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 The Shadow of Chaos Part 1
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WARNING! Some pages of this comic will make anda cry!
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“ It happens every year…” Shade walked over to her dipan, sofa in the rec-room and sat down, “a beautiful, eventful, bad pantat, keledai summer, then the one horrible hari has to come and ruin it all. The first hari of school.” Shade rested her head on her arm and flicked on the TV, only commercials about back to school sales and short TV show’s on school appeared to fill the screen, “I can’t even watch a decent channel without seeing something to do with the damned place!” She shut off the TV angrily and sighed, “and to make it worse… I’m not even in any classes with my best friend, Mina.”...
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"Okay, now I'm getting a little pissed." berkata Kodi when he saw the hedgehogs approach. "I'm going to finish this." "Yeah, let's party!" berkata Sonic dashing at him. Kodi kicked at him, but he caught his foot and threw him. Shadow used a Chaos Nightmare to shoot him to Silver, who grabbed him in his psychokenisis and squezed him. Silver threw Kodi back to Sonic, and Sonic deflected him to Shadow using Sonic Wind. Shadow used Chaos blast to send Kodi to Silver, who catches and holds him while Sonic wailed on him and Shadow charged an EX Chaos Spear. Sonic shot back and Shadow released his attack....
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Mephiles and Shadow were sitting on the dipan, sofa watching television. Brianna came up and gave them Dr. Pepper.

Mephiles and Shadow: NO DRINK!!!
Shadow: anda don't even have a mouth Mephiles I should've berkata that!
Mephiles: Well if it wasn't for I wouldn't be in this crap so HA!!!
Shadow: anda know Musa loves me lebih than you....
Brianna: SHUT UP!!!!!

Moonlight came out and was really tired. Musa came out too.

Moonlight: What's all the ruckess about anda two?!
Musa: Shadow! need to calm down a little bit!
Brianna: That's why I told them to shut up!!!
Mephiles: *Snoring* bewbewbewbew *Snore* mewmewmewmew...
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This is what anda made me.