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posted by jax3636
    In a parallel universe similar to ours, technology has advanced extraordinarily far in the future, and so has the tension between other countries. Wars have erupted across the earth, and many people have either tried to win the war, atau tried to stop it. One of the people who want a little of both is named Giffard Murton, a scientist of his own, who found a way to capture and segel "Aura", a substance that was once thought of as unreal and fake, that is created from Karma and emotions from a living creature. Giffard has used this sumber only because he was at his wit's...
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A newly designed spacecraft capable of going through time is sent to Mars to rescue a crew previously lost on Mars. The ship is sent through the past but to the wrong time years later than the first crew Empire of Danger. Director Eric E Shook
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