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posted by visualkat
Byo 鋲
Part: Vocals
Real Name: Kojima Masahito 児島 雅仁
Birthday: 9th February 1981
Zodiac: Aquarius
Bloodtype: B
Height: 172cm
Birthplace: Tokyo
Favourite Brand: Justin Davis, Chrome Hearts, Lagust, D&G
Favourite Colour: Purple, White, Black , Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Silver, Gold
Blog: link


Kazuki 和己
Part: Guitar
Birthday: 5th August 1985
Zodiac: Leo
Bloodtype: O
Height: 175cm
Birthplace: Tottori
Favourite Brand: Marithe François Girbaud, Justin Davis
Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Drink: Beer
Favourite Perfume: Envy, Envy me
Blog: link
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posted by irinaguzun
fact: Kazuki considered himself as the biggest brat wen he was small.

fact: Byou has two younger brothers; one is a stylist and one owns a clothes shop.

fact: During their live in Germany, Jin komentar that everybody there was really cute and pretty.

fact: Manabu doesn't particular care about looks. He likes girls that are natural and fun to hang out with.

fact: Byou, Jin and Manabu are shy people.

fact: Kazuki likes the beautiful grown-up type of girls who have soft curled hair.

fact: Byou's pastime with Jin; bullying him.

fact: Byou joked that if he got married with Jin..he would be the daddy and Jin would be the mother.

fact: One of Jin's favourite phrases is "No no"

fact: One of Byou's ideal dates is taking a bath together.

fact: Kazuki always holds a bantal between his legs.

fact: When Rui first met Manabu, he thought that Manabu was a serious person who won't laugh, even if anda made a joke.