selanjutnya morning, Joan woke up and turned to look at Sherlock. He was so cute when he was asleep. He seem lebih at peace with himself.
'Watson, anda know it's rude to stare.' She giggled as he turned over so he was on puncak, atas of her.
'So it's OK when anda do it?.'
'When have i?.'
'Yesterday.' They both laughed. 'I need a shower.' Sherlock pinned her down. 'Sherlock.' He gave her a quick ciuman then roll off to let her up. He watched her walk into the bathroom then went downstairs. He went into the dapur and found an envelope with his name on it. He checked the back door and found it was open. It wasn't...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
A couple of days later. Sherlock was about to go to tempat tidur when his phone went off. It was a text from Irene asking to see him one last time before she left. Joan was out seeing her family (She hasn't told them about her and Sherlock yet). He put on his jaket and scarf and left to meet her. He found her sitting in on a park bench.
'Didn't think anda would tampil up.' Sherlock sat down selanjutnya to her.
'What do anda want?.'
'I told you. I wanted to see anda before i left.'
'If anda wanted to see me anda would have come to my flat but no anda chose to meet here. There's something else.' She took out her phone...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
'Aren't anda going to invite me in?.' Sherlock just stared at her in shock. 'I didn't expect anda to be so speechless. Glad to see i still have that effect on you.'
'How can anda be here?.'
'Not important. Now...'
'Tell me!.'
'How about we take this inside?.' Sherlock moved aside so Irene could come in. He followed her into the front room. 'Nice place. Don't know how anda can afford it with your little habit.'
'How do anda know about that?.' She turned round at him and smiled.
'I've kept tabs on you.'
'Then you'll know I've diberikan it up.' Irene moved closer to him.
'Did anda miss me?.'
'I've moved on.'
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock and Joan have been in a relationship for about a bulan and things seem to be going great so far...

Joan woke up and went downstairs, still in her nightwear, to find the dapur was still a mess from last night.

She heard him tumble out of bed. He came downstairs to the kitchen.
'Didn't i ask anda to clean this up last night?.'
'I was going to clean it up this morning when anda were still in tempat tidur so it would be a nice surprise. I didn't anticipate anda being up this early.' He gave her his anak anjing, anjing dog eyes.
'No, don't do that.'
'Do what?.' He moved closer and wrapped his arms around...
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