BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! "I'll go get the door." Slenderman said, as he grabbed the knob and open the door, he was shocked to see...... "JIGSAW!" he yelled, "Don't mind me, I was looking for my nemesis, can anda call her here ?" Jigsaw berkata seriously, "Your nemesis ?!?!?!" Slenderman yelled, "Yes, we were legally v.s. each other, 5 days before anda came to her school and started a fiasco." Jigsaw explained, "Is this true? Why didn't anda mention this before ? " Slenderman berkata to me, "I'm sorry, I didn't remember much back then." I berkata nervously, "Now how are we supposed to fix this?" Slenderman said, "Well, nemesisamy is legal in this story." I replied, "WHAT!" Slenderman yelled, "Ok, I have a plan B." I replied,

I was on the ledge of a 2-story building that night, " I'M GONNA JUMP ! " I yelled , "No, don't anda have a lot to live for!" Slendy cried, "Yes, think about our selanjutnya 7 film you"ll help me make ! " Jigsaw added, "Jump! Woman! Jump! anda don't need to make 7 saw film with Jigsaw!" the acak guy said, "Why are anda here ?" Jigsaw asks, "I don't know, trololololololo." acak guy replied.

To be continued......... I own nothing GAK!