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posted by kodithehedgehog
Months have passed. Kodi now lives with Jessy in her cave. One day, she left to pick up groceries. Kodi volunteered, but she berkata she needed the exercise. There was a knock at the door. He answered it to find a hedgehog. His eyes were completly sky blue, no whites atau irises. He had dark green and dirty bulu with sickly green skin. He had red blotched on his body and exposed bones. Chains were bound to his arm with hooks on the end. "Whatcha need, dude?" Kodi asked. He lumbered toward Kodi and grabbed his head and tried to bite down with no luck as Kodi was a robot. He went back and looked disappointed....
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for pics of characters see my photos

(this is in whispers point of view) i am so scared. i dont know where i am. mr. fluffy blue hair and captain darky knight brought me to a kastil, castle but it isnt like the princess castles like in the stories big sissy arc told me. no way its a dump. its all black and red and dull icky. so captain darky knight brings me to a big dark takhta room with a big stain shiney glass window with a pic of a broken in half black jantung like the mantel of arms on their shields and armor and stuff. so he takes me in to the takhta room...
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posted by girlyshadowfan
Me: well i guess this is suppose to be funny since its really acak and-
Shadow: Shut the hell up and get on with the story!
Me: Ok damn ur so mean sometimes!
Shade: hey Shads!! *walks to him*
Shadow: *thinks: oh no,not that crazy girl!* uh hey n.n...
Shade: so i was thinking that maybe u would want to see a movie with me on Friday? *puppy face*
Shadow: uh..well.....
Shadow: but i didnt even-
Shade: Bye! *walks away*
Shadow: Oh not her she's insane..but iam forced to go..
~On Friday Night~
*at the...
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When Luna, Brianna, and Musa were walking to mephiles's house, Sonic was behid them.

Brianna: Hey! Get out of here!
Luna: Yah, Mephiles is hotter than anda anyways.....for Musa.
Musa: Yah, he's my boyfriend so stay out of this!
Sonic: Wait anda have two boyfriends?
Musa: *Chases*

While Musa chases Sonic, Shadow comes and cheers for her. So do Brianna and Luna. Then they heard something.

Mephiles: HAHAHAHA!! HAHAHAHAAA!! Chicken comes from an egg.
Musa: MEPHILES!!!! *Hugs*
Shadow: What about me?! Do I get anything?!
Brianna: Yah! Makeout with her!
Luna: I think Mephiles should think about that.
No mouth +...
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added by sirlancelot18

I walked through bushes after bushes as the blood that was still splatered on my face from hitting my face on a a branch grew bigger. Thorns pricked through my bulu into my skin causing bruises and cuts. Once we got to the clearing everyone sat on the ground relifed i blinked out blood that was in my eyes Tuesday for some reason could't stop looking at me with that worried face of his. "we need to find atau build a shelter" sudgested speed everyone got up and went...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
"Only one left, and it's in this dark, spooky, creepy cave" berkata Kodi with excitment. "No problem!" As he takes his first step, he trips an invisible laser and an alarm goes off. Suddenly, badniks start pouring out of it. "Stay behind me, I'll..." but Kodi was cut off when he saw how well Jessy defended herself. Then all of the badniks were gone and the pair proceded. After a while, the cave transformed into a lab and they saw a big, fat man in a mustache on his computer. "Hmm, this 'Rainy Days' story is really good. I can't wait for the selanjutnya chapter!" he said. Jessy shouted "Dr. Eggman!" and...
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for pics of characters plz see my photos

"oh my god" i berkata as we were all standing at the foot of the arctic mountains of the south, it was the biggest mountain range unknown to the rest off the world cuz everyone thinks its the himalayas but its not. "well lets get going peeps we dont got all hari and plus we dont the winter sisters seeing us and we dont got all hari the temp drops to -59o here and we didnt bring heaters" sanybelle says and starts jumping up the mountain "i wonder y the sisters cant see us and y we have...
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posted by Shadowlover2011
1. If anda called her evil
2. If anda called her emo just because she wears black and shes not (You could get killed oleh her for that)
3. If anda berkata she liked Sonic
4. If anda yell at her (You might end up in a Hospital for that)
5. Not following her directions
6. Pulling her long brown hair (Prepare to get put in a coma if u do that)
8. When anda call her pretty (She knows that and she does NOT need somebody saying that)
9. Calling her a b-i-t-c-h
10. IF anda TRY TO HIT HER!!! (Do NOT try that atau she might slice your head off with a SWORD!!!)

These are 10 things anda should NOT do unless anda WANT to get HURT!!!! xD I'm sorry, she just turns evil REALLY QUICK if u try any of these!!!!
Me and Moonlight the Hedgehog(LunaAcores94) and Musa the Hedgehog(bannanabrain) were playing Mario Kart Wii. I was Dry Bowser, Moonlight was Rosalina, and Musa was Bowser Jr. I was in first place untill Musa got a bintang and knocked me off track and i got 12th place.
Brianna the Fox(Me): *Growls* Grrrr..... GOD DAMNIT!!!!! *Throws Wii Wheel out window and breaks the window glass*
Moonlight(LunaAcores)and Musa(bannanabrain): *Stares at me* O___O Holy shit.....
Brianna: *Gives both of them my DEATH GLARE* WHAT THE HELL ARE anda TWO STAREING AT?!?>:(
Moonlight: Meep! .__.
Musa: Oh! Um.... nothing Brianna!...
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posted by Owslaleader1
Shadow's pov
the glow was headed towards the jantung of the forest
two miles ahead. i turned around to see that the Eggbots were still on my tail. so i did spin attack and all five fell to there death. i grinned, knowing that i couldn't be defeated.
all of a sudden i felt a warm breeze coming from the north east and a tinny after shock, except without the earthquake. i began to run at super sonic speed towards the jantung of the forest. once i got to my destination, i saw a ship of some sort, in the shape of a crystal. and selanjutnya to the ship there was something.... atau someone. it seemed to be...... a... girl a hedgehog girl, just knocked out. i suppose she was the one manning the ship.
she had long beautiful light,golden-brown hair that was layed across the front of her torso. i shook her.
"hello? can anda hear me?" i asked

AAAND CUT! once again out of time.please comment! i WILL answer anda and your pertanyaan if anda have any (; O.K I AM OUT!
"Shadow! Shadow! Where are you?!" Rouge the Bat was calling the black hedgehog. Little to her knowledge, Shadow is somewhere were no one from the outside can reach him.
Shadow was lying, face down, in what looked like a rotten town. He looked around but saw only dense fog too thick to see through. He clambered into a kneeling position, turning his head, trying to see anything which could give him a clue on where he is. Shadow had been having strange dreams for the past few weeks, the most baru saja ending in the words written across a dinding like blood, COME TO SILENT HILL. Shadow used Chaos Control...
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now before anda click on the "dislike"botton please hear me out,this is just my opinion.if anda have a diffrent opinion I won't juge anda becase all people are diffrent.

now that that's out of the way I'll tell anda what I think could happpen:maybe maria(sonic adventure 2) was reborn into sandy cheeks.
but nit's just a theroy,I think that for 3 reasons:

1:sandy cheeks is if not lebih smarter then eggman.

2:she is kindharted,kinda like maria.

and 3:she is willing to put her life in danger to save others.

and thanks to a webcomic called AGENCEY I like the possibliity of shadow and sandy being a cople even more,
thanks AGENCEY without anda I would never have found a crossover paring
Shadow was motor-biking down the freeway...baffle the wizard(Matt's enemy)appeared and threw some magic powder...the powder turned into a spike that looks a lot like MTL's spikes...It poped the tire and almost killed shadow!Shadow knew that spike...he heard many rumors about MTL(Matt the lynx)shadow came across one of G.U.N's tanks...he drove the tank...but shadow was currently on earth...MTL is on mobuis...he teleported!MTL was on medatating...shadow shot a missle with his tank..MTL saw it coming and use spike shot...Ping!the spike turned the missle around and it blew up the tank...Shadow...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
Volt had succumbed to the Rage. He was nothing of himself now. He stood back up and slashed furiously at Kodi. Kodi blocked and used the Flame Pillar to counter. Volt snarled and tried to attack again. Kodi repeated his sebelumnya action. Volt tried to do the same thing but Kodi just knocked him back. "Seriously? Apparently anda don't remember your moves." Volt snarled and attacked ferociously without strategy. Kodi talked while dodging, "I was hoping I could talk anda out of this. atau if anda didn't listen, I could give anda a grand exit. But with anda like this, that's not a possibility. Hey, don't...
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Darisa:Woah were heading into a light look out!!!!!

The rocket goes into the light 5 hours later Team stormy r in strange place

Cosmo:WHat is this place where r we?
Dakota:I dunno
Dawn:Lets go & check it out *bangs into some1
?????:WHo r u Peps?
Cosmo:I'm cosmo the cat
Dakota:I'm dakota
Dawn:& i'm Dawn u?
Mars:I'm Marshmellow Rosy But call me mars & this is my friend Lilee the bat
Lilee:Wer'e planning an escape so we can find water
Mars:Wer'e really thristy!!!
Dawn:Quick climb in the rocket!!
Mars:If u say so!

They climb into the TS Rocket & zoom off 5 hours later they're back on...
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