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So I was bored the other hari and I went onto Urban Dictionary with my friends. We looked up the definitions of Some Main Sonic characters and chose the most epic ones to put in here, so have fun membaca them. We sure did. :P

Sonic the Hedgehog

The video game character that many gameophile/furry people have berkata they would have sex with.

With the help of Sonic Passion, he went from a kid's game to a porn star.

In 2005 he was cyber-married to Alix Henriol
Sonic the Hedgehog is hot!

Shadow the Hedgehog-

An emo hedgehog that appears in the Sonic games, who's debut was in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. He...
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Mephiles and Shadow were sitting on the dipan, sofa watching television. Brianna came up and gave them Dr. Pepper.

Mephiles and Shadow: NO DRINK!!!
Shadow: anda don't even have a mouth Mephiles I should've berkata that!
Mephiles: Well if it wasn't for I wouldn't be in this crap so HA!!!
Shadow: anda know Musa loves me lebih than you....
Brianna: SHUT UP!!!!!

Moonlight came out and was really tired. Musa came out too.

Moonlight: What's all the ruckess about anda two?!
Musa: Shadow! need to calm down a little bit!
Brianna: That's why I told them to shut up!!!
Mephiles: *Snoring* bewbewbewbew *Snore* mewmewmewmew...
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