Jealousy. Tis is what has come between Selena Gomez and Demi over her new friendship with Taylor Swift.

A few days yang lalu we were all surprised to see a video in which they asked Demi about her friend Selena and her answer was: "Why don't anda ask Taylor."

A few days have passed now and the reason behind her answer is clear, she is jealous of Selena. Stars want to be the best and want to have as much success as their peers. In the case of Selena and Demi, Selena is the one who has had lebih success.

Selena has been very successful on The Wizards of Waverly Place and is also berkata to be the reason that Taylor Lautner and Taylor cepat, swift broke up. No the rumor is that she is with Nick Jonas....and Demi? Well, people don't talk about her too much these days.

Jealousy and envy has put their friendship in danger. What do anda think Wambie girls? Is it Demi's fault because she really shouldn't be jealous of her friend? atau is it Selena who is to blame because she has left her best friend behind?