To bratayley family,

Hi,bratayley.if u guys are membaca this artikel I just want to write that u guys are so good,sweet, and strong.You are good because u guys let Bethany come to your house.U are sweet because your family is friendly and obviously u are cute.u are strong because u didn't like cry atau get angry when somebody talks about Caleb.I know that u guys have suffered from a lot of problems in your life.i know how it feels like when u are having a lot of problems in your life I have also suffered from these problems.but there is some point in your life when u suffer from a lot of problems and there is also a good I mean really good part of is good that u guys decided to do vlogs and stay happy after Caleb's death.bratayley your family is awesome I don't have any words to describe how amazing u are.i luv your family I thought that would have a good family like your.Annie and Hayley u guys are really really good gymnasts. I want to ask u guys can I come to your house ?
-Anna Sekhon