Name: BOO SEUNGKWAN / 부승관 / ブ・スングァン

Birth tanggal : 98.01.16

Blood Type: B

Career: SEVENTEEN TV Season1&2 & SEVENTEEN tampil link

Now we are used to SeungKwan with a mic than SeungKwan running around in Jeju Island. SeungKwan, also known as MC Boo atau DJ Boo, is quite off-the-wall saying that what he wants the most is battery for his mobile phone.
He is a softhearted boy, crying lebih than Chan when meeting Chan's father and a very cheerful boy, too, laughing at Seokmin, who just woke up, so much that he fell off.
He can joke around even with new-faced staff but when it comes to singing, he is absorbed in it.
He says he still has too much to learn but he can't stop sighing as dance lesson time approaches. He feels alive when people smile and laugh... Probably he is born with the talent as an entertainer.
- Song that describes me: Kim bum soo - Last love
I sang this song at the audition. It's the song that I'm comfortable with and want to sing to people.