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This Serena and Nate foto contains setelan jas untuk bekerja, setelan bisnis, jalan, pemandangan kota, perkotaan, kota adegan, and perkotaan pengaturan. There might also be jalur lalu lintas, persimpangan pelican, and pelican penyeberangan.

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This is my detik fanfic (remember i did one NS one back on the other account) and i wrote this when i found out about the blenn break up.. thought i'd post it here (there are a lot of blace fan here anyways) and see what anda thought and if anda want me to finish hehe :p Like i've berkata before i'm REALLY not the best writer lol.

Based on some rumors about blake cheating on penn and others..

But here it is:

”Hi” she replies.
”So this funny thing happened yesterday..”
“What’s that?”
“Well see i was out and about when this fan comes up to me asking if I knew why anda and...
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 Nate and Serena - A match made in heaven
Nate and Serena - A match made in heaven
In my opinion, Nate and Serena are a match made in heaven. Their cinta is true love. They cinta and understand each other deeply and unconditionally. They except each other no matter what and they never stopped loving each other. They were still not over each other even when they were apart for a whole year. Nate left his half naked girlfriend Blair in her room to meet Serena when he heard that she came back. Serena was deeply hurt when Nate wanted to stop talking to her. She also was upset when Nate started seeing Catherine, a married older woman. She still agreed to help him out with the Catherine problem, although she was upset. Hurt could be seen in Nate's eyes when he saw that she was back with Dan. Both of them don't have long lasting realationships with other people.{It either end ends up in a break up atau an off, on and off again relationship}. Last but not least, they lok sooo good together.
 Nate and Serena
Nate and Serena