Name: LEE JIHUN / 이지훈 /イ・ジフン

Birth tanggal : 96.11.22

Blood Type: A

Career: NU’EST ‘Face’ M/V link
HELLO VENUS ‘Venus’ M/V link
SEVENTEEN TV Season 1.2 & SEVENTEEN tampil link

Jihun's daily routine is just training and training. He wants to tampil the best he got, aiming for more. He says he hasn't experienced a slump yet during 3 years of training and even when he feels he's falling into a slump, he tells himself that "it will be over if I try harder". He always endures pain and keeps on practicing; he even went on SEVENTEEN tampil on painkillers.
He has many nicknames such as 'White puppy', 'white cake', 'tofu', something that sounds soft and tender.
Looking at him practicing, sweating and the fringe all tied up, he looks exactly like 'White anak anjing, anjing (the anak anjing, anjing from 짱구). New trainees often take training easy in front of Jihun, thinking that he is a soft and shy guy but then they get scolded oleh him. Jihun loves music, and he thinks he still needs lebih training... He is running towards his dream harder and faster.
- Song that describes me: Chris Brown ‘Don't judge me’
It's the song that I listen to everyday. I like the line "Don't judge me" and this song just makes me relaxe