I support Selena Gomez because she is beautiful. At first I thought this was the only reason I was attracted to her, because anda know, beautiful people are attracting. Anyway, when I was eight, my friend who came from America introduced me to Hannah Montana, and somehow Hannah Montana led me to Wizards of Waverly Place. I thought it was an awesome show, and watched all the episodes and all the seasons.(I live in the opposite side of the globe from her so this was quite challenging to do.) As I was watching, I saw Selena growing from a kid to a beautiful young lady. I was filled with awe with how beautiful she was. I started to cari her name on google and suck in every piece of information about her until I found her music. It was so good that it was the first song I had ever downloaded on my phone. It was "I cinta anda like a cinta song."
I bought all of her songs, and watched every single one of her musik videos. I memorized all her songs oleh heart, lyrics and all. I became the weird kid who sings weird, foregin musik in the classroom. I went into Selena's SNS everyday for new posts. I searched her name on YouTube everyday. My friends thought I was crazy when I thought Selena was beautiful. Then I realized things Selena was trying to tell the world. (In my opinion) it was to cinta yourself and be true to yourself. I was going through a rough time, with my grandparents dying and my father being diagnosed, but I learned from her when I needed a roll model the most. I learn from Selena and from how she slams her body shamers and haters. I learn that everywhere I go, someone will hate me, and if I let that get to me, I will never be beautiful in the inside like Selena. That is the reason I support Selena Gomez. She inspires me, and she is my role model. Not because she is a pop bintang and she is pretty.