An interview

Q: Harmony Korine has a reputation for shocking his audience with film like "Kids," "Gummo" and "Trash Humpers." Weren't anda nervous about doing this film?

A: I was lebih excited and enticed. When I auditioned for Harmony, we talked about how he wanted to leave my lifestyle behind and have me go on this adventure with him. I knew it was going to be crazy, but I was comfortable with it.

Q: What do anda mean oleh lifestyle? The squeaky clean disney lifestyle which was totally flipped upside down in this movie?

A: It was lebih that Harmony wanted an innocence because he thought it would be creepier. I agree with him.

Q: anda spend most of the film in a skimpy bikini. Did anda feel self conscious?

A: When we did the spring break scenes, we were surrounded oleh hundreds of spring breakers in bikini who wore even less, so that was okay. I was lebih uncomfortable in the scenes where I was (in a bikini) getting arrested, in jail and in the pool hall with strangers. It added vulnerability and helped me feel grossed out, which was what my character is supposed to feel.

Q: For someone who started her career on the pre-school tampil "Barney & Friends" and spent her teen years on the disney Channel, this must have been unlike any other akting job.

A: It was completely liberating. (Up until this film), everything I've been a part of definitely has been a bit lebih processed, like how many pieces of jewelry I have on, what my hair looks like. With Harmony, I never wore makeup and he never cared about my hair.

Q: After an experience like that, anda must come out the other side feeling like you've grown and changed somewhat.

A: I think that's a really good way of putting it because I feel like I did grow up shooting this. This was the first movie I shot oleh myself without my mom coming. It was the first time I got to improvise as much as I have.

And to work with someone like James Franco, it was the first time I was around someone of that akting caliber. Harmony believed in me and pushed me to be a better actor, so there's a special place in my jantung for Harmony for sure.

Q: You've got a couple of other films in the can - the action film "The Getaway," a cameo in the horror film, "Aftershock." Now that your film career is taking off, why did anda go back to disney for a reunion with your "Wizards" cast?

A: I missed them. I missed the channel, I missed everybody on the show. It was a big part of my life that I'm thankful for. That's where I started so I wanted to go back.

Q: Your younger fan can't see "Spring Breakers." Was this TV movie your way of giving them something new as well?

A: It always made me happy that we got to bring families together every night. I cinta having that connection with the younger audience and I missed that feeling.

Q: How do anda chart a film career from this point on?

A: I'm actually taking a complete turn now and going in to music. My album comes out this summer and I'll be touring. I always structure my musik and tours in a way that is geared for my fan and supporters that have been there from the beginning. My musik is definitely the kind I would want them to hear.

Q: How do anda balance between moving meneruskan, ke depan into lebih adult roles while bearing in mind that anda are role model to many young girls?

A: It's a very awkward transition to make. I want to challenge myself and (my choices) may not be appropriate for a young audience. I'm choosing film that I feel are artistically fun and creative. I hope people are appreciative of the work I do. I feel like I'm doing the best I can and hopefully it works out.